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Chateauroux, France


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TAYLOR, Jeff - 1964 
 @ Chas: 1960-62
Houston, TX
2-10-10  my brother Ron Taylor and i played on the Chad Golf Team. Ron graduated in 61. I played on the golf team with Terry Bell, Jim Parson and Ron Nelson in 60-62. Recognized many of the posted names, like Buzz Santos, Gary Williams, Mike Stone. My dad had mike mansfield puegeot put back together from parts in 61 and rode it until i left in 62. Hope to hear from those of you that might remember.

2-15-10   I attended Chateauroux High School  60-62.  I completed the 10th grade and then my family and i moved back to the states during the summer of 62.  I graduated in 64 at Orange High School, Orange, Ca.(Southern California).  My brother Ron Taylor recently registered on your website, and he graduated Chad High in 61.  My younger sister was in grade school while in Chateauroux.  Both my brother and I were very active in golf, we played on the Chad High golf team with Terry Bell, Ron Nelson, Jim Parsons.  I won the france championship in either 61 or 61, and was a member of that golf team when we won the european team championship in 62.  Buz Santos and his group of friends with puegeot moped where some of the guys I hung around at times.  How do i go about getting the information previously sent on the guest page to be positioned on the alphabetized T page.  How do we go about adding pictures, etc.  Finally i noticed the last year book was 1960.  Was their a 61 and 62 yearbooks.  Thanks again for your great work on your website.  Jeff Taylor

6-1-10 Lived in Chateauroux for 2.5 years. Was on the Chad High golf team with my brother Ron, Terry Bell, Ron Nelson, Jim Parsons and others. Had a few mopeds during the time we lived in Chad. Very involved in golf, however did get to know some of my classmates, Buz Santos, Mike Stone, Bob Halla, Gary Williams. Moved back to Southern California. Spent two years in the army, Fort Ord, Ca. After the service was a golf professional for 2 years. Then spent 32.5 years with a major food company, Best foods as a Regional Broker Sales manager when i retired 2001. Very involved in the PGA Tour, along with others, ran the Shell Houston Open PGA Tour golf event each year for 14 years. Worked with about 8 other PGA Tour events trying to improved our Houston event. In recent years went back to teaching golf as an assistant golf professional at a local golf course. Now my wife Kathy and i enjoy our Rv, and camping, and i also enjoy my motorcycles, etc. Love to hear from anyone who remembers me, made good friends in Chateauroux.

TAYLOR, Ron- 1961 Chad Grad 1961
 @ Chas: 1960-62


TEACH,  Everett "Eddie" Chad Grad 1961

  11-27-07  Eddie Teach - Where are you?  Some Chateauroux friends are searching for you. 


TEBBETS, Mike  Chad Grad 1966   
 @ Chas: 1962-1966
Spokane, WA

Jackie Berger & Mike Tebbetts are married (Chad Marriages) and these are their lovely grandchildren.

Grandkids:  Chase age 4 (in 2004)
Camden age 7 mos (in 2004)


TEETS, Karen - 1965 (married Harry Hull '64)
@ Chas: 1961-1965
Sacramento, CA

Comments: I will always have such fond memories of my years in jr high and high school at Chateauroux..singing on the Bluebird buses.."That's My Desire" and "In The Still of the Night", the hayrides to Lake Chambon, Chad-High Choo Choo, Sadie Hawkins dances, bonfires, Bastille Day, the gypsy camps, the Carnival and bumper cars, Demolay dances, parties at Bobby Hoke's chateau and at Balsan Park, The Mighty Sabres, ski trips to Mont D'or, french fries from the snack bar with gravy..and most of all my friends..........

[Congratulations Harry & Karen on your marriage - June 2003] See Chad Marriages for photos

TEETS, Marilyn  - 1964  
@ Chas - 60-64
Tehachapi, CA
7-14-03 Had a great time at Steamboat Springs 1998  reunion.  Missed all of the rest.  How about a reunion in Maui, HI?  I know of a large place.




TEUNON, Kathy Pinneo - 1967
Manhattan Beach, CA
2/11/00 - Comments: Jenelle, this is great. What a wonderful way to get back in touch with old friends. Thank you for all your work. I was in Chas from 61-66 -class of 67, which, of course, didn't make it to graduation in Chas. Been married for 19+ years and have a soon-to-be-15 year old daughter. Have lived in CA for 13+ years. Would love to hear from old friends. It's great reading about what everyone is doing, and even better hearing from old friends and exchanging notes. Kathy Teunon (Pinneo)


THACKER, Edd  1965 Chad Grad - See Chad Memoriam

THACKER, Patricia (Pat) - 1966  46x46
Grad Elsewhere:  1966
@ Chas:1963-1966
Las Vegas, NV
01/15/2002 Comments: Spent my 8th-11th grades at Chateauroux. One of my teen traumas was not being able to graduate there! I made it to the Seattle reunion, which was wonderful. For those who remember, my little brother, Bill, lives in Michigan, and many of you are aware that Edd died in a car wreck 28 years ago.

