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Chateauroux, France


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SACHS, Ronald "Ronnie"  1954 Chad Grad  
@ Chad:  53-54  

Ron (#13) was quite a jumper on the Sabres Basketball Team - 1954

Ron and his wife, Doe,  attended the 2003 Lake Tahoe Reunion.

46x46SAGE, Donna G.  1960  
@ Chas: 1957-1959
Vancouver, WA

11/10/2001 Wow the memories... I thought I would die the day the train pulled out of the station in Chateauroux back in the summer of 1959. My friends and classmates were left behind... A few of them had left before me but it still didn't make it any easier. How nice to have this sight to try to gather us back together. db

2-13-05 I've been out of touch with everyone.  Today I decided to take a walk down memory lane.  Thanks so much for the site!!!! I would like to write to Dawn Palmer, Diane Rosedale, Penny, Peggy and on and on... Also is there another reunion planned any time soon?

SAMS, Craig - 1961  (Greg's bro)  46x46
@ Chad:  59-60
Hastings, England

12-04-01  Don't have another reunion in Chateauroux without me, it's only a few hours from here by train.  Wow, Jenelle, I knew you were witty, beautiful and wise, but who could've anticipated such a crowning achievement to your long list?


Craig - in the middle - Photo taken while Craig was a senior at Burtonwood.

[See Craig's Photo Page ]




SANDERS, Ross I. - 1960  
Weeki Wachee, FL
@ Chad 1956-59
6-1-00 - Comments:  Attended Chateauroux from 1956 thru my junior year in 1959.  Pitched for the 1957 Jets baseball team that won the 12th AF championship for Coach Rosedale [jpnote:  Burgess & Diane's dad] and played (sparingly) for the basketball team that won the European title in our class.  Also set pins and bagged groceries at the commissary. [jpnote:  JP's step-dad was a supervisor at the commissary in '56.  Odd to think Ross knew my step-dad before I did!]  Was a great time.  Am married with two kids and two grandkids.  Retired from the Army in '64 after 30 years.  Playing golf now and enjoying life. [jpnote:  Ross was friends with Gerry Busald and Barry Codron.]

SCHEINGOLD, Paul Chad Grad 1966 
1963 - 1966
Haymarket, VA

12/29/2001 Still wild and crazy after all these years -in Haymarket, Virginia.

2-4-10 It has been a wonderful life...


Photo from Nancy Sullivan's Scrapbook

SCHRAMM, Mildred "Millie"  - 1962 
@ Chad - 60-63
Diamond Bar, CA

11-24-07  [jpnote]:  Millie is one of the girls I remember vividly.  We were only acquaintances, but I remember that she was very nice and always smiling.   Millie signed the Guestbook, but left no comments.

SCHUBERT, Richard - 1966  
@ Chad 61-64
Alameda, CA

12-17-05 - No comments
3-29-06 I've checked in before - this should update my contact info - Will be in Chas next month (late April 2006) looking forward to it - great memories - Dick

SCHWEITZER, Drew 1955 Chad Grad

5-17-00 -I am Drew J. Schweitzer Chateauroux High class of 1955!! My family & I live in Florida. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me! May I add the following names to the missing alumni listing: Nancy Sue Gross 57; Whitey Hull 57; Rex Thompson 55; Royce Pinkston 56; Gay Felicia Wilson 55; Patsy Taylor 56; Raymon Don Calloway 55. No, I don't have a photographic memory!! Just probably the last known copy of the 1955 yearbook!!! Hi Sally Harris-Nelson; Last time I spoke to you was 1993. Hope all is well!! Hello Bob Nyland: Remember Easter Vacation 1956 - Prather Dorm? Hey Raedell Bunn-Pressgrove: Got a great picture of you in the 1955 yearbook. Unless I have premature CRS, I believe you should be class of 58. Please let me hear from you guys. Best regards to all!!! Drew Schweitzer.

SCOTT, Ed   1969 

[11-27-07 jp connected Ed & Richard Bulis]

SCOTT, Sarah - 1965  
@ Chad - 60-63
Merritt Island, FL

10-07-05  Nice to see Chateauroux again!

1012-07  [jpnote:  Received email from Sarah.] - Little brother, Ed Scott.  - Emailed Sarah to reconnect old 410 neighbor who had been searching for her for several years!

SINCLAIR, Mike - 1963  (Susan's brother)  See Chad Memoriam
@ Chad - 59-62


SINCLAIR, Susan "Susie" - 1964  
@ Chad - 59-62
Dayton, Oh
2-22-00   Attended Chatreauroux from 1959-1962 and then moved to Weisbaden, Germany for a year before locating back to the States.

SINSEL, Sally  Chad Grad 1954  

SISTRUNK, William "Mike" - 1967 

5-10-07  [jpnote:  I located Mike & relocated Dave Parsons who was searching for him.  Haven't heard about their reconnection. :)]

SKINNER, Cary Lee "Rabbit" - 1961 - See Chad Memoriam

SLINKARD, Bill  Chad Grad 1961
@ Chad: 1958-61
Corpus Christi, TX

 I am taking early retirement after 32+ years with Celanese Chemicals. Drop me an e-mail and tell me how great retirement is (or at least stretch the truth a little).  1961 really wasn't that long ago, was it?

