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Chateauroux, France


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FANNIN, Bill  1955 See Chad Memoriam

FARLEY, Maureen

FINKIN, Eugene  Chad Grad  1958  46x46
@ Chas: 1957-58
Aventura, FL

10-25-01 Comments: I am now semi-retired after a long career as CEO/COO of many industrial companies
[Eugene graduated from MIT - 1962]

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FINKIN, Matthew  1961
FINN, Delores "Dee" Finn - 1960
Married Chas g.i. Dennis Yanek
Woodbridge, NJ
FINNIGAN, (Finigan) Brian - 1966
@ Chad 1959-62
Graduated:  1966 Cocoa Beach, Florida

Truth or Consequences, NM
Manchester, NH

03/08/2003  I was in Chateauroux 10 years ago. They wouldn't let me on the base. Drove out to Brassioux and noticed the hedges. I was 14 when we left in '62 but those 3 years in Chateauroux were the high point of my (many) school years. Hope to see some names I recognize from my classes. I was there from 6th-8th grade. I met Mike Keller again after 38 years and played for his parents 60th wedding anniversary. I am a jazz musician (trumpet/trombone/sax); lived in New Orleans for 25 years and am now in New England.

5-22-08   Just discovered* your site and it brings back some great memories. I went to Paris in '92, rented an apt. then took the train to Chateauroux where I went everywhere except they wouldn't let me on the base. I tried to get on but the guard dit 'non'. Please keep me informed of future reunions, trips, teen club meetings or anything. I just bought a house in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. Lived in New Orleans for 30 years as a jazz musician then to New England and now the great southwest. But Chateauroux will always be 'home'

Searching:  Anyone from the 6-8th grades who were there from '59-'62. Anyone who was in the teen club. Boy Scouts? Remember that trip to England for the 50th boy scout jamboree?

*[jpnote:  I wrote to Brian on another website a couple of years ago.]



FLETCHER, Perry  1964
Atlanta, GA
(Ron, Steve & John's brother)  Perry is an assistant district attorney in Atlanta - preparing to retire.]

[jpnote: Sports Candids - click to see photo.]

FLETCHER, Ron - (Perry, Steve & John's brother) 1961 Chad Grad
Norman, OK 

Ron & Craig Henry (taken 59-60)







FLETCHER, Stephen      1968
@ Chas:  1959-1962 1964-1966
Norman, OK
I have been active on this website for about 5 years and realized I never signed the Guest Book. (Sorry Jenelle)  Anyway, this is a good time to put my new email address on here. The old one still works but this is a new one that came with DSL service.  Getting in touch with so many old friends after so many years has been a lot of fun and an education in itself.  (Kurt and Linda, I am still going to make a trip up NW to see you some time.)


FORSYTH, Paul  1966
@ Chas:  1959-62
Augusta, GA
4-18-03 Comments: Went to Med School and am now a radiologist in private practice.  Good friends with Herb Bradley, Jerry Williams, Rod Santos and others

FORSYTH, Susan Orr  1961
@ Chas:  1959-61
 Las Vegas, NV

FRICKE, Fran PhD 1968
Daytona Beach, FL

[1-4-06 jpnote:  Fran is Chair,  Human Factors and Systems of a local university.  She is in touch with some of her Chateauroux friends.]

FRIDAY, Carmen  1967 (married Raymond Haas '67) See Chad Marriages
@ Chas:  1963-66
Tampa, Fl

Searching for:  Hudlin and McAfee brothers; Ardis Johnson, Belinda Wheeler, Veronica VanDyke

FRIEDELL, Mary  1964 
Ashville, NC

7/01/01 For just a little while I was 18 again. I would love to hear from anybody and everybody.

5-28-08  [jpnote:  Reconnected Mary and Judy Tobin who was searching for her.]


FROST, Mike  1963 Chad Grad  
Tampa, Florida

9-21-06  Mike Fr

ost here, CHAD graduate '63.  Saw two names on your site I would like to contact if possible:  Lawrence Murtha '66 (he and his brother were my buds), and Betty Adamek (I was buds with her brother Alan, if it's the right Adamek).  Can I get their e-mail addresses from you?  The older I get, the more I think of my wonderful Chateauroux years.  I still have my CHAS letter jacket (football and soccer) and it still fits!  Thank you.  Mike
[jpnote:  Emailed Mike to give him Larry & Betty & Alan's email addresses.]

[jpnote:  5-15-07  Mike's Siblings:  Bill Frost '68; Mike Frost '63; Tom Frost 'LK; Victoria "Vicki" Frost '69]

FULLER, Eldo - 1954 Chad Grad   See Chad Memoriam

FURMAN, Nell    1954 Chad Grad    See 1954 Yearbook


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