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Chateauroux, France


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MAKOWSKI, Beverly "Bambi" Chad Grad 1963 
11-10-02:  Hi Chad Grads & Friends,  I graduated in 63 and attended the U of M in Munich 63-64. Was also chosen Most Athletic. That's right Beverly "Bambi" Makowski. After graduating from Alabama, I flew for Delta 30 years and spent the last 5 years as In-flight Coordinator flying to Germany. Now retired on a farm in the back woods of 'Bama. Four kids, 21/2 grands and my last girl starts to U of A summer 03. My youngest son is flying KC-10s at Travis. Older kids live near by and make babies.   This is a great site. Thanks for all your hard work.   Bambi '63


 MANFULL, Suzanne - 1961 - See  Chad Memoriam

MANN, Brenda - 1967   46x46
Easton, PA  


 8-17-07  jpnote:  Heard from Brenda.

MANN, Jeanette (now aka Elea Heartway)    Chad Grad 1962 

9-14-01 I join with everyone else with a broken heart over this tragedy. (referemce tp 9-11. However, my heart may be broken, but my Spirit is prouder than ever to stand tall as an American.





MANN, Mary - 1961    Mary passed away October 5, 2008  See Chad Memoriam
@ CHAD: 1959-1961
MANN, Rick - 1964   
@ CHAD: 1959--1962

Tallahassee, FL

Friends with Perry Fletcher [jpnote: 10-04  These guys were best friends at Chad; they didn't know their future would be the same for both - attorneys!  And, both live in Florida!  They are now reconnected.] 

MARKELL, Bonnie - 1959 
@ CHAD: 1955-58 - 10th & 11th Grades

Bonnie & Mary Lee Donald '59 - Photo taken at Touvent (410)

1-17-07 - [jpnote:  In previous months, Mary Lee told me she had wondered about her friend, Bonnie, for many years.  On this date, I located Bonnie and now they're reconnected again after 49 years!]

MARTIN, W. Glenn  CHAD GRAD 1959  
@ CHAD: 1959
Tulsa, OK
11-16-01   I came to Chad in January 1959 and graduated that June, short time there and that was my second first time at a school my senior year. I remained in Châteauroux until August 1960. I went to the University of Arkansas and graduated with an Electrical Enginering Degree. Married a girl that I met in Châteauroux named Judy McKee. Unfortunately, later, she and I went our own ways, but we managed two great kids, W. Scott and Kayla Lynn.

I own Martin Enginering Design, Inc. in Tulsa, OK for the past twenty plus years.

MARTIN, Larry R. - 1962  
Graduated in Jacksonville, AR - 1962
 @ CHAD: 58-61
Cabot, AR

11-15-01   I left in '61; was in the 11th. Grad in 62 at Jacksonville, Arkansas. Still looking for my best friend Patrick Maier Jr. Going back someday.


MASON, David 1969  
Graduated from McMinn Central High School
 @ Chad 1964-1966
Englewood, Tennessee

4-18-08  I could think of no better place or time in my life. "Those were the days, we thought they'd never end."

Searching:  Jane Forman, Karen Rance , Tye Gilbert, Mike Hall

[jpnote:  Jane's brother, John is listed on the -F- page; no info for Karen, but her brother Mike is in touch with Betty Adamek who is listed on the -A- page; Mike doesn't publish his email address; Tye & Mike are missing.]

 @ Chad 1960-62
Sacramento, CA

8-17-07 Hey Pete lets go to the rosey bar and say hi to the Fetons. I think we hosted a few too many. I can't lift them any more!

[jpnote:  Louis is Ralph Price's step-brother]

MAYS, Patricia Ann "Patti"  CHAD GRAD 1958  
@ CHAD: 1955-58
Possum Kingdom Lake, TX
Hi Jenelle, my name is Patti Mays Hogan.  I graduated Chad in 1958.  Was just given this site and glad to see so many old friends.  I live at Possum Kingdom Lake just west of Ft Worth Texas and wish that I had known of reunion in Dallas. I have been married 45 years to Mike and have 2 girls and 1 boy, 4 grandchildren. 2 are in college, the oldest a competition cheerleader at Ohio State University.  1 girl and 1 boy are graduates of Texas A & M University.  Would love to hear more about website.

