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Chad High Students -R-
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Chateauroux, France


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RABE, Karen   1962 Chad Grad   
@ Chas: 1960-1962
Destin, Florida
5/22/01 -   What a great site. So glad to find Chateauroux and old friends after all this time.

2-1-07  I found Chateauroux site, lost the site and now have found it. A great site done by a master, thanks Jenelle.

  [jpnote:  After a lengthy absence from the Chad Community, Karen found us again!  Reconnected her with her friends Mary Gabriel, Jan Heath and brother Bud.]

REAVELL, Mike    1965 Chad Grad 
Simsbury, CT

8-11-05 Pelforth 43, the brew of choice for those "Com-Z" and Class B Champs... Hello to old friends, and cheers to Harry and Karen .....


See Sabres Football 63-64 Newspaper Article

REED, Kathryn "Kathy" (Bob's sis) Chad Grad 1964 
@ Chas: 1961-1964
North Stonington, CT

4/1/01: At Chateauroux, my closest friends were Estelle (Punky) Stokoe, Judy Perkins, Mary Friedell. [All found]  Our "hangout" on weekends used to be Joe from Maine's in town and the midnight movie on base. 

 [jpnote:  Estelle was found, Judy is found (her brother is listed in these Chad Entries,.]

10/11/03 T-Bird's last e-mail address I was given no longer works. I'd like to get in touch with him, Dave Smith, and Harry Coyne.

[jpnote:  '2-8-06 Yvette Coyne Vanesko emailed me saying she was Mary Friedell's daughter - she wanted Kathryn Reed's email.  I emailed Mary with Kathy's email address and sent email to Yvette  to tell her I had emailed her mother. (Bob Reed (brother of Kathy) emailed me to say Kathy's email address is correct.]

REED, Robert "Bob" (Kathy's bro)   1965
Grad Year: 1965 (Lee High School, Springfield, VA)
@ Chas: 1961-1964
Springfield, VA

1964 Junior Photo

See Bob Reed's Page History & Photos

2/21/01 -  I attended Chad High in 1961-1964 -- sadly leaving in the summer of 1964 for my senior year in the States. I probably had too much of a great time there ... on the wrestling team, soccer, and baseball; singing "Lion Sleeps Tonight," etc., with Ron VanBeek & crew; smoke-outs on the Blue Byrd shuttle bus, playing pool in the teen center, and hanging out at the snack bar. Great memories, but glad to have grown past some of those activities! Anyone who reads this and wishes to drop a line, please do. 

America Grieves Comments - 09/14/2001 - From inside the Pentagon ... rest assured that the men and women of your armed forces and the DoD civilian employees are well, hard at work, and totally dedicated in addressing the challenges ahead.   Even as the event occurred (a loud explosion and brief "shudder" of the facilities) and the horns calling for evacuation sounded, there was no panic, but a reasonably orderly exit with deliberate speed. Being on the opposite side of the Pentagon at the time of the incident, we were aided by the fact that we didn't really see or know what happened until we were outside looking back at the building and the billowing black smoke, and later learning of the cause.  We feel fortunate to have been spared on this side of the building and extend our sympathies and offer our prayers to those, and their families, who were not so fortunate.  We are now back in our offices and busily going about the nation's and military's work. Again, rest assured. These are extraordinary people, of extraordinarey talent, dealing with extraordinary times and issues with the resolve you have come to expect and that is needed under the circumstances.  I am confident that the intimidation these terrorists sought is having, and will have, the exact opposite effect. I am reminded of the Japanese Admiral's line in the recent movie, Pearl Harbor, when the attack was finally initiated and he soberly reflected: "I fear that we have awakened the sleeping giant."  God bless you all.

REISTAD, Karen Smith1966 Chad Grad  46x46
Ruskin, Florida
5/23/00  Jenelle, You've done a wonderful job with this site. I didn't think anything could top the reunion in Seattle in 1991. That was a dream come true back then and you've taken it even further. I graduated in '66 and since then life has taken me on many roads. Thanks to you and your hard work I've heard from several old friends from the "good old days". It would be great to hear from even more. My Dad, Raymond Reistad, was the principal at Chateauroux from  September 64 until June 66 when the school closed for the last time. Thanks again for all your hard work. Karen  


[jpnote: Karen's dad, Mr. Reistad, passed away November 2002 - Her mother, Nelle Reistad passed away October 2008]  See  Chad Memoriam

REVOIR, Kenneth & Siblings
[jpnote:  12-17-04 Roger Vacca was searching for his friend, Kenneth Revoir.  Roger sent me enough information to find Kenneth and I'm happy to say they have been connected.  I gave Kenneth the website address to pass to his sisters and brother.  Hope to hear from them.]

4-7-05 - Richard Berger is also searching for the Revoirs.  jp emailed Roger & Richard to connect.

 5-12-07  No word from Mickey or Roseann - Roseann, someone else is searching for you.

