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Chateauroux, France


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WAGNER, Jim  - 1966   
@ Chas: 62-64
Atlanta, GA

Many accolades to Carl "TUBA BOY" Peters who found "lost" me on the web one day. And, most to Jenelle Peterson whose dedication, hard work, love and patience, has allowed me to find many old friends and refresh fond memories of good times (some of them too good) experienced at CHAD!

See Jim Wagner's Photo Page

WAHL, Ralph   - 1968 (Rita's brother)  
@ Chad: 1962-65
1968 Grad from Wurzburg, Germany
Residing still in Germany

Photo of Ralph - 9th Grade 1964-65

9-18-04 Never did sign in to this guestbook; many apologies, but my main reason now is a personal one. My sister, Rita, class of 67, just survived Hurricane Ivan in her home on Navarre Beach Florida. Well, she is really on the sound side, but still really close to the water! Much damage all around her but her house made it with only minimal damage. Just wanted to post this for her because I know there are other Chas vets and alumni all around the Florida Panhandle area and I hope they made it through this terrible storm as well.  How come you all don't get together?  Anyway, just wanted to post this event on behalf of my sister. Oh, I still live in Germany. Expat to the max. I remember Betty Adamek well, even called her once, how are you doing?

WAHL, Rita E.  1967 (Ralph's sister)  
@ Chas:1962-1965
Navarre, FL

Sophomore - 1964-65

See Rita Wahl's Photo Page

WALDEN, Joe - 1969  - (Roberta's brother) 
Grad 1969 - 1969 Belleville Township HS West (IL)
@ Chad 63-66
Janesville, WI

4-12-08  Guestbook:  Too many memories to list here. I loved France and still do.

WALDEN, Roberta "Bobbie"   (Frank Menser's half-sister) 1965
Grad-Butler High School, Huntsville AL

@ Chas: 60-63
Anchorage, Alaska

01/26/2002  I'm really enjoying reading updates from friends. Thanks, Jenelle, for your hard work. There certainly are lots of good memories from Chateauroux--football games, teen club, Rainbow Girls, Girl Scouts, school. I've been married 36 years (to one wonderful husband), have two beautiful daughters, two fantastic sons-in-law, and four outstanding grandchildren! I love being "Nana Bobbie".  My brother, Frank Menser (# 38 on  the Sabres), graduated in 1961.

WALKER, Susan Lee "Suzie"  - 1965
Dallas, TX

WALLER, Dennis  1964  Chad Grad     
@ Chas: 1961-1964
Mesquite, TX

11-12-01  I have many great memories at Chateauroux. One person in particular I very much would like to contact who was my best friend there, Ronald (Ronnie) VanBeek.  Keep up the good work.

[jpnote:   2-8-07 - 4-15-08  Still searching for Ronnie Van Beek  (VanBeek)  - I found a Ron Van Beek; called the number, but it wasn't THE one we're searching for and no relation.]

WALSH, Jim 1964  Chad Grad 
@ Chad:  63-64
Mableton, GA

I loved that place! My first week at Chad, we took a train trip to Madrid to play football, and after that it only got better! I'll never forget the friends I made, European champions in basketball, games in London, Germany, and Paris. It was beyond my wildest dreams. I am now a retired teacher, still coaching football, married 32 years with four grown children and two grandkids. Where did the time go? Thanks for all those who made my memories so special. Go Sabres!

WALSH, Katie - 1967
@ Chad 65-66
Decatur, GA

Thanks for the great site. This is Katie Walsh...Class of 67'!! The hippest class of all!! I was experiencing flashbacks as I was reading some of the entries. I think I prefer to remember everyone as they were at 16 & 17! Returned to Chateauroux in 72 & 80 for visits and Betty Adamak has kept me up to date on the reunions and has visited me a few times. Have lived in Atlanta since coming back to the States and presently work at the American Cancer Society in Program Development and also do Outreach Ministry work. I've been married for 20 years and have three children ..Anna (18), Caroline (13) and Karl (11). My daughter Anna is also a cheerleader at her high school! Anyway would love to hear from my fellow Cheerleaders (you know who you are), old friends and anyone who has a moment to write. I've got scrapbooks of old Chas memorabilia as well as letters from a lot of you, teen club pictures and Homecoming photos.. Perhaps I'll scan some in at a later date. My brothers, Mick, Jim, Bill, Dennis & Tim are all well. Go Sabres!
9/20/00 Hello to all my CHAS friends from the classes of 65,66 & 67 (the coolest class)!! My brother Tim told me about the site--great way to keep in touch. If anyone would like to write, just send me an e-mail.