[jpnote:  My grandpa Leonard lived in Possum Kingdom when he was a boy - early 1900's.]

MCBRIDE, Gail - 1959 
@ CHAD: 1955
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
2/19/01 -   My father was stationed at Evreux Air Force Base in Normandy, and I rode the bus to Chad and lived in the dorm during the week. After my freshman year, the kids from Evreux were transferred to Paris High School. Then the summer between my junior and senior years my father was transferred to Del Rio, Texas. Talk about culture shock! I am a professor at Louisiana State University, I have one son, who just graduated from Texas A&M (my master's and PhD are also from there), and on weekends I'm a hot air balloon pilot. I'm looking forward to the reunion! 

MCCARTHY, Sheela Hewitt CHAD GRAD 1961  46x46
Santa Fe, NM
4/16/00 - Life is great! Continue to live in the Catskills Mountains where I am on staff for the SYDA Foundation, a non-religious group teaching meditation globally. Recently opened a part-time alternative healing practice which I love. This is my fourth career- teaching, corporate training/organization development/ non-profit and now alternative healing. My beautiful daughter, Laura, recently married in San Francisco. Have been divorced for 21 years. Am open to following the surprising divine plan for my life-however that continues to unfold. 

12/29/02  I moved to Santa Fe in October 2002 and am opening a private practice in alternative healing and healthy living. Are there any Châteauroux alums in the area? It would be fun to say "Hi."

6-22-04 Just checking in. I enjoyed Dwight's (Snider) pictures. Hi Dwight!

3-5-07  This website is filled with so much heart. Thank you for taking the time to create this beautiful visual tribute to all of our lives. You elevate the daily events of the past to fond memories . You have given dignity and meaning to the past. Plus, it is the "best done" website I have seen.  [jpnote:  I am very thankful for your nice comments over the years.  I remember you so well; even as a teen you were gracious and kind and so lady-like..... and oh! so smart.]

MCCARVILLE, Maryvonne - 1966 (Sister of Michelle & Rex) 
Graduation Warner Robins, GA 1966
@ CHAD: 1960-1965
Cherry Valley, CA

[jpnote:  Sorry for the quality of this grainy photo- copy of a copy.]

MCCARVILLE, Rex - 1968 
Graduation Warner Robins, GA 1966
@ CHAD: 1960-1965
Cherry Valley, CA

MCCAW, Jerrie CHAD GRAD 1963 (Bobbie's Sis)
@ CHAD:  1962-63
Fremont, CA

1-11-09  Guestbook Entry:  Thank you for this site. I have been looking for info about CHAD classmates for about 12 years. I read that Jackie Porowski was trying to find Bobbie and I think that's my sister. I don't know what to do to get them connected. Help Thank you again Jenelle

[JP connected Jerrie & Jackie.]

MCCLEARY, Ralph - 1959 See Chad Memorium

MCCORMICK, Joyce L. Sheffield - 1958  
Graduation Elsewhere: 1958
@ CHAD: 1956-1957
Bertram, TX
11-12-01   I was with parents stationed in Evereux and was send to Chad to go to 1st two yrs of high school.If any one does remember me please feel free to email me at anytime!I would love to hear from you! Thanks Lets Renite 

03/06/2003 Thanks this is a great site.Brings back lots of memories.  I left France in 1957 and moved to ElPaso,Texas Married and moved to Florida.Now After 4 children and 10 grandchildren I'm semi-retired and live about 50 miles from Austin,Texas.I live in the Hill Country where the bluebonnets will take your breath away mid April. I really would like to hear from any of my ole school mates who may remember me.  Thanks again for this wonderful site! 

