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Updated 08/11/11

Chateauroux, France


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VACCA, Michelle   1968 See Chad Memoriam

VACCA, Roger  1964 Chad Grad     46x46
@ Chas: 1962-1964
Dayton, OH

VAN CLEEF, Martha "Marti"  1962  46x46
@ Chas:  1957-59
San Rafael, CA

4-30-07  Best wishes to all you Chad alums who came WAY after I was there! Were you still living in 410 or had other housing been built for you guys?


VAN WAGNER, Roger - 1961
@ Chas:  1958-59
Houston, TX
VASILATOS, George - 1962 See  Chad Memoriam 
VATALERO, Margaret "Peggy" 1966 Chad Grad 




Photo from Nancy Sullivan's Scrapbook  

Photo taken at Reno 2000 Reunion


VAUGHTER, Patrick  - 1963 See  Chad Memoriam 

VIED, Paula Wildean (Deanie) - 1958
@ Chas:  11-56 - 5-58
San Antonio, TX

2-25-04 Class of '58.  Where to start? After graduation I went on "Dean Dickenson"s Diamond Mine of Knowledge for Delinquent Dependents"--a.k.a. University of Maryland at Munich--for two years. After a few more states, four more schools, a couple of careers, I ended up in San Antonio. Two of my brothers, Charles and Joe are also naturalized Texans and live in San Antonio. I collect folk music, canoe, and have had five horses through the years but none right now--I ride at Fort Sam Stable--oh yes--lots and lots of books as befitting a librarian. Darn, I can't use spell check in this mode.

VIRONDA, Rick - 1962 - See  Chad Memoriam 

VIRONDA, Sandy 1964

Last known to be in Santa Rosa, CA

VOGEL, FRED "Rick"  - 1961  
Asheville, NC

4-12-08  jpnote:  I googled Fred's place and found where it had been sold.  I didn't find anything more helpful.



[jpnote:  Fred owns and operates the Flint Street Inns in Asheville, NC   If you're visiting Asheville, call Fred & Lynne and enjoy a stay at one of their historic bed & breakfasts.  (See updated info above.)

VONDER, Elizabeth
VUKOVICH, Marianna 1959
@ Chad: 54-58

Graduated - Burbank CA

10-12-08  I have very fond memories of Chateauroux and the great friendships that we enjoyed. Where has all the time gone? Would love to hear from those that would like to contact me [or my siblings,  Darlene, Katherine, Michael and Eva.]

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