3-14-06 I have lots of photos in my album from the years 63-66 - what is the best format to send these to you?  Let me know thanks! 

10-12-06 I haven't forgotten - in fact I'm going to try and scan them this week and send them to you.  It would be great to go back to Chateauroux - I did go back to Balsan Parc (where I lived) in 1972 but I'm sure things have changed since then.

12-12-07 Katie emld to say she lived in Balsan Parc 63-66

WALSH, Joe - 1964  

WEBB, Otis - 1968 
Granite City, CA

Otis' Business Website:

1-13-09  Similar to most of the comments I've read on this site, my years at Chateauroux were wonderful...Imagine, waiting for the next Beatle's album, having no idea that we were a part of history-in-the-making.

Searching and/or wondering about:  Mike Rance, Dave Mason, the McKray brothers and a bunch more I've forgotten.  [jpnote: Making connections]

Interesting note:  Otis and Betty Adamek were classmates at Chad.  When the base/school closed in 1966, Betty and Otis returned to the States to graduate together in 1968 from the same high school.

WEBRE, Janette - 1965  

rman '67; Jim McNeill '67, Harry Hull '64; Chic DeHaven '63; Ken Mayberry '64; Carol Tripp '65; Karen Teets '65 - Thank you, Betty Adamek '68, for sharing the photo.

10-25-05 [jpnote: phone hello]

WEBSTER, Bill - 1967  (Cheryl's brother)  
@ Chas 62-65
Columbus, GA

I attended the reunion in San Antonio in 1997 at the Camberly Gunter Hotel. I enjoyed it and will try to attend next year. It's nice to see this site.

WEBSTER, Cheryl  - 1964  
@ Chas 62-65
I have lived in Dallas for past 29 years

04-08-00 It's nice to have this site as a means of contact - may it grow & grow! My brother Bill and I attended the San Antonio reunion and look forward to future ones. I would especially like to locate Linda McFarland (64), if anyone has knowledge of her whereabouts.

7-21-04 Ed and I will be in Tennessee in November .., in Nashville for a professional meeting...  Somehow we have managed to stay incredibly busy.  He has joined me in my monthly meals on wheels route and volunteering twice a month at a food kitchen...  We also have married off our three oldest daughters, one in May 2003, then September 2003 and finally the third one on July 5 this year in Berkeley, CA.  We had to haul everyone out there for almost a week for the ceremony and reception, then come back to Dallas and have a reception in our home on the 10th.  Then there will be another reception in England in August - she married a Brit, so we will be going over there to join in all the festivities.  Our youngest daughter graduated high school this May and will be off to school in Austin next month, so we will be empty nesters after raising six children.  The timing is good, as our oldest daughter (married last September) is due to have a baby in November.  That will make our oldest daughter, two youngest daughters and a baby in Austin.  Guess we might be going down there a bit more frequently than we have been, instead of having everyone come up here.  As for my travel this year, we have made two trips to DC tin the spring, a trip to GA for a family reunion, another family reunion in Missouri which we drove to and then stopped in Kansas and OK to visit friends on the way back, then the wedding is CA.  Now our next big trip is to England and then a cruise from Lisbon to Rome in September.  In November we go to Orlando and Nashville, and I am trying to get a trip to Paris going the first week of December.  Believe it or not, that is less than we traveled last year. 

WEEKS, Elizabeth (Beth) - 1968 (Kathy's Sister) 
@ Chas: 196
Graduated:  1968 Clearfield High Hill AFB Odgen, Utah

Cameron Park, California

04-22-2000 What fun, lived in Chad from l963 to 1966. My sister Kathy Weeks graduated l965. I was pals with Michele Lettiere, Juanita ?,Cecelia Keller. Saw in the messages Harry and Sue Hull, I was in Sue's grade and classes. Also saw Mr. Taft's message. He was there same time and taught Kathy math in her senior year. She has taught at Dinuba High School,Ca. for 30 years and teaches math. I'm married and have 3 children and work for an accounting firm. My husband works in the healthcare field. My dad retired out of Hill AFB in Odgen, Utah where I graduated in l968 from Clearfield High.  Love to hear from others.I dated Roy Peterson for awhile, he graduated in l966. Also was pals with Jane Brimhall.

5-26-08  Searching:  Michelle Lettiere (Mickey) - JP reconnected Beth and Mickey.