Years @ CHAD:  1962-64
Universal City, TX
formerly: 201 Texas Avenue - Brassioux

"McDonald, Vaughter, and Foley all have very good looks,
But, oh how those boys hate to study their books, (Playboy excluded)"
from the C'est La Vie - 6-6-63

MCDONALD, Mike - 1966
Years @ CHAD:  1962-64
San Antonio, TX
10/30/02 - My brother, Johnny, was a '63 grad @ CHAD.

MCDOWELL, Freddie - 1963  [new email at 6-14-07]
Fayetteville, North Carolina

"Freddy McDowell's hobby is school, He also excells [sic] in pool."  C'est La Vie - 6-6-63

9/10/00 - Hi everyone. Glad to find that there are survivors out there after all. Carl Peters found me yesterday and his comments brought back memories... Hope everyone is well and life is treating all well 

Wish I had of been a Saint.

  7-20-07  [jpnote: Hi Freddie!  It's been 7 years since you signed the guestbook.  Glad to hear from you again.  Whatcha been up to lately?]

MCGEE, Jerry - 1964
Graduated at: Lakenheath
Years @ CHAD: 62-63
Destin, FL

6/26/01: Graduate of Clemson University, MA from Webster College, 20 years Air Force, 1 tour Thailand, EOD officer (Bronze Star), C-130 Navigator, Saigon, 1975 (saw it burning), Berlin Wall, flew over it (Cold War) (biggest scar on the face of the Earth).  Retired to walk the beach and sail a beautiful sloop in 1989. I have wonderful memories and I love all of them (and my Alum at CHAD). God Bless my fellow students and friends.

@ CHAD: 1959-1961
Rogers, AR

10-24-01   This is the first time I have found a way to get in touch with my CHAD friends. I would like to hear from anyone in the 1961-1962 classes.

12/23/01 I am delighted to find that Jenelle has provided us with this great website. I married Glenn Martin in 1962. We had two children and divorced after 11 years of marriage. I am the General Counsel of El Paso Western Pipelines, located in Colorado Springs and married to Ken Heineman. I would love to hear from anyone from Châteauroux.  [jpnote:  Judy retired January 2004 - now lives in Arkansas.]



McNALL, Willma Whitehead - 1961 46x46
Grad:  1961 - Highlands HS - San Antonio, TX
@ CHAD:  1957- 59
San Antonio, TX
4-25-04 - I've lived in San Antonio since leaving Chad in December of 1959. I've been married for 39 years to Kirby, who I met in high school. We have 2 sons, Kirby III (a teacher) and William (a doctor), and 1 daughter, Kerry (an architect). We have 3 grandkids: Collin (12 yrs), Mika (11 yrs), and Jack (4 mos). My husband just retired this past August and I will retire this coming June. He managed Local 142's Plumbers & Pipefitters, and I worked for the South San Antonio School District. We live on 47 acres, just on the outskirts of town, and we've been building our home there for 25 years...we poured the slab in's still a work in progress. I would love to hear from anyone that remembers me. I have such good memories of those years at Chad.  Searching for Faye McKim, Marcia Wight, JoEtta Worrad, JoAnn Meyen  [see entry on this page], Sharry Bergendahl [listed on classmates, but doesn't reply to emails.]
Alan  McNeill - Class of 1965 - Passed away 1985 - See Chad Memoriam

MCNEILL, Carol A.  - 1968  (Jim's sister)
@ CHAD:  1961 - 1964
Denver, Colorado
12/30/2002     Keep up the great work of keeping us all very well informed of those friends we use to know

2-24-09 Guestbook:  This is a great idea. Love reading about who is trying to find whom. Lots of names bringing back great memories!!!

MCNEILL, Jim - (Carol's brother) 1967
01-01   Hi gang. I visited Châteauroux in Sept of 2000. I have lots of pictures to send in or upload.  [jpnote:  Thanks for the wonderful photos, Jim.]



MEDLEN, Barbara "Tex" Dodds - 1955 
Years @ CHAD: 1953-54
Atlanta, GA


3-10-05 Just returned from combined Châteauroux class of '54 Orleans American HS class of '55 reunion. Great time.

