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Chateauroux, France


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HAGAR, Karen - 1967 
@ Chas: 63-64 - Freshman
Oklahoma City, OK

2-7-06  [jpnote:  Karen and brothers, Mike & Kevin's parents, were friends with Pat Dines' parents.]  Karen also knew Chris Brecht, Alan Ademek (found), Gene Holmes, Phyllis ?, That's all I remember for now, need to dig out the old yearbook if I can still find it!

6-12-08  Hello!!  I just ran across the me wondering about some of the old classmates.  Iím in Oklahoma City and work for the OK House of Representatives.  Divorced for some time now, have 4 girls, 9 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.  I canít believe how the time has gone, my memories are still so clear (of some things anyway)  Mike lives here too and Kevin lives in the Tulsa area.

Brothers:  Mike & Kevin

HAGGARD, Myra  - 1966 
@ Chas: 62-65
Seminole, FL

Junior Class Photo

2/22/00 -  Some of my happiest years were spent in Chateauroux, France. Many many fond memories. I was awfully glad to hear about your web site and hope to hear from some of my old class mates. This is really terrific. I was reading the guest log tonight and recognized several names and of course got my year books out and placed names with faces. I was at Chad from 62 - 65 and as all of you had a GREAT time. Wish I could join you all this year, but alas, other obligations-like work, I have been working for the Disabled American Veterans for almost twenty years. I have been living in Florida since 1967, almost a true Floridian. Hope I will make the next reunion. Hello to all.

HAISLET, Anne  1963 Chad Grad

07/09/2001  I graduated from the high school in 63, anyone else out there?

[jpnote:  I cannot locate a photo of Anne in any yearbook.]

HALES, Sharon "Shari" - 1966  
@ Chas: 1962-1965
Graduated 1966:  Burkburnett, TX
Cincinnati, OH

3-16-04 -I was at Chad my freshman to junior years, then my dad got transferred to Sheppard AFB, Wichita Falls, TX, for my senior year. I'm married (35 years) with 3 kids and 3 grandkids, and one more on the way in May. I'm a church secretary. I'm very excited to have found this website.

HALGRIM, Christine  - 1964 
@ Chad 2/58 -7/60 - 6th, 7th & 8th grades

Graduation:  1964 Niagara-Wheatfield -  Niagara City, NY
Houston, TX

 11/7/06  This is like winning the lottery! When my family arrived mid school yr '58 my sister Sally and I attended 5th and 6th grade in a converted theater with 6 ft particions.6-8 class rooms.We could hear 6-8 teachers teach their individual classes. If you dropped a pencil it rolled to the lowest level of the room as the floor sloped down to the stage.

 [jpnote:  Christine is searching for Barbara Engle (located & connected); Linda Erdman (unlocated);  Richard & Robert McClean (unlocated); Billy Rouse (unlocated); Brian & Joe Henderson) (located);  Billie Williams (unlocated); Mike Stone (unlocated); Gerry Williams (unlocated); Timothy Getty (unlocated);  Nancy & Jay Jones (located & connected).]

6-28-07  [jpnote:  Christine emailed to change her email address and inquire about the above listed friends.  She did not receive my email to her of 11-7-06.  Emailing info again.]

HALLA, Bobby - See Chad Memoriam

HAMMON, Linda - 1969  (married Kurt Graff '68)   See Kurt & Linda PhotosChad Marriages
@ Chas: 1965-1966
Washington State
1/31/00 -  I attended CHAS from 1965-1966 (Class of 69). I married Kurt Graff who attended CHAS from 1965-1966 {class of 68).


This photo was taken at the Reno, NV Reunion in 2000

HANVEY, Judy - 1964 
@ Chad 1959-61
Spanish Fort, AL
8-27-03   Thanks to Jenelle I have found this site. After all these years I am so happy to be able to get in touch with (old) classmates. Anyone who might remember me please get in touch  [jpnote:  Judy is searching for Kay Nyberg.]

6-28-08 [jpnote:  Emailed Harold Nyberg & Judy to see if they made a connection.]

HARBER, Julie - 1966   46x46
@ Chas: fall 62- spring 65
Corsicana, TX

2/19/01 -  I appreciate so much all the hard work involved in maintaining this wonderful web site.