WEEKS, Katherine "Kathy" (Beth's Sister) 1966  Chad Grad
@ Chas: 1963-66

WEEMS, Gayla  - 1966  
@ Chas: 1962-1965

1/13/01: I am so excited to have found some of my Chad friends through e-mail. I graduated from Arlington High in 1966, Texas Christian Univ. in 1969, Masters in 1984. Became a teacher, and then a Principal. I was married 25 years to Steve Shannon and we adopted a daughter who is now 22 and getting married in April. Divorced in 1995. Remarried at Spring break 1999 to a wonderful man at American Airlines. (Why don't you find them the first time around?!) I retired that same year after 29 years in education. I went back to Chateauroux in 1993 and had a great visit. I lived out in the country in the village of Diors. My French neighbors picked me up at the train station in Chateauroux and we had a grand time. I will try to send Jenelle some of the pictures for you to see. Go Sabres! I would love to hear from my classmates. 

See Rainbow Girls


WEST, Jim - 1965 
 @ Chas: 1962-1963
Austin, TX

4/18/03:  Spent all of my sophmore and the start of my junior year at Chateauroux. Dad retired and we moved back to the states. A Lot of GOOD memories. GREAT site. - was really surprised to find all the info.

WESTORT, Bernadette (Gidget) Zadeh - 1966 Chad Grad
 @ Chas: 1965-1966
Twin Lakes, CO - Relocated to New Zealand

3/8/01: Betty Adamek visited me in the beautiful mountains of Colorado for the day and showed me this web site. Wow, it brought back lots of wonderful memories! Although, not connected with the military life anymore, I'm still an Air Force Brat at heart and traveling is my passion. In fact, we leave for South America for three weeks from Rio to Santiago - cruising with Holland-America on Tuesday, March 14, 2001. I'd love to hear from anyone who was in my class or knew me- back then.

[jpnote:  2-16-06 One of Bernadette's friends from Junior College was searching for her.  I passed the word, but had no response.]

WHEELER, Samuel - 1964 

Note from Tina Wheeler - Sam's younger sister - Listed on another website
I've visited the website and enjoy it a great deal.Yes, I am Sam Wheeler's sister, and while the website has few entries for people my age, I really enjoy seeing his old friends and their pictures, sometimes wondering if the ones who have not posted items about themselves are actually in prison, as my parents predicted they would be...;-).  Thank you for taking the time to write me.

WHITE, Jean - 1960

1-5-03 Hello from Jean.

WHITELEY, John A. (Judith's brother)1962 Chad Grad  
@ Chas: 1959-1962
Bellevue, WA
4/2/01: Graduated from Northeastern University, Boston and later MBA from U of Northern Colorado. Spent 21 years in the Air Force, and currently manage subcontracts for the commerical Boeing Sea Launch project in Seattle, WA. Married, two sons and two grandchildren.

WHITELEY, Judith Dixon - 1964
@ Chas: 1959-1962

New Hampshire

Finally a class reunion that you don"t have to worry about your weight or hair color. What a great idea. I attended high school 1960-1962. Where is the rest of the gang from Balsan Park? Hope to hear from old friends.

WIGGINS, Deborah - 1969
 @ Chas:  1962-1966

Forestville, Maryland

 01/23/2003   I'm glad I "finally" joined that other website. It's taken a long while to do so and immediately I see the reward. I'm looking forward to discovering who's where and so on.

Debbie's 7th grade photo

WILKES, Carla Jan - 1958  (sister of Sandra) See Chad Memoriam







WILKES, Sandra Lou  -  (sister of Carla Jan)  1956  Chad Grad  
1938-2007 - See 
Chad Memoriam
Spokane, WA
Sandy and her friend, Jackie Byrd '56, were reunited in April 2003.

WILLIAMS, Dana- 1961  (Tommy & Steve's brother)
@ Chad 1957-60 
San Antonio, TX

See Dana Williams' Photo Page

[jpnote:  Dana, Tommy & Steve lived in the next stairwell from my family at 410.]

WILLIAMS, Gary Wayne - 1964
Satellite High School l964
@ Chad:  l959 through l963
Norway, MI

10-11-04  Our world grows smaller as we grow older. I am proud of my country and its flag. Chateauroux was a fun place to learn the values of personal friendships.  Wondering about Julie Harber...Allan McGee and anyone else from the school years between l959 and l964.