MELVIN, John -   CHAD GRAD 1964   
@ CHAD: 1963-1964
Celine, TX




MENELEY, Jim   1961

'61 Central High, London, U.K.

4-5-07  Jenelle, Thanks, I'm glad to have found your web site. You've done a great job keeping it up. I think I was in a couple of your classes in the fall of '58 at CHS.  Do you remember any of us? Best Regards, Jim Meneley

Hello to everyone in the soph class attending in '58.

MENSER, Frank (Bobbie Walden's brother) CHAD GRAD 1961  email missing

MEYEN, Jo Ann   CHAD GRAD 19646x46
@ CHAD: 1958-1961
Redmond, WA

2/3/00 -   After working with Vicki Harrell in 1991 to arrange a reunion here in Seattle, it has been a continuing source of joy to continue to find old friends and classmates from that time and era with which to relive our experiences. Single, 4 grown children, self-employed and happy.  Please, anyone, if I have not spoken with you since high school, feel free to contact me. I would love to hear from you.


 01/29/2002  Hello Fellow Classmates. Would enjoy hearing from any of you. I'm blessed with 3 children and 1 adopted at the age of 22. I am also happy to report three beautiful Grandchildren, Karlee and Austin and Chloe. I just don't get to see them nearly enough. If you're up this way, stop in for a visit! I'd love it. 

MEYEN, Pat - 1964  
From: Bakerton, W
V (not the ends of the earth but you can see it from here)
  Hope all is well with the old Chad group 

MEYERS, James Howard "Jim" - Chad Grad 196 46x46
@ CHAD 61-63

Jim has retired to Kerrville, Texas - 2005


Jim - 2000

Jim's first solo flight







4-6-09  Jim has shown interest in attending the Dallas 2009 Reunion.

MIEARS, John William - 1966
@ CHAD:1962-64
Grad: 1966 El Segundo, CA
Mobile, AL
9/29/01  I went into the Marine Corps in 69 and was discharged in 71. I stayed in the reserve and retired in 1992 as a First Sergeant of an artillery unit in Jackson, Miss. I started in the reserves in third ANGLICO as a forward observer for naval gunfire. I moved to Pascagoula, Miss in 1974 and joined a THIRD FORCE RECON. in Mobile Alabama. I became jump and scuba qualified. When I made Gunnery Sergeant I became a military advisor to the SeaBees in Gulfport, MS. Back to 3rd Force where I broke my ankle at Jump Master school, Ft Benning, Georgia. Wound up in the Artilery in Jackson. I met my wife in Grand Bay. Alabama and we were married in 1975. Still Married. Kelly Anne Miears born 1977. Shannon Lee Miears born 1980 boy, now an E-3 at McCord AFB Washington State. My daughter Kelly has a 5 year old son named Ashley. I have been working for Chevron Refineries since 1971. I have a little over 30 years with them. My main job is a crane operator, but I also do boilermaker and pipefitting.

Cindy & John - Vacationing in Colorado - 2003  - Photo taken at The Air Force Academy

MIGLIO, Sheryl Ann - Chad Grad 1965  46x46
Alexandria, VA
Photo taken May 11, 2001 for graduation with a Masters Degree - Curriculum Development and Systems.

11-07-01   I hope to hear from all who read this guest book. I have two adult boys and 4 grandchildren. I work for the US government. Let's keep in touch!

3-8-03 Update: Five major events have changed my life forever!  I married for the first time in 1969, became a teacher in 1984, divorced after 28 years in 1998, went to work for DoD in 1984 and remarried in 2002.  But none of that means as much to me as my five beautiful grandchildren:  Whitney, Summer, Abby, Joshua and Emma.  Hearing from each one of you on this website gives me a better sense of where our values have taken us over the years.  Bravo to all of you!


[jpnote:  Sheryl - was this your dog?]