 HARNITCHEK,  John - Class of 1969 - 8th Grader at Chad - See Chad Memoriam

HARRELL, Vicki  Chad Grad 1960  46x46
@ Chas:  59-61
Hot Springs Village, AR

2/25/00 -  I was in Chateauroux from 1959-1961. I graduated from Chad in 1960 then went to U of Maryland for my first year of college.  What fun it has been seeing old friends and making new acquaintances. I was at Burtonwood, England from 1957-59 and two years ago married a former friend and classmate from there, Larry Ahlemann, and we moved to New Mexico.[03- back in Oregon] We are involved in finding more Burtonwood folks while maintaining contact with the Chad folks. Would love to hear from you.

[jp memory:  In 1959, Vicki introduced me to a "new product" called Noxema.  I think she was the first at Chad to have it!]

2004 Holidays

Dear Family and Friends,
Since we've been sending you updates during the year, this is the last installment.  In November, we drove our motorhome back to Oregon so I could have some time with mother and visit friends.  We were there about 3 weeks and left there for Albuquerque.  We're at the Enchanted Trails RV Resort atop the mesa overlooking Albuquerque, NM.  Interestingly, this was a Trading Post in the early '50s where Larry and his family came to shop.
We have been here since November 16.  Our trip here was, according to the National Weather Service, suppose to be clear and uneventful.  We had snow, WIND, rain, and diverted from I-40 at Needles to avoid snow and icy conditions at Flagstaff.  We went south via a terrible little road to get to I-10 (South).  Traveling is very
different in a "kite" towing a Jeep!  It was very exciting!

HARRISON, David - 1961 (Nick's brother)  
@ CHAS:  56-57
Shreveport, LA

7-28-04  Nice to see what became of my Chad friends. Returned in 1969 to show my wife where I spent my early teen years and the memories came flooding back as we drove around the base and 410. Still miss the place.

3-8-09  Only one year, but one of the best of my life! Will never forget the people and good times in Chad. 

HARRISON, Wendell  "Nick" - 1958  (David's brother)  no email available
@ Chas:  56-57
Arlington, VA
7-23-04  I am listed as a 58 graduate, but actually left in December of 57 (apparently after the photos were taken for the yearbook). Loved my time at the school and will be glad to add details of what I have been doing.  Will also tell my brother, David, who was in the Freshman class in 58.  [See entry above]




HARTUNG, Glenn  1966   Married Dottie Bauer '66 - Chad Marriages   46x46

HASH, Marti - 1965 
@ Chas: 1962-65

8-15-04  Retired in Tampa after 26 years with Delta Air Lines. Have been living in Kihei, Maui, HI since May 2002. Janette Webre and her husband Dave will be here for month of Sept. He's retired and they live in Goodyear, AZ outside Phoeniz.  Searching for:  Sharon Baritot

10-25-05 [jpnote:  Marti has moved to AZ.]


HEAD, Charlene - Chad Grad 1960
@ Chas:  1960
Kennesaw, Georgia
02/18/2003   I have been married to Richard Drake for 40 years.  He is a supervisor of Greyhound. We have 2 boys aged 39 and 35. The oldest is married and lives in Glendale, Az. Richard has 3 year old son named Nicolas and is going to have a girl in July.  Michael lives here with us in Kennesaw.   Does anyone know how to get a hold of Judy Conner (Class of 61) or Janice Heath (Class of 61). [jpnote:  Judy & Charlene have been reunited.]

HEATH, Jan (Wood) -Chad Grad 1961  46x46
@ Chas:  58-62
Roseville, CA
12-13-01 - May all who visit these pages, find happy memories; and, may we all realize the blessings we have this day dispite the effort of those horrible terrorists. As we gather around our family Christmas trees, may we pray for the victims of 9-11-01 and their families. God comfort them. Merry Christmas one and all..... God bless America. Jan
02/05/2002  I'm so happy to see the website is back up. I enjoy so much reading about old times. Does anyone remember our Senior Class Talent Show and our Senior Class Trip to Paris??  Great memories!!!  After 37 years as a DOD employee, I'm learning to enjoy retirement with my husband of 35 years. We have three grown grandchildren (children of John's daughter) and one great-grandchild (boy) with #2 great on the way in March. Our daughter has four g'kids, 3 boys &, at last, a sweet girl. Hardest part, we move to Sacramento area when Norton AFB closed in San Bernardino and I was transferred to McClellan AFB (which is now close). Been here for 9 years. Great area  but growing too much. Anyone in the area, drop an email & we'll get together.  Jenelle, you're doing a GREAT JOB! You have really brought so many people and good memories together -- kinda like building an internet hometown for us. THANK YOU! God bless you! 
02/01/2003   Jenelle, Each time I visit this site I find more and more information. You are doing a wonderful job!!   Just thought I would update my info. I retired Dec 1, 2000, after 38 years with the federal service. We have been enjoying our retirement with visiting relatives and a couple cruises.  John & I have a daughter, Linda, who has blessed us with three grandson and a granddaughter. John has a daughter who has a son and two daughters slightly younger than Linda. One of John's granddaughters has blessed him with two great-grandchildren and his grandson added a third great-grandchild. Oh, is Christmas expense for us!  Hello to all my classmates... I've enjoyed reading the entries in the guestbook. God bless you all.

