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Chateauroux, France


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ECKLUND, Edward Chad Grad 1966   46x46
@ Chas: 1963 - 1966
 Woodstock, MD

 11/30/01  I'm a Senior Computer Specialist at the Library of Congress, and I still screwed up the E-mail address when I signed in. This should work better. Hadn't done a net search for "Chateauroux" in years. Glad I tried again. Great site! Loved the pix! I'll come back and explore more later. Bio, pix, mail, as time permits. TTFN

4-6-09    I'm still a quiet kind of guy but have pleasant memories of France. Actually, some of those memories are among the highlights of my life.

Ed has shown an interest in attending the Dallas 2009 Reunion.

EDWARDS, Bette 1957 Chad Grad 1957 
@ Chas: 1954-1957
San Antonio, TX

1-15-10  Hi! I graduated from chad in 1957. graduated with a Ba from Western Wn, Masters from UCLA, Law Degree from So. Bay college of Law and ED.D from Texas A&M. I have 4 children, one deceased. My oldest Dr. Shannon Marquez id associate dean at the college of the sciences in Philly. she doe a lot of work in Africa so we have traveled there to help her in her projects. My brother Bob died in 1974 of sarcoidosis. He had one son, Bob jr., My brother Ralph lives in moreno valley, CA and is an avid golfer. He is a retired school principal and has one daughter, Raquel/ My sister, Connie is a retired teacher living in Atlanta GA I look to hear from you and may be able to go to chateauroux this year

EDWARDS, Ralph - 1960
@ Chas: 1954-1957
Moreno Valley, CA
3/27/01  I am a school administrator. I have a beautiful 16 year old daughter and I am addicted to the game of golf.

4-21-08  Searching:  Ross Sanders, (listed on this website) -  Karl and Jimmy Burden have not been located.

EDWARDS, Robert Lamarr "Bob"  CHAD GRAD 1957    See Chad Memoriam
(brother of Bette)

EINHORN, Morris (brother of Karl) - 1963  46x46
Dumfries, VA

@ Chas: 1961-1962
Santa Barbara, CA
9/23/01 Comments: I would very much like to hear from my classmates.
7/04/02 Comments: Looking forward to hearing from anyone who graduated 1962, as well as possible reunion information would be appreciated. Thank you.  Aydan

EKNES, Karla (sister of Kay)


EKNES, Kay - 1962 (sister of Karla) 
@ Chas: 1958-1961
Orange City, Iowa

Kay's daughter's name is Janelle!

EMPEY, Richard  CHAD GRAD 1953 
Encinitas, CA

4-9-08  [jpnote:  Paul Davis II had been searching for Richard for over 50 years since they were the only 2 graduates of the Chad Class of 1953 and best buds.  They differ on who was Valedictoria and who was Salutatorian. :)

ENGLE, Bob -  (Barbara's brother)   CHAD GRAD 1960  46x46
@ Chas: 1959-60
San Antonio, TX
3-16-04  I often think back on those years in France especially getting the opportunity to be part of those really great football teams. Those were gentler, more peaceful times when high school kids could still just be kids. Oh well.....

[jpnote:  Bob is a talented artist who has graciously contributed some of his drawings to the website.  Contact Bob regarding his artwork by writing him at his postal address listed below.]

See Bob Engle's Photo Page


EUDAILY, Rose  Chad Grad 1966  Married Mike Hudson '66   Chas Marriages  46x46
@ Chad:  1963-66
Columbia, SC

4-26-06 Wonderful memories, great friends, and dedicated teachers that had a profound affect on our lives. Warmest Regards to All


EVANS, Tony    1963 
@ Chas: 1961-62
South Wales, United Kingdom
9/18/01 Great Memories from the site

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