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Chateauroux, France


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GABRIEL, Mary   Chad Grad 1962 
@ Chas: 1962
Fayetteville, Georgia

I was at Poitiers in the dorm my junior year and then transferred to Chateauroux for my senior year. Would love to hear from anyone from those years. Does anyone know where Karen Rabe, Nancy Williams [jp found both & connected] or Barbara Cooper are?  [jp emailed Barbara at another website but no reply]

GADLER, Jean Chad Grad 1957
@ Chas: 1956-57
Clayton, NM  

8-31-08  Attended Chad half my junior year 1956 and most of my senior 1957 year before returning stateside in April 1957 just 6 weeks short of graduating with my class and missed the graduation trip to Germany!! Just found this great site. thanks - Searching contact with anyone at the Chad High School 1956-1957.
[jpnote: I emailed Jean at another website 11-5-02.] 

GADLER, Mike - 1961 
@ Chas: 1956-57
Albuquerque, NM

10-31-08   Anybody remember Frenchy or Girrard? Where is Tom Mclean, Bob Rivard, Eddy Duncan, Bev Wonzer etc.?

GAGNE, Annette
@ Chas in school: 1955 - 1966
Chateauroux, France

GAGNE, Mike - 1968    46x46
Graduated: Augusta, ME
@ Chas in school: 1955 - 1966
Mike & wife, Corinne, live in Chateauroux with their son, Jesse

09/13/2001 Comments regarding 9-11: Thanks for posting my Flag J.P..  All the French people I have been in contact with join me in sending to our American friends all our most sincere thoughts.  I have been interviewed by the local press, newspaper & radio and I can assure you that there is strong solidarity building itself against these terroriste groups, it seems as if we are not reacting as different nations but as one country as a whole.




GATES, Nancy - Chad Grad 1965    46x46
Washington, DC

1-16-10  --- what a great site. Spent all evening looking, readying and reminiscing... what fun!

7-20-10 Bonjour Everyone: After leaving France in 1966...but graduating in 1965(spent all four years of high school there)...I attended Dominican University in San Rafael...then moved back with my folks in Sacramento to attend American River Jr. College and also went to Monterey Institute of Foreign Languages..where I picked up Italian which gave me the 3 languages to become an International Flight Attendant.  When I got hired by Trans International Airline...I quit school and never looked back.  I flew during the Vietnam War...took lots of GI's over and ALSO took them home...which was the fun part.  I flew all over the world and flying brought me back to France over and really was a fun part of my life.  When I quit flying I got a ticket on TWA to go around the world...went to Berlin and stayed with Bob Hunt...Sandy Hunt's old brother...before he deployed to Vietnam for his second tour...then off I went to a little ski town called Leysin above Lake Geneva. where I met my Canadian husband.  We then hitched hiked all over Europe and finally ended up in North Africa, Casablanca Morocco...where my Grandparents were still living.  Needless to say I ended up moving to Toronto, Canada...and lived there for 11 years.  Canada was very good to me.  I had my first business there...where I supplied Flight Attendants for Trade Shows and other business promotions…something similar to a modeling agency.  Then in 81 I finally moved back to then single and ready for a new adventure.  Did the same business in San Francisco and traveled back and forth for 3 years...but being pregnant with my 2nd child put an end to the traveling.  Yes, got married for the second time to an American who fathered my two children Nannette and Remy.  Man this going on and on.  By 89 we moved to Seattle and I eventually got into the wireless communication business.  My son got sick at 6 yrs. old with Batten Disease and finally passed away in 2001, right around the same time I got out of the telecommunication business with barely keeping my shirt on (so to speak).  The father and I went separate ways when my son got sick.  Then my Mom got sick with Cancer and then my Dad passed away 7 months after her...saying she kept calling for him.  So at that point it was time for me to reinvent myself...and I like to think that I have.  Since 2004 I have been running a French Country Inn, in the Woodinville, WA. Wine Country called Auberge de Seattle.  We are also a specialty cooking school…where we teach hands-on French Regional Cooking Classes.  I very much enjoy what I do…it’s a lot of work, but it truly is fun too.    I would love to hear from you .  My daughter Nannette and her husband are moving to Paris, France this Sept./2010…and Mom (me)  is trying to figure out a way to be there also…so who knows what direction the wind will blow.…I stopped trying to figure it out a long time ago…when my son got sick.  That’s it folks for now. Please come and visit me…or at least drop me a line to say “Bonjour”…Nancy Gates-Douglas

GAULT, Sherry - 1965  
[jpnote:  Are you K.C.'s sister?] 
GEALTA, Tom - 1954 or 1955 - See Chad Memoriam
GEISMER, William "Bill"  Chad Grad 1961
@ Chas: 1960-1961
kentwood la
5/22/01: was really surprised to find this site. Brings back some good memories.
GIGAX, Kathy - 1965    (Patti's sis) 
Durham, NC


Kathy - Junior Photo

GOODIS, Susan Batel - 1965
 @ Chas: 1961-2
Redlands, CA
7/12/01 -  Would especially love to hear from the Brashears!
GOSSETT, David - 1961
@ Chas: 1961
Richmond, VA
4-28-03 - Just learned of this website from a friend, john prager, who had lived next door to my family in fairborn, ohio when our dads were stationed at wright-pat

GOULD, Clint   CHAD GRAD 1964   46x46
@ Chas: 1961-1965
Philadelphia, PA
3/28/01 - 5-11-02  Greetings! ISP and email address change.