Bill &  football buddy Dennis Grimm '61 - 1997 San Antonio Reunion - They are standing in front of the Alamo



SLOTERBECK, John - 1961? 

7-27-06  Trying to contact anybody 1957 to 1959 classes that was at Poitiers at that time.

SMALL, Eileen - 1959 (Rosemary & Loretta's sis)

SMALL, Loretta - 1961 (Rosemary & Eileen's sis)   See Chas Marriages 

SMALL, Rosemary- 1958 (Loretta & Eileen's sis)

SMITH, Edith Ann  1958 Chad Grad (June's sister)  (Dorm)

4-26-08  [Note from Janice Mitchell:  Edie lost her husband in January '08 to heart disease. Edie's hubby had been ill for awhile and finally lost his battle. They had been high school sweethearts BEFORE she and her family moved to France, and once they returned to the US, got married.]

SMITH, June  - 1959 (Edith's sister)  (Dorm) 

8-15-07  jpnote:  June graduated from Frankfurt.  She is searching for her friends,  Linda Neubrand & Virginia Williams

In July 2007, The Dorm Kids (from Poitiers) had another get-together.  This time they brought their kids and grandkids for a day of swimming and feasting and of course, reminiscing.


SMITH, Richard (Dickie) - 1963  
@ CHAD:  1951-59
Shingle Springs, CA

Searching for Val Hole [jpnote:  8-28-05 connected]
9-25-06  I was at Chateauroux between 1951 to 1959. In '51 grades one through six had classes in the same room, a Quonset hut at La Martinerie. The playground was the cement domed top of a storage tank, since the mud was about 18" deep all over the base. We were bused across the road to where the enlisted men ate their meals, a huge hangar like structure. We were given metal trays and big white HEAVY cups. We ate our "lunch ???" and were bused back to class again.   I am practicing emergency medicine in Shingle Springs, California now. Thanks Jenelle -  Dickie Smith (Longest staying student in Chateauroux...Early 1951 to late 1959)

SNIDER, Dwight  Chad Grad 1962   
@ CHAD:  1961-64
Retired to Visan, France
6-20-04  I am able to visit CHAS by driving about 8 hours. Things look pretty good there still. {Dwight & Elaine lived in Visan, France.]

Returned to Arizona - June 2005

[Dwight was a trumpeteer in the school band.]          

6-24-04 [entry from Elaine Snider]  Have enjoyed exploring this wonderful web site during the last couple of weeks. Jenelle, you have done a marvelous job and it has been so much fun for me to look at it again since our short trip to Chateauroux in June, 2004.  Keep up the good work!

See Dwight's Photos and D-Day 2004

 Trip Photos

[jpnote:  Dwight & Elaine are returning to the States to reside in Arizona in April/May 2005.]

6-19-05 - Dwight & Elaine have settled in Arizona.

SNYDER, Frank - 1965
San Antonio, TX
2-1-00 - I've been searching for 30+ years for some of my former classmates.  I graduated from Chas in 1965 after transferring from Paris American the prior year.  I found this site through which I stumbled across while searching the web.  I've spoken to John Avvampato '65 and I have exchanged emails.  I would love to hear from any other former students, especially class of 1965.  I am married to Barbara and we have two  beautiful daughters, both of them in college.  We live in San Antonio, TX and I am a Financial Planner.

SOCH, Mary - 1968     
@ Chad: 64-67
Dallas, TX

5-1-07  [jpnote:  I am intrigued by coincidences; they're like finding little treasures during a walk on the beach or wild strawberries growing in a forest.  One day, some years ago, an older man and woman were walking together, holding hands, on my street.  Through casual neighborly talk, we discovered that we were at Chateauroux - not the same years, but there nonetheless! 

This man and woman lived only two blocks from my present home.  Time passed and about three or four years ago, I only saw the woman walking.  I would wave and she would wave and I would wonder, "Where is the man?"  I found out at a later time that the man - Col Richard Soch, Mary's dad, passed away July 4, 2003.

Today, I was at my mailbox as she was passing by.  She stopped and we continued our conversation from four years previous.  I learned that her husband had passed away and her daughter had adopted another baby from China.  The woman is Kathleen Soch (her husband was Col. Richard Soch).  They were one of the last families to leave Chateauroux before the closing of La Martinerie.  Their daughter is Mary Soch ('68).   Mary is a teacher and has adopted two babies from China.  She lives in my city also.]

SOMMERVILLE, Pam - 1964     
@ Chad: 55-58
Flagler Beach, FL
11-02-01 I guess you have to get this old to have time to remember all the happy experiences of your youth. I'd love to hear from others who attended elementary and jr high at CHAS.

