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Chad High Students -N-
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Chateauroux, France


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NAGLE, Joe - 1965  
@ Chad 1960-62 - 8th & 9th Grades
1-25-07  My father was the hospital commander.
NAGLE, Nancy  See Chad Memorium

NATT, John J. - 1960 
@ Chas: 55-57
Mill Valley, CA

See John's Photos & Chateauroux Info

NATT, Ted See Chad Memoriam

NAUMANN, Karl I. - CHAD GRAD 1958 
@ Chas: 1955-1958
Current City & State: Cape Coral, Fl
03/22/2002  Semi- retired electrical contractor in the construction industry. Was married with 3 children, divorced, remarried with 3 great stepsons. Pulled a fast-one, didn't tell anyone that I was leaving, until the day I checked-out in the second week of May 58 (no finals) gotch-yea. Had a great trip back on the USS United States and a plane ride to Paris. It helps when Dad was IG at Chad.

[jpnote 4-9-08:   Found this greeting from Karl on another website:  "3-12-08 Still allive and kicking."

NEFF, Darlene Hurst  1957
@ Chas: 1953-55
LaVernia, TX
NEFF, Elizabeth "Betty"   Chad Grad 1954 

NELLIS, Otis Webb - 1968  46x46
Sacramento, CA
7/19/00 -   I was in Chad from 1963 until 1967. I played in a couple of bands while in Chad, and was looking for the others that were in the group(s). I was in the "Ho-Dads" & the "Unknowns". It would be great to hear from one or more of those folks again. Although I haven't been able to attend past reunions, I'm looking forward to the Reno get together coming up in August. [jpnote:  Betty Adamek '68 and Otis attended school at Chad in their elementary and junior high years.  Both returned to the states and graduated from the same highschool in the U.S.  They have remained friends all these years.]

NELSON, Gail    Chad Grad 1962
@ Chas: 1957-1962
Boulder, CO
NELSON, Ron    1962 
@ Chas:  1958-62
Palm Desert Ca
2-15-03     Happy to be in touch with the old crew.  Terry Bell and I will be at the reunion, can hardly wait. [jpnote:  Sadly, they were unable to attend the Tahoe Reunion.]

NELSON, Sally Harris - 1956  
Tampa, FL
2/22/00 - Junior in 1955, moved to Germany.

NESOSSIS, Brenda - 1960
@ Chas: 1955-1958
Ogden, UT
4/24/01: I am presently in touch with Dave Riemondy and John Natt. [See Dave and John's entries.]  Would love to hear from all the old gang!

NEWSOM, Harry - 1967 
Tacoma, WA
5/7/01 -   What a neat site! We left Chateauroux in Dec of 1964, my sophmore year. I graduated from Mt Tahoma Highschool in Tacoma Wa, joined the navy and rode submarines for 6 years, got married, got out of the navy and spent 4 years in college...then went to work for the post office, where I have been for the last 23 years. I have one daughter (Amanda, 20) who is finishing her sophmore year at college in Minnesota. Some of the chad memories are still vivid, dances at the teen club, the snack bar, the skating rink. I have often wondered what happened to all the old friends from those days so long ago. Now I can start to renew some of those old friendships! Thanks!

NICHOLS, Philip, Jr. - 1964
@ Chas: 1959-63
St. Paul, MN

9-28-05:  We lived at 410 and 360.  I was on the football team

NICHOLSON, Benjamin - 1962 
 Chas: 1957 - Spring 1960
Fairfield, CA - Oakland, CA
 My father was transferred to Chas-Deols in 1957 and I attended grades 8,9 & 10 in "Quontown" across the highway from LaMartinerie, until we left for Travis AFB, CA around March '60 where I graduated from Armijo H.S. Fairfield, in '62. I have a brother six years younger named Richard "Dick" Nicholson who at 10 threw back to back no hitters in little league at the 410 housing baseball diamond. {jpnote:  Wonder if he is in the Little Kids photo (my dad was a coach for that team)]  Prior to moving into 410 we lived in Argenton, about 30 k's south, where I met the Owens family who lived in St. Marcel and the three brothers became good friends. Played some varsity football as a sophomore but tore a right ankle ligament running back a punt I believe in the second game and was in a walking cast for the rest of an undefeated season. I left early '60 before getting a letter but still remember some fellow players like Larry Farmer, Bill & Val Hole, Ron Engels, Mike Truel and others but unfortunately misplaced my Vapor Trails yearbooks. I was also involved with the CYO, served as altar boy with Fr. Fink and worked at the off base commissary packing grocery bags for tips. I've only met a couple of ex-chad students at Travis, John Kato, Pauline Boutin, Ron Oyer, Bill and Val Hole and none after. I stopped by Chateauroux in 1989 on my way to the bi-centennial celebrations in Paris, at which time the French military was occupying our old base facilities. I was allowed to enter unescorted, most of it looked the same as what can be remembered 29 years earlier. The commissary & service station was boarded up and 410 looked as though it was converted into low income housing. I would like to hear from any of you who went to school at Chateauroux, especially those who went there during my time and still remember me.  About Touvent:  Lived on top floor, right corner of Bldg. B with parents Jack & Betty, brothers Richard & Jim and sister Jeanette. I believe classmate Ray Hernandez lived directly below us. We lived in Argenton before moving into 410 in early '58.
09/13/2001 America Grieves   Visited Chateauroux and Argenton briefly in January 2001, but regrettably unable to attend this past July 4th reunion due to illness. Hopefully there will be another get together scheduled for next year or whenever possible. I would very much like to hear from anyone who might have had contact or remembers me.  Thank you Jenelle for keeping me informed and the upkeep of this wonderful link to our memories and experiences of Chateauroux.

