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Chateauroux, France


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LaFORGE, Tom - 1957 
@ Chas:  1954 -1955 Sophmore and 1/2 Junior years
Marietta, GA

2-9-05  Last night, I received a phone call that started "Are you the Tom LaForge that went to the american high school in Chateauroux?"   It was Nell Neunhoffer and I was floored  Tom.

LAMB, Richard "Dick" - 1961 - (Tony's Brother) (Ask Tony about his brother's whereabouts)

  [Tommy Williams '60 took these photos.]

[jpnote:  I met Dick for breakfast one morning when he was in Dallas (passing through, I think.]  I was surprised at the change from the boy I knew in school who was always "up to something" to a man who was rather quiet and reserved and more serious than he had ever been as a boy.  We reminisced about our mutual classmates and our life as Brats.]

LAMB, Tony - 1960    46x46
@ Chas:  1959
Arlington, TX

[jpnote:  Tony and his wife, Jan,  and Tony's mom live near me.  Charles and I have had dinner with them on occasion.  Tony is retired (Jan is making plans!).  I remember when Tony and his brother, Dick, came to Chateauroux.  It was after school had already begun so they made quite a stir among the girls - both of them good-looking guys as there seemed to be fewer boys than girls at school.]


[Tommy Williams '60 took these photos.]


LAND, Sandi - CHAD GRAD 1960      (Rena's sister)
@ CHAD 56-60
Brentwood, CA (Bay Area)
04-27-00 - Great job Jenelle. I graduated from Chad in 1960 having arrived there in 58.  I have many fond memories of Chateauroux and the friends that I made at school.  I married in 1961 and we moved to the bay area in 1962 and are still here.  We have four children; two grown up now, and a 12 and 13 year old still at home. In all these years I have never run into anyone that I knew in Chateauroux.  Jenelle finally tracked me down and put me in contact with people that I thought I would never see or hear from again, and I really enjoy communicating with re-found friends.

12/12/2001 I just checked the website again Jenelle and you have done a great job of adding the yearbooks. I know it takes a lot of your time but we do appreciate it, and its so nice to be contacted by old friends.

01/14/2002   Happy New Year Everyone  Jenelle what a shame the site crashed and you have been working so hard to rebuild it, you keep us all connected.  I have been just delighted to have been contacted by friends from Chad, tickled to death that they cared enough to email and call.  Good luck rebuilding the site.

[jpnote:  Sandi & I didn't skip a beat when we renewed our friendship in 1999.  We have reunioned three times since then and we continue to correspond.  Sandi is the glue that holds her circle of friends together.  She never fails to make us laugh with the jokes she dilligently searches for and forwards along to give us a taste of her good humor.  She is an encourager and I'm happy she is my friend.]

LAND, Reelana "Rena" - 1963   (Sandi's sister)  46x46
@ CHAD 56-60
Fort Worth, TX

This is Rena's freshman photo


LATIMER, Judy - 1967  46x46
@ Chad 1962-65
Garland, TX

5-3-09 Coming on this site takes me back to such a simple place and time and brings back such wonderful memories of days gone by!

Would love to hear from my friends!

LAW, Jim - CHAD GRAD 1962
@ Chad: 1961-1962
Grapevine, Texas
5/19/01 - Sure was nice to find the web page it is more than I would have expected, you have done a wonderful job. It is great to see what has happened to old friends from days gone by. The old bond has never left us. Looking forward to contact with some old friends.

[jpnote:  Jim lives in my neck-of-the-woods, but we've never met.  Maybe it's time for another Dallas-area Get-Together]

LEACH, Claire Tannenbaum CHAD GRAD 1956 
@ Chas: 1955-57
Atlanta, GA
2/22/00 - Comments from Son, Michael Tannenbaum:  My mom,Claire Leach, went to school there and graduated in 1956; then married Bill Tannenbaum in Aug of 1956. My Dad was in the Air Force as an airman. I came in July 57. Great to hear from you. Michael Tannenbaum

Chas Marriages



LEACH, Mark - 1959   
@ Chas: 1955-57
Tucson, AZ

7/19/01 -  Nice site.

5-6-07  [jpnote:   In touch with Bill Behrens '59 recently.]

4-1-09  Mark wrote that he had dinner with Linda and brother, Bill, Behrens in Tucson.  Mark said he remembered more about Chateauroux than he realized.  He had an opportunity to see the '58 Yearbook.