My mother ran the AYA teen center in the Brassioux housing area and was very involved with the youth center on base. I was at one time the president of the teen club and really enjoyed the parties even though I couldn't dance worth a darn.  I arrived in Chateauroux in l959 and left the summer of l963.  I have great memories of Ken Crofutt, Sharon Bruce, Fran Aulich, John Crawford, Cindy Douglas, Kate Heschel, Gail Houghton, Kathy Jones, Kathy Reed, Suzi Steele, Marilyn Teets, Doug Rouch and many more from the l964 Class.  I have been wondering about Julie Harber,  the girl who lived next door.  She was in the freshman class along with my brother Jerry and his best friend Steve Douglas.  

I live on the outskirts of a little mining town of Norway, Michigan.  The property runs parallel to one of the few ski resorts in the state.  In the winter I give ski lessons and work part time building snow for the resort...  One of my best friends is part owner and I help him when he is short handed.  I also work part time for the juvenile department working with wayward teenagers.  I had a lot of experience growing up in Chad and as my brother always states "I invented the word terrorist" on the bus rides back and forth from the Brassioux housing area  base and back.  He and his group of young ones were ever so happy the day my dad bought me a red 49.9cc motor bike for transportation.  The "Bike" group consisted of Mike Stone, Ken Crawford, Buzz Santos and Joe Bailey to name a few.  Do the names Mike Stone, Nancy Jones, Sandy Hines, or Sandi Veranda ring a bell?   In the summer months I keep busy with keeping our three Arabian Horses fit for my wife to ride on long distant outings...

 5-14-05  Memorial Services will be held for Renate Williams wife of Gary W. Williams Sunday the 15th of May. We were married for 28 plus wonderful years...Gary

WILLIAMS, Jerry - 1966 

No comments from Jerry

WILLIAMS, Nancy Kay  - 1962    
 @ Chas:  1961-62
Norman, OK

It is very heartfelt to see this web site on Chateauroux, my Chad High School, friends and their love ones. For all of this, I thank you, Jenelle. My family still reflects on our time in Chateauroux...the memories are wonderful.



See Nancy Kay Williams' Photo Page

"The cutest baby photos ever!"

WILLIAMS, Steve - 1962 (Tommy & Dana's brother)
Grad - Alamo Heights High School

@ Chad 1957-60 
San Antonio, TX

2-7-07  Thanks for the memories. Enjoyed the pictures.

WILLIAMS, Thomas "Tommy"  (Dana & Steve''s brother)1960  Chad Grad  
@ Chad 1957-60     
Corpus Christi, TX

Tommy and his daughter, Connie, met a few of us in San Antonio 2002 for breakfast and a train ride around the beautiful Brackenridge Park.

Tom's pride & joy: Granddaughter Meaghan

WILSON, Jan - 1966
Euless, TX

2/27/03 & 3-05-2003  Am looking for anyone who I went to school with.  after a lot of years just got a computer  and wanted to see what i might find

WISNIEWSKI, Barbara  1969 46x46
@ Chas: 1961-63
Norman, OK

WITHERINGTON, Janis - 1966 46x46
@ Chas - 1960-62 (6th & 7th Grades)
Hot Springs, AR

5-12-06 Info from Little Kid sister, Sheila:  Janis Witherington graduated in 1966 and attended Chateauroux Jr. High from 1961 to 1963. She was in the 7th and 8th grades. She played the flute in the Chas band. We lived first in Touvent and then Brassioux at 317 Texas Drive.

[jpnote:  Janis and sister, Sheila attended the Chas 2007 Return to Chateauroux in September 2007.  There are many photos of them on the Chas 2007 page of the website.

Janis & Kathy Spells (Bill & Ed's sister)







Janis & sister, Sheila, at the Chateauroux 2007 Reunion






WITTENBERG, Pat - 1967   
@ Chas:  62-64
Eugene, OR

5-28-08 [JP emld Jerry Lovejoy, Jeff & Nancy Cobb & Pat Hanchett about their mutual friends.]

6-19-08 Hello, I check the website occasionally. I live in Eugene, OR not far from my former English teacher at Chad, Darlene Hardie.. I haven't seen her in awhile but she is doing well. I teach English to middle schoolers in a rural community...very fun!

