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Chateauroux, France


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PAFFORD, Nancy 1954

PALMER, Dawn Marie   1960   46x46
@ Chas: 1957-59
Cheyenne, WY
02-25-02 Comments: So many memories have been with me through the years. For those of us who had the privilege of going to schools overseas, our friends are those for life. I lost contact of my friends but the memories have stayed with me.  My brother Dennis also went to High School there and lives in Denver, Co. Debbie and Marty were in grade school and live in Cheyenne too. Diane, the baby sister, was born there and lives in Ft Worth, Texas.  I have four wonderful children. Three boys and a girl. Six grandchildren who make my world go round!  Jenelle, this is a wonderful site and I would love to hear  from any and all. Thank you for bringing back the memories.  I hadn't heard of the reunions but next time I hope to see you all.

jpnote:  2002 - Dawn and I went on a road trip together:  Dawn drove from her home in WY to Dallas - left her car at my house and we headed for San Antonio in my Chad Van  to have dinner with some old friends.  We stayed a day or two and headed to Houston; a great little East Texas town - Nacogdoches - on to Shreveport - to Mississippi and home of The King.  We did the tourist thing then headed to Hot Springs for a couple more days of antiquing and dipping our toes in the downtown hot springs pool.  Dipping is all we did - too hot to submerge.  We drove on back to Dallas and a day or so later, Dawn drove home to Wyoming.  We had a great time and maybe we'll do it again sometime.

jpnote:  11-2006 - Dawn's husband, Neal, passed away after a long illness. We extend our sympathies to Dawn and the family.

jpnote:  We went to Chas 2007 Commemoration in Chateauroux September 29-30, 2007.

PARK, J. Michael "Mike"  1959 Chad Grad  
@ Chas: 1957 - 1959    
 San Diego, CA

I'm glad to find this site. Most people seem to keep in touch with at least some of the people they went to HS with but I don't know where anyone is who went to Chas. Anyone know whereabouts of Curtis Truel, [found]  Truett Karstetter,  [found]  Barney Eiserloh, [address available]  Don Cram [address available] or  John Smith [perhaps in San Bernardino, CA]?
[jpnote: Mike and Penny Sommerville reunited at the Lake Tahoe reunion in June 2003 for the first time since returning to the States from Chad.  They were married in July 2004. ] CHAS Marriages 

PARKER, Don -  1964  See Chad Memoriam

PARKER, Jim - 1965
Chicago, IL
2/4/00 -  Great site, Jenelle. I'm sorry I missed the reunions, but I hope not to miss the next one. The pix are terrific--how come the guys still have hair? I visited Chad in '95 and can report the following: the base is a high security Army post (no pix); 410 looks great and has a McD on the road in; Brassioux is its own city and looks old (teen club is gone/replaced by a French 7-11); the chateau @ Balsan and school are boarded up. Pierre, son of Clarence, brother of Ron, write me. Jim (59-62) (connected Perry Fletcher & Jim)

PARKER, Peter - 1966  
@ Chas:  1960-62
Orlando, FL
8-25-03 Great to find so many of you doing well, love the sight,it was given to me by my brother Jim. Hope to make it to a reunion some day soon, again best wishes....Pete
Searching for:  any former Balsan Parc folks from 60 - 62.

PARKER, Vicki - 1962 
 @ Chas: 1957-1959
Charles town, WV
PARKS, Sara - 1966
@ Chad: 1960-62
Graduated: Warner Robins, GA
St Louis, MO
4-20-06  How lucky we are to be able to connect like this! What fun! Would love to hear from as many of us lucky few as I can.
PARSONS, David "Dave" - 1967
@ Chad: 1960-64
Graduated: Chandler High School - Chandler, AZ
Florence, AZ
6-20-04  Searching for William Mike Sistrunk [found]

PARSONS, William "Jim"  CHAD GRAD 1963  
@ Chas: 58,59,61,62,63
Florence, AZ
5/10/01 - Comments: What a trip down memory lane, so sad to see how everyone has aged except me. ha ha. Thanks, Jenelle

7-23-05 Thanks Jenelle it is truly a pleasure to look thru this site and see all the names and places that mean so much to me. It does not seem possible that so much time has passed. What a short summer vacation it has been.