[jpnote - 4-7-05 - Chad friend searching for you, Pat.  jp emailed to connect.]

THOMPSON, Barry L.  1966
Gilbert, AZ
2/22/00 - Comments: I attended 8th grade at Chateauroux 61-62. Many will remember my brothers, (Don and Bob: "The Rangers") before they would remember me.

THOMPSON, Don - 1964  

THOMPSON, George R. (Bob) Chad Grad 1962 
@ Chas:1959 (3 mos), 1961-1962
Sumter, SC

 01/26/2002 Lots of good memories of friends and times. My brother Don and I, along with Steve and Bill, formed a small  (and not very good) band, which played at a few of the dances.  Riding the last shuttle bus back to the housing area from the movies; even better with a girlfriend; watching the football games; enjoying and remembering the cameraderie.

THOMPSON, Jim  1964 Chad Grad     (married Linda Barrix '65) See Chad Marriages 

From: Riverside, CA        
Graduation Year (Chas or Elsewhere): 1964
Specific Years @ Chas: 63 to 65

Searching for:  Steve DeCamp, John Melvin, [found & connected] Ken Mayberry, Anyone that remembers us.

Jim and Linda Thompson, the last 35 years: 

8-20-06  Thanks for the walk dowm memory lane. It is always good to look back and think about the good times and bad, just to keep the cobwebs from filling the dead space in the orb on the shoulders. As we get older memories really do start to fade. Thanks again, and I'll be back soon. Jim "64"

Looking for Steve DeCamp. Haven't seen him since around 1970. Steve DeCamp and I enlisted.   I ran into Steve Belbot in 1966 August I believe as I was getting ready to leave Clark AB PI. Haven't seen since ??????

THOMPSON, Susan Michaelis - 1963
@ Chas: 1961(?)-1964
 Fargo, North Dakota
2/24/01 - Comments: Jenelle, you are to be commended for a great job. "Thanks" is not enough for finding me and getting me in touch with those that were part of some great years. I had lost hope of ever finding anyone connected to Chateauroux High School. I graduated (1963) there and married day afterwards. I have 4 great children & 5 beautiful granddaughters. They are further a way from me than I would like. I have a great job. I am looking forward to going south again. Some of those I remember are Judy and Ron Perkins (they had a younger brother) and Carol McFarland and she had another sister and younger brother. They were the greatest of friends and helped me through some hard times. They probably didnt realize it at time. I read the guest book and would love to hear from you. Is there a reunion anytime in near future? Would love to see some of the "ole gang." Take care and God Bless You.
NEW NOTE: 12/04/2001: Hi everyone! I have been down memory lane for the second time and am so glad to see names I recognize. For those faces that are a little fuzzy can look in books to remember how they looked. "Thank you" is just not enough for Jenelle and those that have contributed in making this website. It is terrific! I am still looking to get in touch with Judy Perkins and some of the other people that I enjoyed some good times. The one memory I have is when my fiance, brother and friend were driving around we had stopped to pick some grapes. The French farmer came out of house with shotgun and howling dog and actually shot the gun off. He managed to scare the guys so they squashed the grapes on jackets. lol funny now but was serious business then. It has been brought to me how important people are in our lives. Would love to hear from you. Hope you all are well and happy. God Bless you all. Su

TOBIN, William "Bill" (Judy's bro)Chad Grad 1963   
Valedictorian & Class President

@ Chas: 1960-1964
Bristol-Richmond, VA


6-12-08  [Note from Bill's sister, Judy:  For anyone interested in Bill's life to present -His latest appearance can be found at CBS 60 minutes-bullet analysis-he can also be Googled  as William Tobin   FBI     (200,000) sites.  He didn't have a clue there was anyone following Chad folks....]

The following video on the CBS site  is from Bill's appearance on 60 Minutes.  After the very long promotion of Cadillac, Bill's portion on the video comes at about the 3:15 video marker.

  jpnote:  Reconnected Bill & Bonnie Baker through sister, Judy.

TOBIN, Judy (Bill's sis)  Chad Grad 1964     
@ Chas: 1960-1964
Bristol-Richmond, VA


5-28-08  Signed the Guestbook.  Searching for Mary Friedell.  [jpnote:  Reconnected Judy & Mary, but Mary has not responded at 6-12-08.]

TOWERS,  Jeani Robison   1965
@ Chas: 1962-1965
Texarkana, TX

2/18/01 - Comments: The best and worst years of my life..... my FRIENDS were second to NONE! The TRUE have been reveals the difference! Our FAMILY will ALWAYS have that special place in my heart! Thank you Betty Adamek and her parents for not letting me go and ALWAYS keeping the LOVE alive with visits, cards and calls... Jenelle, thank you sooooo much for this WONDERFUL go girl!!!!!!!

