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Chateauroux, France


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JAFFARIAN, Richard  - 1965
Graduation: Scott AFB 1965
@ Chad: 1960 - 1963
Titusville, FL

Spent '66-'69 in Wiesbaden, Germany. lived 25 years in Orlando until it got too busy, moved east to Titusville in '97 where we now have a front row seat for Shuttle launches. Mostly retired from my company which provides services to the electrical construction industry, but still enjoy getting involved on projects entering litigation, do a lot of traveling, boating and golfing when not working. Hello to my former classmates and friends.

3-17-10  ....I did the Google thing and came across your (Nancy Sullivan Murguia's) post.  I attended Chateauroux from ’60 to ’63 and graduated HS in ’65 in a little town just outside Scott AFB, Illinois . I’ll be the first to admit that my memory is not the best.  However, I’ll never forget my first day in France .  An old lady came up to me and spit in my face and yelled Yankee, go home.  Obviously she was not part of the welcoming committee…

’63 – ’66 Scott AFB, IL.  ’66 – ’69 Wiesbaden , Germany and attended Univ. of Maryland .  Have to say that stint in Germany was the best three years of my life (also lived in Southern Germany ’55 to ’58).  Returned in ‘69 to home town of Syracuse , NY and went to work for the family business.  Went on my own in ’75 and in ’78 moved my office in Orlando , FL.  Orlando became a nightmare and I moved directly east to Titusville, FL in 1997 to present.  Titusville is a small town and only gets busy when NASA has a shuttle launch.  I’m semi-retired, married, no children.

JAMES, Jane Ellen Hair - 1961 
Graduation: Celeste, TX
@ Chad: Sep 1959-March 1960
Rio Rico, AZ

9/14/01 Comments: The few months I spent in Chateauroux before moving to Wiesbaden were some of the best in my life. I married a paratrooper I met in Germany (but only after I had returned to the States, graduated from high school, and gone to a year of college at ETSC in Commerce, TX.)   His name is Murri "Harry" Hair and we will have been married for 38 years this June. We have five children (3 boys and 2 girls) and 17 grandchildren with 2 more due this year. We will have been married for 38 years this June. We have five children (3 boys and 2 girls) and 17 grandchildren with 2 more due this year. We live in Rio Rico, AZ (about 10 miles north of Nogales, Sonora, Mexico). Harry works here and I work as a bookkeeper in Tucson (about 58 miles north of here).   I would love to know what has happened to the class of 1961. I never thought I would ever be in contact with anyone, but the net has certainly proved useful.  Great friends, great memories! Thanks, Jenelle, for maintaining the links.

JAMES, Margaret Leah      CHAD GRAD 1960  Chad Memoriam
(Mary Lynn's sister)

JAMES, Mary Lynn     CHAD GRAD  1961 (Margaret Leah's sister) 
@ Chad: 1958 thru 1961
Cool, California

02-26-02 Comments: Married 40 years to the same WONDERFUL Guy. two kids, two Boston terriers and two cats and two horses. Currently an RN working  in Oncology. Send mail - lets chat - better yet, lets get together! I went to the reunion in Seattle with sister Leah who passed away in September, 1995.



Saco, ME

11-10-08 Guestbook Entry:  Great website, hard to believe so many years have passed.

[jpnote: I remember you distinctly! Just a couple of months ago, I did a concentrated search for you and voila! here you are! Nice to hear from you.)

JENSEN, Kerri Lee (sis of Jennifer) - 1969   

JETER, Ronald -   CHAD GRAD 1961
@ Chad: 1960-61
Alamogordo, NM

3/14/01 - Comments: After registering at [another site] I heard from Vicki Zaiser and she guided me to this great site. Thank you Jenelle for your efforts. After college and a tour in the Air Force, I settled in New Mexico (home state). Married Janice (Alamogordo gal) 31 years ago. We had two girls and now have three grandchildren. We are running a family business (second generation) selling office supplies, furniture and machines. This type of business is a rarity these days. I'm amazed - like all of you - of the memories relived by reading about each of you and your adventures thru the years. It is incredible to see the bonds we created in the short time at Chateauroux. I will attempt to attend a future reunion - can't make the 2001. I will get this info to Vern Garrett (1960), but lost track of others.

JOHNS, LaDonna - 1965 
@ Chad:  1959-62
Smyrna Mills, ME
3-19-06 Lot's of good memories. Being an Air Force Brat was an excellent way to grow up. Who needs roots!!!!  Searching for:   I don't know, let me think.....Kay Moorhead, Dotti Perry, the Turnipseed's, Valerie and Jack, you know it's been a few years! I had my yearbook for a long time but now I don't know where it is.....
[jpnote: Emld Gaye & Candy Turnipseed & LaDonna to reconnect.] Other friends have not been located to date.]

JOHNSON, John "Sonny"  -   CHAD GRAD 1964
@ Chad:  1962-65
Columbus, OH

12-24-08 GB Entry:  Searching:  Jeani Towers or anyone that remembers me - [jpnote:  Jeani is listed on this website]

JOHNSON, Sandra- 1961 
@ Chad:  1956-58
Jellico, TN

12/17/2003 -  Would love to hear from any of my old buddies. still can remember all those good old times.  Searching for: Mickey Bovenzi, Loretta Small (listed on this website), Gretchen Hayes, Judy King (listed on this site), Royce Moyer, and all those others too numerous to mention
[jpnote: Hello Sandra. I am happy to tell you that Loretta and Judith are found and have email and/or resident addresses. Check out the alphabetical List for info. I contacted Gretchen at one time before, but she didn't reply. I don't have Mickey and or Royce on the database.

2-10-10  Still looking for the same people listed above.

JONES, Kathy Case - 1967 
@ Chad:  1962-1966
Hinkley HS, Aurora, CO Grad
Westminster,  Colorado

1/09/03 No comments
10-16-05   I am visiting Karen Reistad McLeod and we were talking about the good times we had at Chas.

JONES, Nancy - 1964  
@ Chad: 58-62
Washington, DC
JONES, Robbie - 1965 
(sis of Ronnie '62)
@ Chad: 1956-60
Seguin, TX

1-20-08  [jpnote:  Reminisced and twas reminded of many memories with Robbie today.] 

JONES, Robert F., Jr. - CHAD GRAD 1964 
@ Chad: 1962-1964
Dothan, AL

6/13/01 - Comments: Gosh, has it been that long? Hello to all.



JONES, Robin 1955 

JONES, Ronnie 1962 - See Chad Memoriam  
@ Chad: 1956-60
(bro of Robbie)

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