My sweet husband, John Wood,  passed away on Father's Day. The four women in his life were with him:  me, our daughter, his daughter and sister.  We were blessed with 42 good years of marriage.  What more could someone want. 
HEINTZ, Jill - 1968

HENDERSON, Brian    1963
@ Chad 58-62
Washington, GA
11-26-07  I am the brother of Joe Henderson, 1960 Chas Grad

1961 Sophomore Yearbook Photo


HENDERSON, Joe  Chad Grad 1960
New Hampshire
[jpnote:  10-21-04 I have been searching for Joe from time to time over the last 40 years or so.  I dilligently searched again and voila! here he is.  We have emailed and his friends are so happy to hear about him.

I was looking for Joe in all the wrong places!  I expected him to be a classical pianist or at least a famous jazz player (by chance there is another Joe Henderson who IS a jazz musician.  I did not know I was keeping company with someone who would become so innovative. 


HENNESSEY, Michael C. - 1965 - See Chad Memoriam
HERAL, Dain  Chad Grad 1961
@ Chas:  59-62
 honolulu Hi
12/27/2002    So many years-I thought I would never hear from any of my school buddies. I last talked with Wendy Miller in 1974. Searching for:  Ron Jeter- Fred Vogel-Jan Gaines-Suzie Greer [jpnote:  All of Dain's friends are found, including Wendy.]
HERNANDEZ, Ruth 1960 
@ CHAD 57-58

Resides: Riverside, CA

Signed the Guestbook:  June 23, 2007 - Left No Comments

HESCHEL, Jerry - 1965
@ Chas:  57-63
7-07  Moved to Westhaven, UT
9-02-02   It was great to find out about the CHAS site and thanks to my sister Kate she has got my brother Mike and I to sign in. I finished HS in Rome, NY. Graduated from Ashland University in OH (1969) and Masters from Syracuse University. My entire career has been with the IRS and currently have responsibility for all the customer service walk-in sites nationwide. Travel a lot as you can guess.

HESCHEL, Mike 1959 Chad Grad 
@ Chas:  57-59
Cincinnati, OH
8-02-02    After graduating from Chad High, I attended Ohio State Univ. and later Arizona State Univ., receiving a Ph.D. in Industrial Engr. from the latter and B.S. and M.S. degrees from the former. I started my career with Boeing in Seattle; then went to FMC in San Jose, followed by Chicago; next to Amer. Hosp. Supply, also first in Calif. and then Chicago; and finally to The Kroger Co. in Cincinnati, where I am now, my role being E.V.P. in charge of logistics, technology, and administrative services. This site brings back many, many fond memories of my years in France and attending Chad High.
Searching for:  Anyone who remembers me and would like to chat, etc.

[jpnote:  I found this: 

August 2005: 

"The Kroger Co. said on Monday that its executive vice president and CIO, Michael S. Heschel, plans to conclude his career with Kroger at the end of the fiscal year.  Heschel, 64, has led the grocery store chainís IT department for the past decade after having joined the Cincinnati-based company in 1991 as group vice president of management information systems.  Three years after coming on board, he was promoted to senior vice president with responsibility for coordinating all IT services, logistics and reengineering projects.  Heschel was appointed EVP and CIO in 1995.

and this: 

Altierre Corp., a provider of wireless infrastructure solutions for retailers, announced today that veteran information technology (IT) and former Kroger's CIO Mike Heschel, Ph.D. has joined the company's board of advisors.

