Châteauroux American High School
La Martinerie  

Châteauroux, France

Class of 1957 Yearbook




Major General George F. Smith; Lt. Col. Frank J. McCarthy; James K. Umholtz; William  E. Lowry; Capt. Jane A. Donovan; M/Sgt Walter Mysliwczyk; M/Sgt Joseph M. Tibbs; T/Sgt Clifford H. Dunn; Mary Jo Hamilton; Mary G. Kump;

Marcus Floyd; Mary Assini; John Reddington; Fred Welch; Marjorie Mackay; Paul Robbins; Nancy Kent; Keith Lambertson; Lois A. Dehosse; William Massey;

Madelyn Saccone; Morton Wolf; Virginia Scott; Nancy A. Ward; Rosemary Fichter; Darwina Novak; Louise Mayor; Phyllis Billingsly;
Nicole Garnier

Class of 1957 Seniors



Page 195 Missing




Darrell Moody - Class of 1960 - Provided the copied copy of the 1957 Yearbook