[Friend's comments:  "Why does Sheryl Miglio look exactly the same as when we were in school?.....   If you stood next to her you could feel her brain working... she was a real brainiac... if she wasn't as sweet as I remembered her to be one could feel plenty intimidated.... except she always had that killer smile to let anyone know she was just another regular kid."  dp]

4-27-10 As I write this comment, the happy tears are difficult to hold back. I owe Janelle a couple of hugs when we meet in June. Jenelle has worked tirelessly on all these memories for all of us! She has stopped time and given us a place to be young again. In my case, I'm so grateful to be able to trace back over 16 years my family loved in Chateauroux using the stories I'm reading in this guestbook. See you in June Jenelle. You are a special Angel to all of us.

7-20-10 jpnote:  Sheryl and her mother, Eileen, attended the Statue Presentation in Chateauroux - June 2010

MILLER, Joe C. - Chad Grad 1958
@ CHAD: 1958
 Kansas City, MO

[Patricia, Joe's wife, wrote the following ]Joe retired in 1997. His hobbies are cooking and classic cars. Since he's retired, I handed over cooking duties in our home!! We have a 1929 Model T roadster named "T42." Also, Joe and his friend compete in KCBS (Kansas City Barbeque Society) BBQ cookoffs.



MILLER, Frank L, Jr. - 1962
@ CHAD: 57-61

4-6-07  I remember Frank at school.  He was a quiet, studious guy.  Of course, we didn't realize at the time that  Frank would become one of our country's leaders, but I am not surprised. Brother Jose' told me that Frank retired from the U.S. Army as a Major General.  We can read about his illustrious career through the links  found listed below:

Frank today:  Frank L. Miller, Jr. Bio from Veterans Advantage website:

Major General (Retired) Frank L. Miller Jr.

Major General (Retired) Frank L. Miller, Jr. retired on 1 January 1997 after a distinguished career in the U.S. Army, and now serves as the Vice President, Public Operations Dell Computer Corporation. Mr. Miller has served in a variety of leadership positions at Dell that have included operations, sales, engineering and contracting.

Born in Atchison, Kansas, General Miller’s last active duty assignment was as the Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management, Office of the Chief of Staff, Army. Immediately prior to this assignment, he served as the Deputy Commanding General, III Corps and Fort Hood, Texas. Prior to that assignment, he served as the Director of Operations, J-3, for the United States Forces Command, Fort McPherson, Georgia.

General Miller entered the military in 1965 as a Private and attended the Field Artillery Officer Candidate School immediately after Basic Training, and was commissioned in 1966. After his initial assignment to Fort Lewis, Washington as a Basic Training Company Training Officer, General Miller served in the Republic of South Vietnam from 1967 to 1968. General Miller commanded field artillery batteries in the 212th Field Artillery Brigade and the 1st Infantry Division. He served in South Korea as a staff officer at battalion and division level. While assigned to the 1st Infantry Division, General Miller also served as a battalion S3, and participated in four REFORGER exercises.

Upon graduating with distinction from the Command and General Staff College, General Miller was assigned as a battle staff team operations officer aboard the USCINCEUR Airborne Command Post. After promotion to Lieutenant Colonel, General Miller commanded the 1st Battalion, 35th Artillery at Fort Stewart, Georgia. Following command, General Miller attended the Naval War College, where he again graduated with distinction and was promoted to Colonel.

General Miller served as Chief of Staff of the National Training Center, Fort Irwin, California, from July 1984 to July 1986. Subsequently, he assumed command of the 588th United States Army Artillery Group in Athens, Greece. Following command, General Miller was assigned as Chief of Staff of Fort Sill, Oklahoma. In June, 1989, General Miller assumed command of III Corps Artillery at Fort Sill.

General Miller’s decorations and awards include: the Distinguished Service Medal, the Legion of Merit (with four Oak Leaf Clusters), the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Bronze Star Medal with V device (with two Oak Leaf Clusters), the Meritorious Service Medal, the Air Medal with V device (with 19 Oak Leaf Clusters), the Joint Service Commendation Medal, the Army Commendation Medal (with four Oak Leaf Clusters), the State of Georgia Meritorious Service Medal and the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry with Silver Star.