"Mike Heschel is a recognized leader in IT for large retail chains, and his insights and direct experience with our target market and its complex technology needs will be tremendous assets for Altierre," said Altierre CEO Sunit Saxena. "Mike's unique insider perspective, along with his visionary approach, will be complementary to our outstanding advisory team."

and this:

HILL, Christopher Dean "Chris" 1967 
@ Chas: 
at least 1965
Washington State

1-11-08  As you know, Chad HS friends are about our only links to our teen years as we did not enjoy the luxury (or curse) of growing up in one town.

Chris Hill -Recently retired from the position of Meteorologist-in-Charge of the National Weather Service Forecast Office in Seattle, WA and joined the National Weather Service International Activities team as a contractor.

       Chris began his National Weather Service (NWS) career in 1970 as a summer trainee at the Weather Service Forecast Office (WSFO) in Portland, Oregon. 

       In 1991 Chris moved to Seattle as the Area Manager for Washington, until the mid 90s when he became the Meteorologist in Charge.

       Undergraduate at Oregon State University, earning a degree in Earth Science,  Masters degree in Atmospheric Science from University of Wisconsin at Madison.

       Chris has authored several NWS Western Region Technical Attachments, NWS Western Region Technical Memorandums, and articles in American Meteorological Society publications on such subjects as the use of signal detection theory in verification, lightning climatology, and the effects of terrain on thunderstorms.

       He has been a member of several National Weather Service national teams, including the Aviation Center Weather Service Unit (CWSU) team and the Distributed Modeling team.

HILLEY, John 1966 (bro of Don)
@ Chad 1962-64
2-10  Registered to attend Chatx 2010

HILLEY, V. Don  Chad Grad 1964  (bro of John)
@ Chad 1962-64
Jupiter (Palm Beach Gardens), FL
9-16-04 The memories of round-ball and the team traveling are still strong!  [Wondering about  Renee Pety just to see how life turned out.] 

[jpnote: I have an old address for Renee]

2-10-10  Registered to attend Chatx 2010

HILLMAN, Warden "Dink" - 1963 (Richard's brother)


HILLMAN, Marjory  - 1968 - old email no longer valid
New Hampshire

HILLMAN, Richard    Chad Grad 1959 
Tucson, AZ
3-16-03   [Suzanne Manfull '61 and I]  married in 59, have two grown children & 5 grand children.  Living in home we built a few years ago in mountains 45 miles from Tucson, after years of moving around the states & Europe with A F Audit Agency, tired of being on the go & returned home. SO I guess you can put us on your books as still alive & kicking. 

See Chad Marriages 

So sad to say that Suzanne has passed away.  See Chad Memoriam

HINDS, Susan  - 19??

Looking for Frances, Candy, Linda, Kitty.

 HINES, Ginette - 1966    

 8th Grade - 1962    9th Grade - 1963



HITCHCOCK, Tom - 1968 Little Kid & Jr High 
@Chas:  59-62
San Mateo, CA

59-60 - 4th grade, Touvent
60-61 - 5th grade, Touvent
61-62 - 6th grade & part of 7th grade @ the high school on base

I went to school from 1959 to 1962.  I was in 4th grade and then 5th bilingual at Touvent.  I went to 6th and part of 7th where the high school was.  I wonder what happened to Davideen Mace, class of 64 and Paula Coalter. Her sister was Jessica Coalter class of 64.  I lived in Brassioux from 1959- 1962.    I didn't go to the High School, but left CHAD in Junior High. My brother Bill Anderson went to the HS in 61 and 62. He was in the class of 1965. I ran into Bill Hole at a party about thirty years ago. He was living in Petaluma at the time. Great website. I will enjoy visiting it from time to time.  

Tom is the Police Chief of Brisbane, CA

7-27-07    I read the posting by Mike Frost.  He was my next door neighbor in Brassioux.  I was a friend of his little brother Bill and remember that Mike was very nice to me. 

[jpnote:  Reconnected Tom Hitchcock & Mike Frost.]

HODGES, Julianne - 1965
@ Chas - 61-65
Albuquerque, NM

I have fond memories of Chateauroux.  It was truly a unique experience.  I attended junior high and high school there.  Searching:  Anyone who remembers me.

HOKE, Craig - 1969 (8th Grade) 
@ Chas: 64-65
Franklin, ME



HOKE, Robert "Bobby"  46x46
@ Chas: 64-65
Franklin, ME

4-27-09  Searching anyone that's out there.