PARTRIDGE, Joan "Jessie" CHAD GRAD 1957  (Please see "In Memory Of")

Vet Joe Mongelluzzo was friends with Jessie's husband, Vet Danny Noonan.  He sent these nice photos in remembrance of her.
left to right - Kay Cox, Barbara Douglas (Joe's girlfriend), Jessie and unknown pretty girl.
Photo on the right - Jessie & Joe dancing.

PASSMORE, Hannelore - 1959   Click Hannelore's name to read about her life and see her photo.

PATTERSON, Nelda - Poitiers Grad 1960
@ Chas:  1956-1958 (Dorm Student)
Las Vegas, NV
4/16/02 - Comments:  It was wonderful seeing old friends last November 2001. I hope we get to see each other again.





PAXSON, Barbara - 1964 - See Chad Memoriam
PEERY, Constance - 1970
@ Chad 1962-65
Sunderland, MA

4-1-09 Signed the Chas Guestbook

PERKINS, Danny - 1966 (brother of Judy)

PETERS, Brenda - 1968  (Deborah's Sis) 
Graduation: 1968 Upper Heyford HS in Oxford
@ Chas: 1965-1966
Hattiesburg, MS

1966 Soph Photo

9-13-01  Thank-you for the website.

01/26/2002 Love the new site. Thanks. Would love to hear from anyone in the class. Moved to High Wycombe, England and  graduated from Upper Heyford, HS in Oxford.

4-8-07  I loved my year at Chateauroux.  Would love to hear from my friends from that time of my life.

PETERS, Carl - 1966  - Carl has passed away.

See Carl's Page for more photos and notes.

PETERS, Deborah Brinkley - 1969
Graduation Year (Chas or Elsewhere): 1969
@ Chas: 1965-1966
Hattiesburg, MS
09/07/2001  Comments: We went to High Wycombe, England from Chateauroux. My sister, Brenda, graduated from Upper Heyford and I graduated from Vanden H.S. at Travis AFB, CA. Finally found "home" in Hattiesburg, MS. Have been to a couple of Overseas Brats reunion, but none specific for any schools attended. Have enjoyed cruising the various sites and seeing familiar names. Would love to hear from anyone from the past.

PETERSEN, Dolores (DeDe) - 1964     46x46

See Dolores' Page for more info & photos

PETERSON, Jenelle  1961   46x46
@ Chas 1958-1961
Dallas, TX
Sophomore - 1959 age 15    

@ Chas 1965-1966
Chattanooga, TN
10-24-06 Would love to chat with some old friends from school. See how they have done, and where they are, CHatt, maybe even visit. Yes to CHAS Return 2007 -

Searching: Ken Birkenstein; Edward Ecklund; Paula Pinjuv; Jennifer Jenson;  Karen Reistad; Becky Riseden; Judy Dunn; Kathy Jones; Kathy Teunon; Brenda Peters; Beth Weeks; James Clark; Lou Wilson.            

PETRI, Karen - 1963 
(Sister of Fred)