General Miller holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Washington and a Masters Degree in Systems Management from Troy State University. He is married to the former Paulette C. Duncan of Tacoma, Washington. The Millers have three children, Frank III, Michael and Toni, and four grandchildren: Jonathan, Nicole, Deon and Alexandria.

U.S. Department of Defense Demining Equipment Handed Over to Vietnamese Army (02OCT2000) - Hanoi, Vietnam

DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION Committee on National Security: Subcommittee on Military Installations and Facilities held a hearing on fiscal year 1997 national defense authorization, with emphasis on the military construction budget request. Testimony was heard from the following officials of the Department of Defense: ........ Maj. Gen. Frank L. Miller, Jr., USA, Assistant Chief of Staff, Installation Management; ...............all with the Department of the Army.

100 Most Important Blacks in Technology Announced for 2006

 Frank and Jose' both served in Viet Nam.

MILLER, Isora - 1960 Chad Grad
@ CHAD: 57-61
Fredricksburg, MD

4-12-07  jpnote:  I hope to hear from Isora.

MILLER, Jose' - 1966 
(Brothers & Sisters:  Isora, Frank, Jr., Mike, Constance & Steven)
Little Kid @ CHAD
@ CHAD: 57-61
4th - 7th Grade - Touvent 
West Virginia

[4-6-07  jpnote:  More surprise and delight!  An email from Jose' with a phone number and voila'! we were chatting as if old friends reunited.  Steven is the age of my younger siblings, so I did not know him, but he recalls some other Touvent kids and the Little League which he played on the Red Sox and Tigers.  The coach was Ricky Wade's dad, Sgt Wade.  Jose' remembers Tommy Thompson and Frank Harper, also.  Major Jose' Miller retired from the US Army in 1986 after duty in Viet Nam with brother Frank.  Jose' continues to work for the government in a department near and dear to us all - The National Debt in the Office of the Treasurer - Information Technology.  He was formerly with a major computer company.  Jose' told me he has attended many computer technology seminars; met and talked with John Couch '65 and neither of them realized they had both lived and attended school in Châteauroux!]

4-20-07  Searching for:  Little League baseball players. Specifically looking for Frank Harper, Ricky Wade, Phillip Hoberman, Mark Griffin, Roger Strausberg, Tommy Thompson.

M/Sgt and Mrs. Frank Miller and family were stationed at Chateauroux from 57 to 61. I played Little League during that time and would welcome any contact from the teams. Best wishes!

MILLER, Mike & Constance - Little Kids

MILLER, Steven - Born @ CHAD   
@ CHAD 1957-1961
West Virginia

[4-6-07  jpnote:  Much to my surprise and delight, I received an email from Steve telling me he was born at CHAD.  Steve is the youngest brother of Isora, Frank, Jr., Jose', Mike and Constance who were students at CHAD when he was born. I personally knew Isora and Frank; the younger ones were elementary Little Kids at Touvent.]

MILLER, Lynn  1960 Chad Grad (Wendy's brother)  46x46
@ CHAD: 58-59
Bluffton, Ohio 

[jpnote:  Lynn is a travelling Mennonite preacher.]

MILLER, Wendy - 1962 (Lynn's sister) 46x46
Culver City, CA
My Dad was the sup. principal at CHAD; We lived in "410" the first year 58-59, then in a house downtown 39 Rue Juste Velliat. I found the house easily when I visited France 1976 & 1995; I couldn't speak a word in French class w/Mme Berson, but after school I would go to Nouvelle Galeries & try on hats, and speak French fluently! I'd meet Dain Heral at a small cafe across the plaza & in front of the Red Cross center; we'd eat Crocque Monsieur sandwiches and have cokes w/lemon! Great memories of riding my Peugeot motorbike all over downtown Châteauroux & out to the Base.
5/18/01 -   Just got on this site: Yes Susie Batch! I know where Wendy Miller is! Have wondered about you for years; will e-mail you directly! Jenelle: this is a great website! For those of you who return to Châteauroux, did you know there is a small museum on base about the USAF years at La Martinerie? If you ask the French guards they will let you view the things there; it is very interesting. I've been back there twice; who says you can't go home again?! Would love to communicate with all & share memories; what an unusual adolescence we all had! Wendy