HOLE, (HALE) Bill - 1961 (Val's bro)  
@ Chas: 57-60
San Angelo, TX

3/25/01 -  I own a custom cabinet shop and raise Quarterhorses.

8-20-05  Recently moved to Roswell, NM. Wife is an OB/Gyn there and I am opening a cabinet shop there. Recently went to OK and saw Ron Fletcher. My horse won third at the Palomino World and loved seeing Ron and visiting about old times.

HOLE, Val - 1963 (brother of Bill)   
@ Chad: 57-60
Pacifica, CA

8-28-05 - [jpnote:  Richard (Dickie) Smith has been searching for Val.]

HOLLAND, Chaz M. Jr.  1961 Chad Grad   46x46
@ Chas: 1960-61
Herndon, VA

03/02/2002  A very special year with some very special people.  I was blessed by my experiences/friendships there.

 12/12/2002 Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all.

 9-5-06  Fun phone conversation with Chaz today.  He and Janet stay busy with their business.  Visit their website at - the visitor password is hgi

HOLMES, Robert E. 1964 
@ CHAD at least 63-64


Robert E. Holmes, P.E.

Civil Engineer



Throughout his career, Mr. Holmes has worked within the engineering and construction industries.  As a co-founder and president of CEI Engineering Associates, Inc...."

See Sabres Football 63-64 Newspaper Article

8-14-07  jpnote:  Emld hello.]

HOOVER, Donna Hatfield - 1964  
Grad from El Paso, TX
@ Chas: 1960-63
Schenectady, NY
11-11-01  I graduated from Texas-El Paso in 1968 then moved east. Have been married for 30 years to a wonderful husband and we have two children and one granddaughter. Would love to hear from others in the class of '64 (or others).

6-27-05  My husband retired last year and we have recently moved to North Carolina to escape the cold Upstate New York winters. We're in the Charlotte area and have room for guests - all you NASCAR fans! Would love to hear from CHAD friends.

I'd love to find LaVerne Brown who graduated in 1963.  Haven't seen her since 1967 when she lived in Clovis, NM. 

[6-29-08 - jpnote:  I emailed Laverne on another website in Nov 02 and April 03 but didn't receive a reply.  This other website requires gold membership in order to be notified of emails.  Perhaps she's not a gold member.  I emailed again on 6-13-08 and today.]

HOPKINS, John "Hoppy" - 1959 
Sacramento, CA

7-19-97 [jpnote:  John, Janice "Gigi" Mitchell & Sharon Witter were reconnected and enjoyed reminiscing during their phone conversations.  John and I also talked on the phone and I learned that he is a retired firefighter and the 2005 Past Potentate of the Ben Ali order of the Shriners.  He just returned from a southwest tour (Arizona, New Mexico) with his Harley buddies.  He plays golf and is enjoying his retirement.]

4/16/00: Attended  and Rochefort High in 1956 Chateauroux High in 1957. Stayed in dorm at Chad. Played soccer at both schools. Returned to France with U.S. Army before going to Viet Nam. I have heard from several people, most of which who went to Rochefort. Would love to hear from any of my classmates. Also anyone who may have gone to Toul in 62-63, and their fathers were stationed at a P.O.L. depot in St. Baussant. Am looking forward to any reunions.


5-27-10Great to see the old yearbooks - AND the more recent pictures of the high school. Where have the years gone?

HOUGH, Luther "Chip" - 1969
@ Chas: 1964 - 7th Grade in 1963-64
Granbury, TX
11-26-05 [jpnote:  I visited Nancy Sullivan (class of '66).  She gave me several photos and Chateauroux souvenirs to scan and post to the website(s).  One of the souvenir items was a clipped article from what I suppose the Base Newspaper from 1964.  The article was about the High School Honor students.  On the back of this same clipping was an article about Col. Bud Hough and his velvet paintings.  I could barely make out his name since the clipping is torn.  I did a little search and found his son, Chip, who was a junior high student at Chad.  Chip and his wife, Jonne, live about 50 miles south of my house.  I spoke with Jonne and we determined that Col. Hough was indeed Chip's dad.  His mother lives in California and she has the collection of paintings referred to in the article.  Oh what fun it is to find others of "US."