NOLLETTE, Frank Pierre -   Chad Grad 1957  46x46
Tucson, AZ
(originally Oklahoma City, OK)

 1/31/00: Spent Junior/Senior years at CHAD -graduated with class of '57; lived in the dorms across the street from the school; commuted on weekends from Ingrandes Army Quartermaster Depot Ingrandes/Chatellerault, Vienne). Still have '56 CHAD Annual (did most of the non-portrait photography for same) and have the '57 all-USAFE schools annual - hope to get these scanned to disc shortly to share with the CHAD gang. Now retired from USAF as Chief Master Sergeant, and working for Pima County Government, here in Tucson AZ.    

5-30-06  Update:  Retired from Pima County Gov't on Saint Patrick's Day '06 (after 15 years) and now enjoying 'real' retirement, as Sandy and I get to spoil the three grandkids that are here in Tucson (four more are in Riverside CA, where son Christopher heads the EMS/EMT Department at Riverside Community College, after earning his Ed.D. at the U of Houston.)

Still hoping to make contact with Patsy Ann Taylor (graduate, Class of '56) and 1956-57 faculty member Mary Jo Hamilton (senior home room teacher and taught business courses)

 [jpnote:  Thank you, Frank, for sharing the 1956 yearbook with us.]

NOVAK , Mary Ann - Chad Grad 1965 
Camarillo, CA

[jpnote:  People who have inquired about Mary Ann are Bonnie Baker and Sheryl Miglio. I have contacted everyone.

1/31/00 -   I attended Chateauroux my last three years of high school, graduating in 1965. I went to college in Michigan and California and work in hospital management. I recently have been in contact with Earl Davis (class of 63, I believe) and Sheryl Miglio (also class of 65).
9-14-01 America Grieves   Thank you, Jenelle, for such a beautiful tribute. My heart aches for those who perished needlessly, including those who died trying to save others, the families, and all of us whose lives will never be quite the same.
03/11/2003 Hi Everyone!


NYBERG, Doug 1961
@ Chas - 60-61
Location: Index, WA
3-8-03 -     My ultimate thanks to Jenelle for her work to create & maintain this WEB Site!! --- Excellence achieved, in Vince Lombardi's words!   Have been laying low for years, trying to heal & face the real world; still working on it! Fishing is good, though, & my dog still loves me.  Was devistated to see that 'Rabbit' was gone. My love to him as he rides off on his BSA! A great friend!  Searching for:  Cathy Anthony, Joe Richards

NYBERG, Harold  1961   [No relation to Doug & Pete]
@ CHAD 1953-1954 & 1958-1960
Graduated :  1961 Belton Hi, Missouri
Residence: Federal Way, WA

6-16-07  Would love to meet Fred Stewart with whom I used to correspond. (Fred has not been located - jp) I am curious in how Ron Fletcher is doing. I saw him quarterback a couple of plays for the University of Oklahoma on TV many years ago. [jpnote: Ron is fine in Norman, OK.]

NYE, Mike - CHAD GRAD 1965
@ Chas: 1963-1965
Potomac Falls, Virginia
01/25/2002 This is a wonderful website. I wasn't aware that it was out there and my thanks to  you for putting it  together. It was great to see the pictures of the base and town then and now. Great to read from past class mates.  I too like others wish I could make the reunions but with three grandchildren and paying for our retirement home in the Cayman Islands, my wife Judy and I don't have much time or $$. Home to work to see grand kids in Columbus Ohio and Richmond Va and then of course our dive trips to the Caymans. After retiring from the AF in Jan 1996, I went to work as General Counsel for the Inspector General for the USMC and then in July 1998 I took my current position as Counsel/Director, Investigations for the Inspector General for the US House of Representatives. Any discussion of the House will have to be over a beer.  Enough said, I love reading what others have to say. Bob Reed [See Bob's entry]  and I have run into each other off and on over the past 20 years. Again, it is great to hear from past friends and classmates. My best, Mike

jpnote:  Mike doesn't know I copied this tribute to him from the: 

Congressman John B. Larson (CT-01)

Extensions of Remarks
October 6, 2004
Mr. Speaker, I rise today to recognize and offer my congratulations to Mr. Michael (Mike) W. Nye, Director of Investigations, Office of Inspector General of the House of Representatives, for his outstanding career and service to the House of Representatives for the past six years, and to the Federal Government for thirty-two years.

Mike will be retiring from the House this month after previously serving as a judge advocate in the U.S. Air Force, from which he retired in the rank of Colonel. Prior to joining the House Office of Inspector General, he also served as Counsel to the Inspector General of the Marine Corps. During his career, he gained widespread legal experience and has provided invaluable counsel to the House Inspector General and his colleagues at the House on a wide range of legal issues.

Mike put his skills to good use at the House and his advice and counsel has been widely sought as we strive to continuously improve controls and security over the financial and administrative operations of the House. His energy and ``can do'' attitude were an example to all of us and his keen insights into legal matters helped assure that the Office of Inspector General's reports consistently met our needs by providing candid and reliable advice on all aspects of House operations.

Always the consummate professional, Mike will be sorely missed by all of his colleagues, but he can take pride and satisfaction in his service to our great nation. Truly, Mike was one of those rare individuals who made a real difference by improving every organization in which he served. Once again Mr. Speaker, I would like to congratulate Mike on his career and outstanding service to the House, and to wish him, and his lovely wife Judy, much happiness as they pursue new challenges in retirement.

See Sabres Football 63-64 Newspaper Article

NYLAND, Robert (Bob) L. - 1955
Dallas, TX
2000-02-23 <   Great of you to take the time to gather this CHAD H.S. information.

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