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Chateauroux, France


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O'BRIEN, Edward Mike - 1964 (Weisbaden) 
Years @ Chas:  1961-1963
Santa Barbara, CA

7-15-05  Long time no see...make date

OESTREICH, Troy D., Jr. 1963   
Lacey, WA

4/3/03  I seldom run into folks from the old days. I guess the last contact was when the gathering was in Seattle in the early 90's. Right now we are all just focusing on our grandkids.....



Years @ Chas:  1961-1963
Dallas, TX
7/01/2003  My stepfather, Donald M. Russell, was stationed here and we lived in NATO housing off-base. I have always been thankful for the experience of living in France and absorbing the feel of history that permeates the country. I was fortunate to learn the language, know the people, and to explore the chateaux of Georges Sand, Napoleon & Talleyrand.

ORMON, Glenn - 1968  
Years @ Chas:  1961-1964
Dennis, MA

8/25/2005   What a find...thanks for bringing back some great memories!

OYLER, Clint - 1960
Clint (l) and Tony Lamb - Photo taken at Clint's cabin in Colorado.  Clint doesn't have a computer, but if you want to correspond with him, he would like to hear from you.  Email me for his address.

OULMAN, Steve - 1960 (Matt & Marie's brother)

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