7-25-08  Jeani has returned!  [jpnote:  I had reunited Jeani with her school friend, Bonnie Donaldson, in 2005.  Bonnie drove up from Houston, and I drove over from Dallas, to visit Jeani back then.  We had fun cooking and eating and staying up half the night - me listening to tales of the girls during "their day" at Chateauroux and saying "You did what and got away with it?"  Nice to hear from Jeani again.]

4-10-09  Jeani called today.  Said to say hello to everyone and she would love to talk to you.

TRAVITZ, Dave - 1962 
@ Chad:  1956-59
Bellevue, NE
12-14-04  A great trip down memory lane.
TRIPP, Carol - 1965 
Oklahoma City, OK  

TROYER, Ronald K. - 1961 
@ Chad:  1955-58
Graduated:  Naples, Italy  
Middlebury, IN

1-18-00 - Comments: I attended Chad HS from 1955 to 1958 (during my 7th -9th grades). I located and signed on to and received a message the next day from Chaz Allen, who came to Chateauroux in 1961. I spent two years in the states and graduated from Forrest Sherman High School in Naples, Italy (1961). Attended college for two years and then enlisted in the AF 63-67. Attended and graduated from IU. Married (30 years) with two children (son and daughter). Recently, located McDawson Burton who was in my freshman class. Another freshman classmate Gerald (Jerry) Murch  lives in MN. As Mac said, we all were involved in the scouts. Left France in August '58 and returned to upper state NY for two years before going back overseas.  Would like to hear from anyone who might have been in Chad during the years I was there.  Hope to hear from someone.

12-11-06  Just came across this website [again]. Just interested in making some connections with the past. I eventually graduated in Naples Italy in 1961.

3-2-09  Ron searching for Louis and/or Kathleen Edwards.  I have an old street address for Louis, but nothing for Kathleen.  Ron says he thinks she married a g.i. named Bob.

TRUEL, Barry  (Curt & Mike's brother)
@ Chas - 57-59
3-22-05  [jpnote:  I received an email from Diane Mellor from the U.K.  She was searching for Barry.  I emailed Curt & Ann and they forwarded the info to Barry.  Barry wrote in an email:

Diane Mellor is the daughter of Air Electronics Officer Stan Mellor (RAF) and Pat Mellor who were stationed at RAF Marham when I went there 5 years in a row for the bombing competition that Strategic Air Command flew against the RAF Bomber Command from 1975-81...I introduced Mom to Pat Mellor when we toured England in 1976 and they corresponded for years.

TRUEL, Curtis V.  1959  Chad Grad 1959
@ Chas - 57-59
Oklahoma City, OK
10-15-01  I came to sign the guestbook for Curtis, since Jenelle shamed me into it. (LOL!!!) This is Ann, Curt's wife. I understand Mike Park is looking for Curt. I will have him get in touch with Mike when he returns. Jenelle, you do an awesome job with this site...I do visit often, but since I didn't attend Chateauroux, I don't sign in...Keep up the great work..Hugs, Ann

11/19/2002 - My 2 years at Chateauroux are some of the happiest of my life. After returning to Oklahoma after graduation, I attended various state schools until getting a BA and MEd from Oklahoma University. Went to work for Dept of Defense in '66 and just retired in Aug 2002. I am in local phone book if you want to call. I have found Mike Parks, Patti Phillips (now Sawin), Truett Karstetter, the Smalls and a host of other folks from my 2 years.  Penny or Pam Sommerville,{found} Joan Nelson, Karen Kay, Beverly Wonzer, Mary Mcdonald [found] all the Vukovich girls, Don Cram [found] and anyone else from the 58-60 time that i knew.

TRUEL, Michael "Mike" Chad Grad 1962  46x46
@ Chas: 1957-59
Oklahoma City, OK

02/05/2002  Been to Germany but never had the time to visit La Martinerie. Next trip to La France, will do so. Currently at Tinker AFB.(jpnote:2005 - I think Mike has retired from Tinker and living the good life.)


TURNIPSEED, Candis Hill - 1966
Graduation Year (Chas or Elsewhere 66-Warner Robins, GA
@ Chas: 59-63 (I think)
Sarasota, Florida
9-13-01 Comments: You may remember my sister instead, Gaye Cawdery (Turnipseed).  [jpnote:  Jim Wagner '66 also graduated from Warner Robbins.] 
3-22-03 Comments:Thanks for the great site! Hope to get to a reunion.  Thank you Delores Petersen for giving me a heads up! This has been great. I have found a few classmates, Jim Hudson, Brian Finigan, Jim Wagner, Delores Petersen, and hope to find more. We need to get Jim Hudson to send our (was it?) 5th/6th grade picture. Priceless!  I am searching for:  Anyone who remembers me or my sister, Gaye (1964) With a name like Turnipseed, who can forget?

TURNIPSEED, Gaye - 1964

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