RHORER, Lorraine M. Say - 1965      46x46
@ Chas: 57-59
Converse, TX
- (San Antonio, TX)

7-18-01  My mom's name is Dora Strum, and my stepdad was Jerome Strum. He was probably a TSgt in Chateauroux. I thoroughly enjoyed France. We lived in St Gautier and then French Housing and then on the base.  [jpnote:  They lived in Touvent.] Our building looked right at the elementary school.  My association with the military didn't end because I married a SRA, Mike Say, he got accepted into the officer program and retired as a Major here in San Antonio.  I work for the Air Force in Civil Service. Have 21 years with them and my job is at Randolph Air Force Base.  My son (Rhon) is 34 and is a major in the Air Force, he went to the Air Force Academy. My daughter went to the Naval Academy and is now raising a family after serving 4 years as an officer.  Life is very interesting and I am now enrolled in night school trying to earn a bachelor's with a major in Spanish.  Old Friends:  Gerald Busald, was probably a junior in Spring 59. He had a younger  sister, Linda. His parents were Fred and Millie. Fred Busald was in Civil Service and moved to Kelly from Chateauroux. 

[jpnote:  I didn't know Lorraine at Chas, but met her at the 2002 dinner at San Antonio.  What an amazing upbeat lady and the nicest family - husband, son and his girlfriend.  Lorraine brought interesting people and conversation to the table along with her bright genuine smile.]

[jpnote:  Below:  Randolph Air Force Base Newspaper article - See Lorraine's award.  I have permission to share this story with you - Lorraine had brain surgery early in 2002.  She is fully recovered - returned to work shortly thereafter and continues to contribute to her community and her country working for the Air Force.  Best wishes Lorraine!]

[jpnote:  Lorraine had mentioned her mother, Doris, above.  Sadly, Doris passed away since I saw Lorraine last in San Antonio again.  Lorraine had also mentioned Gerry Busald; Gerry & his wife attended another dinner with a group of us as well as Doris.]

RICHARDSON, Dale - 1962   
Graduated '62 - Sattelite Beach, FL
Cross Hill, SC

10-17-03 I found this page last week. It was great to see some of the faces from the past. I finished my high school years in Satellite Beach, FL, spent 4 years in the Marine Corps 64-68, ended up in Detroit for 22 years, moved to Atlanta for the next 12 and am currently in St. Augustine, FL. I saw Ron Fletcher's picture from one of the reunions, I remember him and Perry well. Sent an e-mail to Mike Sinclair but have not heard back from him, must have changed his address. [jpnote:  Emailed connection to Steve Fletcher & Mike & Dale - 10-24-03]

3-4-09  jpnote:  Dale signed the guestbook evidently to change his email address and it appears he has moved from Florida to South Carolina.

RIEMONDY, Dave - 1960
@ Chas: 1954-1957
Indialantic, FL
4/2/01: I'm looking forward to re-establishing contact with Chateauroux classmates and excited by the possibility of a reunion this fall (with Darrell Moody Group). Briefly about myself: Mickey (Adams),  my HS sweet heart (and also an AF brat) and I have been married for 38 years. We have two children, Theresa DeLeon and John Riemondy living in Northern, VA. Mickey and I moved to Florida in 1997. After graduating from Fairborn HS in 1960 and Lehigh University in 1964 and again in 1966, I served 20 years in the Air Force and "retired” as a Lt Col in 1986. General Dynamics Corp currently employs me as senior marketing manager in Melbourne, FL.

[jpnote:  Dave & Mickey - along with Chad school chum, John Natt & wife, Cathy, attended the Chas 2007 Return to Chateauroux.  Lotsa photos!

RISEDEN, Becky - 1967   
12/26/00 -  What a great site! I attended '64-'66. My Dad was in Silk Purse and was transferred to Paris in '66. Luckily, my best friend Kathy Teunon's (Pinneo) family invited me to live with them so I could finish my Junior year. I finished my Senior year at Paris AHS and Ludwigsburg AHS Germany. My best memories of High School were at Chateauroux. Been happily married for 29 years to an Army Brat, Jim, and have 2 sons, James and John, 21 and 16. We live near New Orleans where I have been teaching for over 27 years. I've stayed in touch with Kathy all these years. Hope to make it to a reunion. 

ROBERTS, Ginna Lee Hovis - 1963     46x46
@ Chas: 58 - 62
Pine Grove, CA
7/17/01   HI! HI! HI! I am so excited to hear from someone, and I want everyone and anyone to e-mail me soon. I can't wait to hear from all of you. I live in the hills, with my husband (2nd.)of 26 years. I have 2 grown sons & 2 grandchildren. Both my husband and myself still work full time.  [I used to sell cars, but now I own my own restaurant up the road from my home.]   We don't work just for the fun of it, we have to pay for this house in the hills. Anyway, I am so excited to have found this site, and I can't wait to hear from someone. Please respond...

NEW NOTE 12/06/2001: Just a quick note to say hi..I have loved hearing from all of you who have contacted me. Things get busy, but I always get back, sooner or later. Please keep in contact, and everyone have a wonderful holiday season.