SOMMERVILLE, Penny - 1960   Chad Marriages  See photo of Penny & her husband
@ Chad: 55-58

SPAIN, James "Jim"  1963 Chad Grad   46x46
@ Paris High School 59-60
@ Chad: 61-63
Nevada - Moving to Cody, WY in July 2005

Note from classmates:  Well I am retired from Law Enforcement, Washoe County Sheriff's Office, as a Sergeant. Lived in Reno, NV and Lake Tahoe area since I came back to the states in '63. Love to boat, fish, camp, rv, like fast cars and boats.

8-18-05  - Well, I guess if anyone wants to get in touch with me while driving thru the Yellowstone area, Cody Wy please do so by calling 307 587-2893.  Would love to hear from the old gang. Jim Spain

10-07-05  Moved to Reno Nevada after graduating in 63, attended University of Nevada Reno, Lassen Jr College (Susanville Ca), Moved from the Reno area in July 05 after 40+ years in the area to a great place called Cody Wy. Any one coming thru Cody Wy are welcomed to call and stop by for some old time remembering. We are in the phone book.

SPANN, Joan - 1962 -  See In Memory Of
Joan's daughter, Cynthia Maley, wrote:
5-8-01  Comments:  Thanks for the beautiful page "In Memory of Joan Edwards Spann Maley."  My mom's years at Chas were some of her favorite.  Take care and God Bless.  Cynthia

[jpnote:  I talked on the phone many times with Joan.  She was sweet-natured and happy to know that some Chateauroux friends were in touch.  She didn't have a computer, but she passed along hellos to others.]

SPELLS, Joseph "Bill" - 1961





SPELLS, Ed   - 1962
SPELLS, Kathy - 1966 - (Ed & Bill's sis)
Fayetteville, GA

Janis Witherington & Kathy

STEELE, Sandra - 1961
@ Chad:  1957-58
Waldorf, MD
6-22-01 Comments: I was at Chad for my freshman year and then transferred to Poitiers for my sophomore and junior years. My dad was transferred back to Decatur, IL for my senior year in high school and I graduated there. Went back to France in 1993 after a Poitiers reunion. 



STEELE, Susan - 1964

STODDARD, Alice Kay Johnson - 1956  
Antioch, CA
4-16-00 - Comments:  Jenelle, this is great!  Thanks to you, I've found a couple of my old high school friends and hope to find several others.  I live in Antioch, CA with my husband, Thayer.  We both retired from the California Community College system 11 years ago.  I have 3 super daughters from my first marriage, 2 wonderful granddaughters and a new grandbaby due in May 2000.  Besides my family, I enjoy travel, computer stuff, theater, music, handwork, gardening, and duplicate bridge.  Ruthie Augustine, Pat Clayton - are you out there?


STOKOE, Estelle Upoff 1963 Chad Grad

STUTTS, Bob, Joel & Suzie - 1967
@ Chad 1958-61
San Antonio, TX

10-22-04 Just a coincidence... My brother - Joel, sister Susan (now Suzie) and I (Bobby, then) are finally going back to Chateauroux and will be there November 2!  We were stationed there 58-61 - and Joel and Suzie would have been just (or just about ) starting the high school in Chad.  Even though we were military brats, we ended up graduating from Thomas Jefferson in San Antonio (Joel 65, Suzie, 64 and me, 67).  I live here now.  Such a coincidence to hear of this reunion {11-5, 6, 7 2004) just when we're finally going back!

STUTTS, Joel - 1965 - See brother Bob's entry above 
@ Chad 1958-61

Alain Lecour has had this photo of his American friend for 46 years.








One year ago - December 2007 - Alain Lecour (a former Chateauroux resident who delivered the "Stars & Stripes" to the Americans living at Touvent in the late 50's) emailed JP asking about the whereabouts of his childhood friend, Joel Stutts.  They were soon reconnected and December 2008, the two men met in London .  This was the first time they had seen each other since the Summer of 1961. 







STUTTS,  Suzie - 1964
@ Chad 1958-61

See brother Bob's entry above

SULLIVAN, Beth, George, Kevin (brothers & sisters)  

SULLIVAN, Gary - 1965

SULLIVAN, Linda Sherman - 1962   46x46
@ Chad 1958-61
Bentonville, AR
2-3-00 Comments:  Hi.  would love to hear from any and all old friends.  I've touched base with a few from the years 1959-61.  I'm married (did live in Dubuque, IA, but moved to Arkansas in 2003).  I'm a grandmother to a delightful 10-month old boy, mother to two married daughters and step-mom to married son and daughter and stepgrandma to two sweet little girls.  Upon moving to Iowa 6 years ago, I retired from teaching and am enjoying all kinds of new activities.  Hope to hear from some old or should I say former friends?

Upon returning to the states in l961, I graduated high school in Dover, Delaware. I graduated from Coe College in 1966. Married in 1966, had 2 lovely daughters, divorced, and remarried in 1993 to Roy Sherman. Roy retired (as did I from teaching when I married Roy) and we moved in 2003 to Bentonville, Arkasas (home of WalMart). Love our new home. We have 7 grandchildren. Enjoy golfing, crafting, friends, and life in general. Would love to hear from old friends.