08/09/2001   Have had a great time connecting with old friends; I see my older brother Lynn has signed the guestbook! I made contact with my best friend from CHAD, Susan Batch, and her sister Irene Batch is coming to my house this weekend for a mini-reunion. I got the greatest e-mail from Charles Greer; as soon as I have time will write back. I'm trying to get my son to put together a web page for me with old Châteauroux pics and an updated one of me and Lynn from a couple years ago. Great fun; Does anyone know what happened to (Irene?) Pappas? Senior year, Greek with very strict father and the most beautiful operatic singing voice! And Sheila McCarthy -wait till you see the pic of us going to International Girl Scout Camp in Denmark!   What fun this is. Wendy

6-22-03  I too went to the reunion at Tahoe last weekend- great fun! Didn't get to say good-bye to everyone; my Mom had another stroke that Sunday night; I'm in Santa Cruz with her now. Weird coincidence: Ginna Roberts Hovis' father fell ill the same weekend; Mom's care provider today grew up in Jackson - she's going to look you up, Ginna and say hi for me when she goes home next weekend. Mom not expected to survive, but has her kids and grandkids with her. I'm honored to be with her and so close to her these last months; I believe the military experience of moving, and having only our immediate family members until we settled in, made us such a close knit family.

[jpnote:  Wendy & Lynn's mother passed away shortly after Wendy wrote this.  We send our sympathies and condolences.]

February 26, 2004 - Wendy Miller ('62) is proud to announce that she is  now a grandma.  This is a photo of the Briggs family.  James Thomas Briggs was born February 9, 2004 at 2:13 a.m.  He weighed 7 pounds 14 oz and was 21 inches long.  He is a very alert and calm baby.  Wendy  spent two weeks in Rhode Island bonding with the baby as they took naps on the couch together!

See Wendy's  Scrapbook

4-8-07  [jpnote:  Heard from Wendy.  She had moved to New Mexico, but has returned to sunny California.]

7-4-07  Note from Wendy:  Sorry but I can't go to the class reunion in Chateauroux, after all.  I am starting a new career, as a conductor on Amtrak, the Los Angeles to Chicago route, based in Albuquerque.  I will be in training in Wilmington Delaware, from July 9, to August 31, and then going right to work.  Retirement and I did not do well together, I have to keep busy and moving! 

MILLIKIN, Darrell Lee  Chad Grad 1959  See Chad Memorium

MITCHELL, Janice "Gigi" Woodward  1959        [Dorm Kid from Poitiers] 
Graduated from Washington, DC
@ Chas: 1956-58
Oakton, VA

MONROE, Jan  Chad Grad 1965  
Prairie Village, KS

2-14-05  Nice to see the site. Hope everyone is well. Planning to retire in a couple of years.


MONROE, Janie - 1967  
1967 Corvallis, Oregon
Seattle, WA

2-14-05 I am going back to Châteauroux in May 2005 and am very curious to see what it is like now. Does anyone know what happened to the base, the school and the housing area?

[jpnote:  Janie has taken the "website tour" and Herve' is going to provide the tour of La Martinerie in May 2005.]

MOODY, Barbra "Babs" Bennett  Chad Grad 1956 
@ CHAD:  1955-1956
Riverview, MI
3-21-03 Hi everyone.  Isn't this a fabulous site? Janelle does such a terrific job and deserves a standing ovation for helping so many of us find our long lost friends and school chums. When I attended  Chad my brother, Darrell, and I lived in the Dorm during the week. My year at Châteauroux High was one of the best in my life because of all of the wonderful kids that I met there.  As for the present, I have been married for 42 years, have 3 great daughters (who all live within a 10 minute drive from me), 3 wonderful grandsons and 1 lovely granddaughter.   Where are you Patsy Taylor, Dave Miller and Virginia "Ginger" York from Châteauroux?