[jpnote:  At Chad, I would hear Ginna's laughter first and then see her smile coming down the hall.  She was never any other way - still is the same.  I had the pleasure of staying in their beautiful mountainside home in June 2003 - it was the most peaceful and enjoyable place.  Ginna is an excellent cook and Jim contributes his grilling expertise.  Ginna and her husband Jim are great friends.] 

ROCHFORD, Alan - 1955 Chad Grad 
@ Chas: 1955-1956
Galveston, TX

Comments 4/1/01: Attended Univ. of Maryland (Munich Branch) 1955-56. Joined U.S. Navy for 4 years and than went to work for NASA for 37 Years. Married for 38 years with two married children. Retired and doing lots of traveling in our motorhome. Would like to find Monty (Sonny) Wilson, Rex Thompson, Ray Calloway and others in 1955 class.
jpnote:  Cliff Gunderson (teacher and principal at Chad) named his son after Ray Calloway and Alan.  I think he considered these guys to be pretty nice!]
10-7-04 Been travelling around the Maritimes and New England in our motorhome for the past 5 months and don't plan on being back in Tx. until Dec.

12-21-05  Still searching for Monty Wilson & Rex Thompson.


ROCHFORD, - 1959 
@ Chas: 1954-1957
Rome, NY
2/24/00 -  I attended school in Chateauroux from 1954-57, which would have been from 8th-10th grade. My brother, Alan, graduated from Chad in 1955. I have wonderful memories of those years and would love to hear from former classmates I have lost contact with over the years, such as Eileen Small, [Found] Laura Kight [Found]  and Marianna Vukovich [jpnote:  I have an old address for Vukovich's]. I have been married 37 yrs, have six children and six grandchildren. [jpnote:  Rita & Mary Lee Donald are connected; and also, Laura Kight ]

RODEN, Kay Conner - 1965 
@ Chas: 1963 to 1964
Birmingham, AL
1/1/01 -   Left Chateauroux in December of 1964, my senior year, finished in Alabama. I am in contact with Mary Ann Novak and Pam Wilson.
RODZANKAS, Eric - 1964 
@ Chas: 1960 to 1963
Brookfield, IL
1964 Beaver High School - Beaver, PA

4-5-07  I sure miss so many people from Chateauroux and would like to be able to contact as many as I could. We all spread out across the Country and World when we left Chateauroux, perhaps now we can remeet and start new-"old" relationships???

Searching:  Anyone and everyone who was at Chateauroux during the years of 1960 through 1963.

ROGERS, Ed - 1964  

ROGERS, Sandi - 1969 
@ Chas:1963, 1964
Memphis, TN
02/01/2002  The new website is awesome. Thanks Jenelle for putting this together. My step-sister was Bonnie Donaldson. If anyone has heard from her, pls let me know. [Ed's email returns undeliverable - can you send a new one?]
2/24/00 -   We were stationed in Chateauroux from '62 to '64. Lived in Brassioux. My brother is Eddie Rogers. I had a stepsister, Bonnie Donaldson, and stepbrother, Roy Donaldson. Family divorced when we came back to States so have no idea where Bonnie and Roy are. We moved to Mississippi after leaving France and in '68 I came to Memphis and have been here ever since. Would love to hear from y'all.

[jpnote:  Sandi and step-sister Bonnie Donaldson were reconnected.]

ROGERS, Tom - 1960 (Copperas Cove, TX 
@ Chas:1956-58
Georgetown, TX

10-24-08  Spent freshman & sophomore years at Chad. Then went to Poitiers for part of junior year and them back to the States.

Wondering about:  Eddie Caldwell, Jim Murphy, Charlotte Ross

ROHR, Bill
@ Chas:  1965-67
Burkeville, VA

07/28/2005  My father was stationed here. I still remember base housing and little league baseball to this day.

ROOS, Eric   1969
@ Chas:  1965,66
New Orleans, La
ROSS, Walter  - 1965

ROUCH, Bruce A. - 1964 
Orlando, FL
I attended from 1960 thru 1963 and would have graduated in 1964.



ROY, Suzanne (Suzie Mayeux) - 1961
@ Chas: 1959-1961
Lincoln, NE
  What a great website Jenelle! I really enjoy looking at the pictures and actually seeing a few people I know. I have lived in Lincoln for over 30 years now and discovered that our librarian, Mr. John Kopischke, lives here too. My husband, Pete, is a professor of Broadcasting at UNL (home of the Cornhuskers) and I am a K-8 librarian. It's amazing how much time has passed since we were all in France, but some of you hardly look different at all! 8/14/02 - Get well soon, Jenelle. Everyone please say a prayer for a lady with a great heart.
Searching for: Claire Burlem & Sandy Holley

ROY, Jim  - 1964   
@ Chas:  1959-1961
Panama City, Fl
02/02/2003     I have a hard time remembering anything lately, but just thinking of Chateauroux brings back many fond memories
Searching for:  My old Peugeot motorbike and anyone who remembers it

RUSSELL, Margee Carpenter - 1961
Pottsboro, TX