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Chateauroux, France


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KARBLEY, Harold G.  1954
Grad:  Germantown HS, Phila, Pa
 @ Chas: 52/53
Saint Simons Island, GA
12/12/2002  Searching for:   Ed Nogar, (found), Pat Leo, [jp has an old address in Pittsburgh] Tom Gealta, Nancy Pafford (found), Pat Cralle (found), Pat Drounds, Don Lynch, Tom LaForge,  Ronnie Sachs' 54 [found]

KARSTETTER, Truett  CHAD GRAD 1959 (married Loretta Small '59) See Chas Marriages
Graduation Year (Chas or Elsewhere): 1959
Specific Years @ Chas: 1957 & 1958
Los Angeles, CA
10/09/2001 Comments: Loretta Small '59 and I re-met and married 10 years after we had left Chateauroux.

KEEGAN, John "Mickey" 1964 

1-2-08 - Hello

6-3-08  Great to see all of you .  mickey keegan

KELLY, Jeanne   CHAD GRAD 1961
@ Chas: 1957-1961
Council Bluffs, IA

01/21/2002 Comments: I'm new at this computer stuff.  My kids gave it to me for Christmas and I'm just getting the feel of it.  So don't ask me to do any fancy stuff.  I'm married and have three children, and six grandchildren.  My oldest, my daughter just graduated from the University of nebraska, getting her masters degree.  I'm so proud of her.  My son programs the computers for a bank.  And my youngest daughter is a private duty nurse.  I will be celebrating 17 years of marriage this coming Saturday.  He is my second husband, or as I like to refer to him as my current husband.  I came back to the midwest from California in 1966.  I've been here ever since.  While I was in California, I saw Sandi Drotts and Tommy Alger.  [Sandi & Tommy have both passed away.]  That was in 1963.  My dad was stationed at Hamilton AFB at the time.  So I guess I've filled in a little about myself.  I want to thank you [Jenelle] for the glowing rememberance of me.  I don't have the voice anymore but I do smile a lot.  I'll write to anyone that would like to contact me.

[jpmemory:  Jeanne had the most beautiful operatic singing voice; perfectly matched her gentle, kind personality.]

KELTON, Mary K. "Bitsy"

KEYS, Theron "Lennie"CHAD GRAD 1962  46x46
 @ Chas: 59-62
Boise, ID
12/06/2002  If you remember me shoot me a line.  Searching for: Bob Russell - [jpnote: Theron and I regularly email Bob on another website - since 10/22/01, but we haven't received a reply or indication that the email was read. Maybe he's just signed on and not a member.]


[Theron attended the 2003 Lake Tahoe Reunion]

Years @ Chas: 1961 - 1965
Topeka, Kansas
01/27/2002 Comments:This is a great site, just found it.  I have seven grandkids and I'm on husband number two....22 years of marriage and counting. Has anyone out there heard from Art, Kenny or Mike Crofutt, Mike Stone or Carol Yates? [jpnote:  Several of these folks are found]

KIGHT, Laura Dickerson  1959   
@ Chas:1953-1957
Flower Mound, TX

05-01-05  Would like to hear from anyone that was at Chas HS during this time frame.  Also would like to know if there are any reunions planned for Chas attendees?  Friends remembered,
Gail McBride, Rita Rochford, Eileen Small, Marianna Vukovich [jpnote:  all of these friends are found]

5-2-09   Such fun connecting with such good friends after so many years. Thanks so much, Jenelle, for all of your efforts on this website. Have located Rita Rochford and Marianne Vukovich-Would like to find Eileen Small, (posted on the website) Sonya Dupre,(still missing) Gail McBride (posted on the website) and any others that remember me.

KIMERER, Candy 1968 
Columbia, MD

[7-15-07 - jpnote:  Reconnected Candy and her college friend, Jan.]

1-8-08  GB Entry:  This is an awesome site! Through the years I have heard from a few people but I have never been great at keeping up. After reading this it would be great to reconnect to some folks and perhaps attend the next reunion.  Searching:  Chris Hill, Frances Fricke, Betty Adamek

[jpnote: Chris is listed on classmates, but not on this website; Fran & Betty are listed on this website. p.s. from JP: Did you connect with college friend Jan Swetnam who emailed me last year?]  1-18-08  Chris contacted Betty Adamek.


KING, Bill   CHAD GRAD 1964     
@ Chas:1962-1964
Greenville, NH
01/13/2002 Comments: Lost contact with all my classmates and hope that you are all well. Lost my yearbook so I have hard time with names and faces. Just know that I often think of the many wonderful friends and times I had at Chateauroux.... God bless and keep you and yours safe and well. Go Sabres.



KING, Jerry CHAD GRAD 1958
Pinetop, AZ
4-26-06 Had a fun phone conversation with Jerry.  He asked about Bill Behrens.  (Reconnected)  Jerry was Barry Codron's ('61) flight instructor several years after returning to the States.

6-3-07  New physical address and email address for Jerry.

KING, Judith (Desjardins) CHAD GRAD 1961
[She attended the Santa Monica Get-together)
KING, Sherry  - ?? [Searching for Pam Brown '61]    (jp connected)

KIRKLAND, David - 1961 
Graduation Elsewhere
@ Chas: 55-58
Walburg, TX
10-21-01 Comments: Tx A&M 61-66. U.S.A 66-69. C.U. 69-71. m. 34 yrs. 2 sons, 1 grandson, 1 granddaughter, ret. Austin Fire Department, wife retired teacher. currently both busy with church work, travel, spoiling grandkids, remodeling 1 son's home in Los Alamos, etc.

KOCH, Robert "Bob" 1965 (no relation to Bill '61)   

6-10-07 I visited Chad in June 07 and have pictures. I lived in Brassioux from 1959 to 1962. It was really interesting to see the old base and housing.

6-13-07 The '62 year book I believe is unique. Anyway this is what I was told 45 years ago. It is hard cover, like those which were done at that time for High Schools in the states. It has 7th thru 12th grade. It is done just like the year book I got for my US High School in 63. I believe they did not even do year books in some of the other years. It was a little sad to see the old school all boarded up and behind a wire fence. So, just a thought.

11-7-08 GB Entry: Visited Chas in 2007

KOPCZYNSKI, Sarah J.  (Moshirian) - 1965
San Diego, CA
11/07/2001 Comments:  My dad was stationed there - two different tours.  Knew Dotty Bauer when we were in middle school and as Juniors.  Where are you Dotty and your sister, Teri? Jim Parker - I knew  you at Wichita Falls, TX (Sheppard AFB) then met you again in  Chateauroux when I was a Junior. Love to hear from fellow classmates. Sarah Kopczynski (maiden name) [All  the people you inquired about are found and have emails!]

@ Chas:  1955-58
8-20-04  it would be great to hear from some of  the class mates.  [jpnote:  Joyce Bentley is searching for you.  She's listed on the Friends List -B- page of this website.]

KUHN, Janet  CHAD GRAD 1966  (married to Vet Rich Thayer)  See Chad Marriages
Covington, WA

4-15-03  Comments:  I graduated at Chateauroux after only 5 or 6 weeks attendance. That fall my family went to Germany and I went to US and then Spain. Have been an airforce wife and now we are retired in the seattle area.  Searching:  Anyone who might want to say hi, maybe Vera (Mason) is out there. Saw her in San Antonio but lost touch. [jpnote: Is that Vera Mason '67? She has not been located....yet.]

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