LEBARTON, William "Bill"  CHAD GRAD 1965    (Nora's brother) 46x46
@ Chas: 19
Lake Forest, CA

  Bill's Sr photo

  1-1-08  Happy New Year!
  It felt good to look at some old memories and enjoy the thoughts of the past.  Life was so simple when we were young and not worrying about today's rat race.  Keep up the good work and I hope to hear from someone in the Orange County area of California.  Also, I am interested in hearing about the next Chad High reunion.

LEBARTON, Eleanora "Nora" 1970   @ Chas: 1961-65

Nora's 7th grade photo

10-09-08 So glad to see the site is still up and running.  Bings back lots of fond memories.

LeBOURVEAU, Philippe "Phil" - 1967   
@ Chad: 63-66
Las Vegas, NV

2/18/01 - Comments: In a matter of a week I have reconnected with more friends from the past than I have in present time. Being from Chateauroux, it is a delight to know so many so far away have in their hearts a special place for the town I called home for 17 years.  [jpnote:  Phil also attended Lakenheath and was a Track Star there as well as at Chas.  Phil also attended the Chateauroux International School.]

  4-24-05  I lived in and near Chateauroux from 1961 until 1977 with a break from 1967 to 69 when i was in England.  I am searching for John Gallick. His father was a retired colonel and John attended the Lycee International des Planches in Saint Maur. He moved to Lakenheath in 66. I saw him there until 69 when I left England.

LEMBKE, Barbara Jean  1960 
@ Chas:  1958-1959

LEMBKE, Robert "Bob: aka Danner  CHAD GRAD 1959  
@ Chas:  1958-1959
Bristol, IL

03/10/2003   Comments:  Thank You Jenelle for turning me on to this site. I have always wondered what ever happened to my friends and class mates at Chad.




LEO, Pat Morris 1955 - (Old Physical Address)
LEONE, Alice Furry  - (Old Physical Address)
LETTIERE, Michele "Mickey" 1968
@ Chad1965
Portland, ME

5-28-08 [jpnote:  Reconnected Michele and Beth Weeks who had been searching for Mickey.]

LICHT, Sandra  1963   [jpnote:  Couldn't locate a photo]
LINDBERG, Jamie  1963 
@ Chas: 1962
Mission Viejo, CA

This photo is a copy of a copy of Jamie's Junior photo

2-2-06  I just retired from American Airlines as a pilot there for 32 years I am heading to France in Feb.  I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

2-28-06  jpnote:  Connected Jamie with John & Judy Whiteley & Ginna Roberts.

See Jamie's photos of Balsan Parc taken during his February 06 Chateauroux trip.

LINDSEY, Luaine  CHAD GRAD 1962    [jpnote:  Couldn't locate a photo]
@ Chas: 1959-1962
Columbus, OH

8/17/01 Comments: Thanks for the wonderful page. What a rush looking back in time. Would love to locate Kay Dunnebacke, [found] graduated in 1963 (I think) from Chateauroux Dependent High School.  She was such a good friend when we were in Chateauroux. She was my maid of honor 1964, in Harrisburg, Pa.

9/9/01: Yes, we (Kay & Sara) did meet and it was a fun 3 hours. My mother and I met Kay and her sister, Sara, for lunch and a wonderful visit. And, yes, I did take pictures. It may take some time to finish taking the roll, though. Thanks for the reminder, I must finish that roll up and get them developed.

[jpnote:  2-06 - I've been holding my breath for 4-1/2 years - waiting on that roll of film!  - 3-07 Hmmmm - it's now 5 years 1 month - no photos.] [4-09:  Soon to be 8 years!]

LONG, Joanne  CHAD GRAD  1960  46x46
 Graduated Chad High in 1960.

Have lost touch with everyone and would love to hear from Vicki, Dee Dee, Kay, Eileen and all the rest.


LOVEJOY, Gretchen - 1970      (Jerry's sis)
@ Chad:  6/1963-1/1965 (6th & 7th Grades) - See Little Kids - photos & memories
LOVEJOY, Jerome "Jerry" - 1969      (Gretchen's bro)
 (7th & 8th Grades)  - See Little Kids - photos & memories

5-28-08  [jpnote:  Emailed Pat Hanchett, Nancy Cobb & Jerry Lovejoy - All searching for some of the same folks.]

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