HOWLAND, Walt  Chad Grad 1966
@ Chas: 1965-1966
Tucson, AZ
12-15-01  didn't think any of us 42 grads of the last year would ever hear from each other...remember the "UNKNOWNS" we played alot of dances..I still play and haven't forgotten those overseas years...married for 25 years and 4 kids and one grandson...would like to hear from you...

HUDDLESTON, Joseph Hayes Chad Grad 1960   46x46
Vienna, VA

jpnote:  I spoke with Hayes many years ago.

HUDSON, James Michael "Mike"  Chad Grad 1966     46x46
Married Rose Eudaily '66 Chas Marriages

@ Chad:  1963-66
Columbia, SC

4-26-06 Wonderful memories, great friends, and dedicated teachers that had a profound affect on our lives. Rose and I were Editor and Mrs Webb in Junior Class Play (Our Town), would have been Mama's husband Nels (I Remember Mama - Rose (Eudaily) Hudson) had it not been for a  ruptured appendix during Senior Class Play try-outs.  Fortunately Ed Ecklund got the part and did a better job as Nels.  Thanks Ed.     Though we did not marry in Chateauroux we married two years later (Jul 20, 1968) at Rantoul, IL (Chanute AFB) and have been honey mooning ever since.   Our union has been blessed with three wonderful children).  Rose was at Everoux (1963-1964) prior to coming to Chateauroux for her Junior/Senior Years (1965-1966).  The Chateauroux High School Web Site has become a wonderful addition to our viewing pleasure and we look forward to your continued efforts in keeping us all posted on its alumni and faculty.   Our condolences to Karen Reistad and her family on the loss of her dad.  He was a Gentle Giant that had a positive impact on everyone he met. Warmest Regards     Mike and Rose (Eudaily) Hudson

 [jpnote: Reconnected Mike & Stephen Fletcher '68]

1-25-10 Happy Belated Birthday Jenelle, sorry we didn't mention it when we chatted earlier but you're an inspiration that's found the Fountain of Youth in this special website. You've worked tirelessly to make Chateauroux our second home, a place we can journey at days end, when we're feeling a little blue, to brighten our lives to a time less complicated and so full of hope, energy and beautiful memories. Thank you for allowing us to share what God has Given. A Fortunate Few

HUDSON, James C. - 1966 (brother of John)
@ Chas:  1959-1962
Houston, TX
03/22/2003   You might remember my brother John Hudson before you would remember me. It is good to see the names of people I went to school with Rod Santos, Vicki Greer, Herb Bradley and lots of others. Thanks for this site.

HUDSON, John - 1963 (brother of James C.) 
@ Chad:  1956-57 and 1959-62
Birmingham, AL & Panama City Beach, FL
10-10-04  Looking at yearbook pictures brings back so many great memories. I am going to try and make the San Antonio reunion in November. Would also like to hear from and see anyone that is in the Florida panhandle area. I also have a home in Birmingham, Al.

HUFFMAN, J. Bruce   Chad Grad  1966  46x46
Years @ Chas:1964-1966
Ivanhoe, IL (Chicago)

01/15/2002    I have recently returned from a three year experience of working in Europe. A sad thing indeed to 'work' where one previously played but worse things could happen. My love for France and things French was re-kindled and you all will be happy to learn that the language returns with use.  I would love to hear from our classmates and get caught up since the Seattle reunion.

4-6-09  Bruce has shown interest in the Dallas 2009 Reunion

HUGHES, Norma - 1969
Years @ Chas: 1965-1966
Plano, TX

3-21-07 We were only in Chateauroux for 10 months, from Oct 1965 to August 1966. I remember the fun times - the terrible food at the school cafeteria...Touvent..
I was a freshman, and we moved to Berlin to finish our European tour.

5-28-08  I was a freshman in High School when we moved to Chateauroux. My father, SM/Sgt Norman L. Hughes was in the Fire Department...
We only lived there 11 months before moving to West Berlin, Germany. We had some real family fun while in France. Would love to return one day.

HULL, Harry E., Jr. - 1964
Sacramento, California

2/1/00 -  The friends that I have from Chateauroux certainly appreciate your interest and work. Thanks. Harry 

See Chad Marriages  Congratulations Harry & Karen Teets on your marriage - June 21, 2003

HULL, Susan  - 1968  
San Jose, CA

2/22/00: My brother Harry e-mailed me with the website. It's great! Hello to everyone!

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