PHILLIPS, Patricia "Patti" - 1961

Indianapolis, IN
Comments: Went to Chateauroux Dependent HS from 1956-1960. Have many memories from this time and enjoy emailing folks from that time. I lost track of many of my old friends throughout the years and would like to find them. I have two children. Daughter 22, Heather, who gave me my first grandbaby this year 2000, and a son, Brian, 30 who lives in Atlanta, GA. Would love to hear from you all!  06/24/2001 - Comments: I've been in touch with several friends and acquaintances from my time in France. We have laughed together remembering some of our excursions. i.e. The Paris Choir Trip of 1959. Yeah! Great memory. I still have 13 copies of C'est la Vie! I've been here in Indy since 1972. I have two children, a son and daughter, and my daughter gave me a granddaughter last year. I've decided that's the only reason we have children - grandkids! Aren't they wonderful? I've been single for a 100 years. I tend to work in customer service, it's probably because I still talk too much. I remember getting into trouble a lot while in Chad High for that. I'm afraid I even asked a teacher to wait a minute while I finished talking!!! If any of you remember me, or not, I'd enjoy hearing from you. Yeah Chad High!
America Grieves - 09/14/2001 Comments: All citizens are upset and tearful about this horrible attack on our country. But I imagine that those of us, because of our military background, feel the impact through its relationship with the military.  I am sad for our country, very fearful that this could start another world war. I certainly hope it doesn't as we all do.  I think of Chad often, especially since some of us have connected via the internet. Yay Chad High and it's memories for all of us. God Bless our Country
03/21/2002 Comments: I don't visit the site very often, but I certainly enjoy seeing the names of those who also lived in Chad. I have many pleasant memories of my time in ol' Chad High.  I also have some pictures that I really need to send to Jenelle! Even 13 old C'est la Vie's!!!!  Pleasant memories....

PHILLIPS, Sherye - 1969
Manchester, NH
2/15/00 - Comments: Hi, Hope everyone is fine. Been a lonnng time! Attended HS at CHAD from '63-'66. Graduated in Waialua, Hawaii in '69. Have lived in New England (different states) for 27 years. Worked for the Army at Fort Devens, MA for 16 years and now, the VA for the last 11 years, as the Contracting Officer for the facility. Been divorced for 24 years, have one daughter, 33 and 3 grandkids, 13, 11, and 9. Very happy to hear from you folks!

PHILLIPS, Wilbur Mangham "Sonny"  CHAD GRAD 1954  See Chad Memorium

PINJUV, Paula - 1966 
@ Chas: 63-66
Reno, NV
3-8-03 Comments: Thanks for the info, Jenelle. I remember meeting you in Reno. Great web site - thanks for all your work!!!

PLATSON, Sandra Green - 1960 
Norwood, Georgia
2/24/00 -  I'm happy to know that Chateauroux has its own site. Now maybe I can find some long lost friends!

POROWSKI, Jackie Louise - 1966 

See Photos & Comments on Jackie's Page

POWELL, Bob - 1967  (Pat's brother)
Grad Yr  1967 Sherman, TX
@ Chas: 61-64
Denison, Texas
2/13/01 - I have been having a ball reading all the comments and seeing all the names of people that I had all but forgoten about over the years. Got on about eight months ago and have been in touch with several friends from the Chateauroux days. Memories come back slowly at first. Remembering days in the band and the trip to Madrid. Spent two years in Weisbaden after we left France and have been in touch with friends from there also. I'm just signing on today(2-12-01) and will get to thank Jenelle in person next monday as we are having a hoedown in Arlington, Tx. It'll be my first get together and I'm thrilled. Hope to be talking with some of you soon.

The photo above was taken in Arlington, TX at the Hoedown Bob spoke of above.

POWELL, Pat - 1970 (Bob's sister)  
@ Chas: 61-64

PRADO, Cyndi  - 1966
From: Riverside, CA

2/11/00 - This is so amazing! I NEVER thought I would see or hear from any of my old classmates since they closed the base (isn't the Internet wonderful?). I was in the graduating class of 1966 (last class to graduate before they closed the base) - 42 students, remember? My dad retired from March AFB I have been living here in California for 30 years now. I am married with two teenage daughters and would love to hear from any of my classmates. My sister, Pat was a junior then and she graduated from Lakenheath in 1967. If you want to contact her too, let me know!

PRAGER, John W., Jr. - 1961
@ Chas:  1958--1960
Anaheim, California
7/19/02 Comments:  Would like to hear from all former CHAS folks!



PREWITT, Martin - 1959
(Pat's Brother)

PREWITT, Pat (Martin's Sister) - 1963 46x46
@ Chas: 1959-1961
Athens, AL
10-9-01 Comments: Would love to hear from old friends.



PRICE, Ralph   CHAD GRAD 1961 
Salt Lake City, UT

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