MOODY, Darrell -  Class of 1960  - Chad Memorium

10/24/06 - Darrell's wife, Joyce Moody, has moved to Michigan.  She has sent along her new address, phone & email address so we may keep in touch with her. 

MOORE, Cookie Avvampato  - 1966 (married John Avvampato) Chad Marriages 
Graduation:  Midland High School, Michigan
Loma Linda, C
1/31/00 -   Attended Châteauroux my junior year of high school. Had to find another school to graduate from since they closed CHAD after 1965.  Graduated from Midland H. S., Mich. I am a registered nurse at JLP VAMC. I attend Grad school and will graduate in June 2000. I married a fellow student 33 years ago. My maiden name was Moore, middle name Sharlene, and I went by Charlie. My brother graduated in 1965 with my husband, John. Would love to hear from anyone I attended school with at CHAD.

MOORE, Jonathan 1966
@ CHAD: 1962-64
New York, NY
01-18-02    What a site. My brother, Jerry, turned me on to this site, but he wouldn't sign the guestbook because, you know, he was the cool one. I remember Bar Blue, Babe Ruth baseball, JV basketball, Dottie (where are you now), [she's in Virginia - see the guestbook entry] flea market behind the Cathedral in town, learning to golf from the English golf pro, carnivals and bumper cars, motorized bikes, the great Bastille Day flag incident, the French version of the Vietnam War in Algeria and random acts of terrorism in Châteauroux.  I'm a lawyer and work and live here in NYC, with a 15 year old boy from my first marriage and a 15 month old girl from my second. Jerry is a lawyer in San Francisco. Vive la France.

3-3-05  I was quite amused to see that Dotti Bauer and Glen Hartung got married. She was my girl friend, for a time, at least I thought so, and he was one of my good friends. I think it's wonderful that they found each other. I still have pictures of both of them from those days.

MOSS, Marcie - 1967 

7-08-07  [jpnote:  Marcie, after all these years, found us and signed the guestbook, but left no comments. - Welcome Marcie!]

 The Prom - 1966 - Photo from Nancy Sullivan's Scrapbook


MUCHO, Edward Burke Col USAF (Retired) - 1957 (Gary's brother)   
United States Military Academy @ West Point
Inglewood, CA

MUCHO, Gary - 1961 
Los Alamitos, CA

MURPHY, Linda Gillie 1965
@ Chad: 1961-64
Graduated: 1965 - Madison, WI

 10-15-04  Would love to hear from anyone.  Hope you are all happy and healthy and doing well. 





MURTHA, Lawrence "Larry" - 1966  
Graduation   1966 Kaiserslautern AHS
@ CHAD:  1963-1965
Virginia Beach, VA

After all these years I am still a francophile.
01/04/2002  It is curious about all the people who have made it back to Châteauroux for a visit over the years. I went back in the Spring of 1985. It seemed like Brassioux had a lot more greenery and charm after all the years. I remember playing football and drinking altogether too much beer at the Bar Blue in Deols. And I remember playing Hearts with George Zeigler, Alan McNeil and Bobby Reed. [jpnote:  George and Bob have email addresses - see Chad Entries.  So sorry to say that Alan McNeil passed away.]   I went on to graduate from the University of California at Riverside in History and the U of New Mexico in Nursing. I spent 22 years in the USN and retired in 1993 as a LCDR. I have been married now for 30 years and have a boy 25 and a girl 15. Life has been good to us. We had tours in San Diego CA,  Albuquerue  NM,  New London CT, Charleston SC, Naples Italy, Portsmouth VA and Keflavik Iceland. I would love to hear from old friends.

1-2-06  Visited Châteauroux in 1985. My stay in France turned me into a lifelong francophile.

MYERS, Gary L. 
@ CHAD:  1959-1962

12/19/2002      I just found this site and I can't wait to read all the comments from the school that provided me some of the best memories of my life! I am leaving town in an hour but I will be back to search out old friends and memories.
Searching for:  Anyone from those years willing to communicate. I wasn't one to be remembered by many I'm sure but there were a lot of fun times in those days.

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