Searching for: David Blanton

WITTER, Sharon    1959  - Passed away September 7, 2010  See Chad Memoriam
@ CHAD 57-58
Graduated:  1959 - Columbus, Georgia (Ft. Benning)
Rochester, NH


WOLF, Louis - 1965
@ Chas: 62-65
 Sarasota, FL

 I often wondered what happened to all of my great friends at CHAD as they were surely scattered throughout the country. Myself, I entered the U.S. Coast Guard in January of 1966 and served until January 1970. During my four years with the Coast Guard I spent one tour in Vietnam from 1967-68 as part of Operation Market Time (coastal surveillance & Naval Gunfire Support). I gained somewhat media attention when I sent my father home (still in the Air Force) under the Sullivan Act. (I met my Dad off the coast of Vietnam on Father's Day in 1967). After my hitch in the Coast Guard I still felt like helping others so I joined the Hartford, Ct. Police Department and served for over thirty years; retiring recently at the rank of Captain and scheduled for selection as Chief of Police (if not for my need for a change). I have been married for over 27 years to my wife Joan (whom I met on a blind date on New Year's Eve 1971). We have two great children, Jennifer, Age 25(an RN) living also here in Sarasota, Florida and Jeffrey, Age 23, a stock broker living in Coventry, Ct. My newest career involves the property management of over 75 rental units as well as my Real Estate License. My wife and I enjoy cruising the Caribbean, we are going on our tenth cruise in November....A class reunion onboard a Cruise Ship would be great...Think about it..I am looking forward to hearing from anyone with memories of CHAD High School especially Class of 1965. Go Sabres, Beat Orleans.

WREN, Sallie A. - 1952       
@ Chas: 1951-1954
Wichita, KS

7/25/2002 & 3-15-03   I arrived in Chateauroux October, 1951. I was a high school Senior and took my coursework by correspondence from the University of Nebraska. Miss Patricia Johnson was the high school "principal."  She administered the tests.  [I requested my credits be transferred and I have my diploma from the high school I attended before Chateauroux.] After I "graduated" I worked as a bookkeeper for Non-Appropriated Funds until returning to the US in [May] 1954.

WRIGHT, Adrienne - 1966 
@ Chas: 1960-63
Los Angeles, CA
07/12/2001  Wow, this is great..... brings back great memories, and those of you that put this together did a fantastic job...Thank you for sharing this link with me...and i will pass it on to my brother and sister whom i am sure they will also enjoy as much as I did.... 




WRIGHT, Becky - 1968
WRIGHT, Rory - 1967
Cheryl (Cherry) Yarchin  1965 
Graduated:  1965, Huntsville AL
@ Chad:  1958-61

Fort Worth, TX

6-26-08  Guestbook:  What a stunning surprise to come upon this website! Thanks for the hard work of putting it together. I'm planning a brief vacation in France next spring. It will be my only return in 50 years! I hope to spend a day in Chateauroux.

Searching:  Janet Orrock, Barbara Boettcher, and a girl named Kenny who was from Washington State.

[jpnote:  I have an address for Lynda Orrock, Barbara Boettcher and brother James have not been located.]

ZAISER, Vickie 1963

Ginna Roberts has been in touch with Vickie from time-to-time.

ZANT, Carol Ann - 1959
@ Chas:  1957-1958
Huntsville, AL
6-2-03  I feel like I have finally connected with my own kind. You know, the military kind that went to school everywhere and has contact with no one from their past. But now I have and it is great!

See Carol Ann Zant's Photo Page

5-13-07 & 8-25-07 Posted new photos to Carol Ann's page

ZEIGLER, George - 1964
@ Chad:  62-65
Big Spring, TX

1-18-07  Had great times at Chad.  Hard to realize how many years have gone by.  I guess as you get older your thoughts go back to simpler times.  I don't think I'd ever change the things we did.  Always looking to hear from old wishes to all.

See Sabres Sports Article

10-14-08  Has been awhile.Just letting anyone who cares, still alive and kicking in West Texas.

Wondering about:  John or Kathy Matherne [jp emailed John Matherne.]

1-14-09  [jpnote:  Don't know if George and/or John were in touch - no response from either.]

ZUKERBERG, Cheryl 1962 (Candy & Rene's Sis)   

Dr. Zukerberg is certified as a Gerontological Nurse by the American Nurses Credentialing Center. She is also certified as a Public Health Nurse and Geriatric Nurse Practitioner by the State of California.  Read the rest of her very interesting bio from the pages of Biola University.

ZUKERBERG, Candy - 1961 (Cheryl & Rene's Sis)   

Soph photo from 58-59 school year

 Grandbaby Photo from 2005





"A friend in times of need, indeed." jp

Candy and her husband, Tom, attended a Chad get-together in 1999 in Santa Monica, CA with some other Chad friends:  Judith King '61, Bill Spells '61, Candy Zukerberg '61, Randy Coleman '60, John Prager '61, Lou Barnett '61

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