 12-4-06  Heading back to Capetown, South Africa (where I've been spending part of my year since 2001).  All the best to you. Happy Christmas to y'all.  Clint Gould

PS, My sister Nadine sends her regards. Contact her through me is fine.


GOULD, Nadine  
@ Chas: 1961-1965
Philadelphia, PA

Nadine at Lac Chambon









GOUT, Jerry - 1967 

8-9-09  Jerry emailed JP - was travelling in Germany at the time. He wrote in part:  "Thanks so much for your e-mail.  I can't believe that I have been missing out for so many years.  I happened to be talking to a colleague whose wife had attended Dreux HS, which prompted me to look for a Chas website.  So happy you took the time to set one up.  You are doing a great job - thanks!   I will put next June on my calendar and hope to be able to join you.

It would be great if Betty [Adamek] still has contact with Kathy.  There are probably others, like Anne Martell (not located)  and Gary Seaver (among others) whom I would like to see again.  BTW, Betty may remember my sister, Barbara, who was Freshman Class VP at Chas.  Our stepfather was Elementary school principal.

I will try to send a couple of pictures, then and now, for the website after I get back from my business trip to Germany next week.  Has everyone been scanning their yearbook picture to send to you?


GRAFF, Kurt - 1968     

1/31/00 - I attended CHAS from 1964-1966 (Class of 68). I married Linda Hammon who attended CHAS from 1965-1966 {class of 69). I am looking for my old friend, Michael Gagne, [see Mike's entry above] with whom I played soccer and hung out with.

GRAHAM, Katie - 1962   
City & State:  Oregon
@ Chas:  1959 to 1962
12/21/2002  Comments:  Thank you Jenelle for providing this wonderful place to visit. It's great reading the comments.

GRAHAM, Mike - Little Kid 
Graduation Year (Chas or Elsewhere):  1962
Mobile, AL
@ Chas:  1959 to 1962

Templehof Berlin 1966-1968 - Eglin AFB FL 1968 - Had a great time traveling in the hs band as a 7th grader - awesome little league baseball season - summer of 1966 went to Paris to play tourney-verdue paris orleans - Searching coach savage; coach houston-went to bitburg

4-9-09 Guestbook: High School Band-Great road trips to towns and contests, I learned a lot. Little League Baseball-Cardinals Lived in Hotel George Sand Touvent and Brassioux Searching: Coach Ralph Houston-CHAS Bitburg
David Prevost
Ginny Compton (found and listed on the site)
And like Otis a lot more I have forgotten.

GRAY, Marcellene  1963  (married to Chas G.I. Gary Dusick)
@ Chad:  1961-1962
Mentone, Ca.
I am married to Gary Dusick. Gary was a military A/1C in Chateauroux from 1960-1963. My father Lt. Col. Roy W. Gray (deceased) retired at Norton AFB in San Bernardino, Ca. Gary and I were married at Norton in 1963.


GREER, Charles -  CHAD GRAD 1962  
@ Chas: 61-62
Ocala, FL

GREER, Douglas M.D. P.C.   CHAD GRAD 1957  
Washington, DC





GREER, Suzanne (Suzi) - (Viki's sister) Chad Grad 1962  
@ Chas: 58-62
Waco, TX
8/11/02: WHAT A JOY TO SEE THE OLD CHATEAU!  Many years and many waters, but I STILL REMEMBER our days there.  I would love to hear from you.  Searching for: ANYONE who sang in Triple Trio, played in the band, or walked those halls during 1958-1962.



GREER, Viki - 1966
Graduated Dallas, TX 1966
@ Chas: 1958-62
Ft. Worth, TX
12-05-01 Comments: What a great job! I am excited about the prospect of finding someone who would remember our years at Chateauroux. My sister Suzanne graduated in 1962. She was the studious one...I was there to enjoy myself. I was a cheerleader and remember so much about the sports of those years. All those dances at the REC Center? Richard Dormer - Stephen Foxx. Where are you? Patricia Gibson - Kathy Storms. What has your life been like? Would love to hear from anyone.

@ Chas: 1962-65
Indianapolis, IN


GRIGG, Bob  Chad Grad  1966  
St. Louis, MO
2/1/00  I attended Chateauroux H.S. from '65 and graduated in '66 with a great group of students who scattered all over the world. Would love to know how my other classmates are doing! I have been married 25 years to a wonderful and beautiful woman...Patti. We have two children: Brandon 23 and Stephanie 21, who is starting her senior year at Abilene Christian Uni. in Texas. By the way... We won the SUPERBOWL.

GUDEBSKI, Jeri - 1966 
@ Chas: 1962 - 1965
Vacaville, CA

2/24/01 - Hi Gang

Jeri's junior photo

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