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Châteauroux American High School

School Years 1952-1966

Châteauroux, France


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Chad High & Junior High Buildings


  Betty Adamek '68 attended the 2001 Return to Chatx.  These are her photos and notes from that trip. 

 "There were 3 buildings in a row....the third building from the front was where most all of the Jr High classes were in '62.  The third building is no longer standing." 




Herve' Simonnet, who was stationed at La Martinerie in 2003, took these photos November-December 2003. (p.s. - Herve' lives in Brassioux with his wife and children. He has since been stationed in Paris and commutes to Chateauroux. His wife works at the Boulangerie across the street from Touvent {410}). 

La Martinerie has become the 517th Battalion of the french military.  The base was responsible for Transportation.  Herve' was in charge of instructing the troops how to drive the various trucks and large equipment.  They used our old classrooms.  The buildings below are alongside our old school.  Below, is the Girl's Gym painted green since 2001 when Betty took her photos (see above).



Philippe Cassard is a Frenchman who lives just outside Paris.  He never lived in Chateauroux, but  likes all things American and visited Chateauroux in 2003.  He took these photos and others which are distributed throughout the Chad & Chas websites.  Philippe and his English wife, Sally, came to Chateauroux again in 2007 to participate in the Return of the Americains celebration. In September 2008, they met JP and Charles in Paris and graciously entertained us at dinner and drove us around nighttime Paris to see the City of Lights.  They own a home in Pennsylvania and the next time they come to the U.S., we hope to meet them again.  (Photos elsewhere.)

Photo below is the old DYA Building (I think)

Dave Madril (Chas G.I.) took the photo below.

I don't know who sent this photo.

Different color on the walls - same hallway.