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Chateauroux, France


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DAVIS, Earl -1963
@ Chas: 61-63
St. Catharines, ON Canada

03/08/2003  -  Hello everyone, what a great website, this is just fantastic. Like all of us, I have indeed traveled down a long road in life, no complaints, I have had a ball. I re-married a year ago and now live with my wife in Canada. I work on Grand Island NY. I had the pleasure of having dinner in 2000 with Chuck Allen and Carl Peters and his wife. I have communicated with Mary Ann Novak and briefly with Sheryl Miglio (65). I have two children and 4 grandchildren. Hmmmm, my oldest grand-daughter graduates this June from high school, June 6th at that, that will be exactly 40 years ago from ours eh?. Drop a line if you like, would love to hear from you.

7-13-08 [jpnote:  Reconnected Earl and Johnny Atkins.

DAVIS, Marjorie  1957 (Sister of Paul)
@ Chas: 52/53
Whitefield, NH

4-20-08  Guestbook entry: My brother, Paul V. Davis just told me about this website and his connection w/ Empey. Amazing and thank you.

@ Chas: 52/53
Gettysburg, PA

01/26/2002 & April 2002

[jp note:  Paul says his  classmate, Richard Empy, was last known to be in Colorado.  Richard was listed on; was emailed, but he did not reply - then he disappeared off of classmates.  Ah! sigh.] 

[jpnote:  October 2002, I travelled through Gettysburg and called Paul.  Unfortunately, he was not at home, but I spoke with his mother and we reminisced about Chateauroux for a few minutes.] 

[jpnote:  April 9, 2009 Richard Empey has been located and reconnected wih his friend, Paul!]

DAY, John M. - 1960 
Dorm Kid from Poitiers

@ Chas: 56-58

Rockville, MD
I attended Chateauroux High in '56 - '57 during my Freshman year and '57 - '58 during my Sophomore year. Since we were stationed in Poitiers, I lived in the Dorm during the week and commuted home for the weekends. After the High School was built in Poitiers, I attended it in '58 - '59 during my Junior year. We returned to the U. S. in the summer of '59 and I finished High School in Manassas, VA in '60.

DEAN, Don  Chad Grad  1965  
@ Chas: 63-64
Mesa, AZ

 [jp note:  Don was/is a talented artist - see  1963 Yearbook  & 1964 Yearbook]


DENNETT, Brenda Hart Chad Grad  1963    46x46
@ Chas: 59-63
Belleville, IL
4/22/01: I have heard from a few old Chad friends and saw some of you at the San Antonio reunion of '97, but I've lost some email addresses. Love to hear from everybody from those years.



DENNETT, Mondo - 1966
@ Chas: 1959-1963
Winter Park, CO
@ Chas: 1959-1963
DILLON, Kathleen 1968 
Cape Fair, MO
@ Chad 1963-65

2-24-10 I am hoping to reconnect with some old Chateauroux friends. If you read this please contact me, I would love to hear from you! Debbie Jensen, Juanita Noble, Greg Noble, Janice LaViolette, Christopher "Kit" Smith, Eileen Evans. Hope to hear back from some of you. We lived at Touvent and later in Brassioux.

DILLON, Pamela Wilson - 1965
Blacklick OH a suburb of Columbus, OH

@ Chad 1963-65

I was so happy to find this website! The photos bring back so many good memories.
I married a serviceman, Frank Wilson, and we returned to the states in 1965 after I graduated. I have two children, 7 grandchildren and 1 great granddaughter. I am a Corporate Claim Manager for an insurance company in Columbus, Ohio (go Buckeyes!!!)
I have kept in touch with Chateauroux classmates, Kay (Roden) Conner and MaryAnn Novak.

DINES, Mary - 1967
@ Chas: 1962(?)-1966

DINES, Pat - Chad Grad 1966
@ Chas: 1962-1966
St. Petersburg, FL
9/25/01 -   I drove through Chateauroux a few times over the years. It was desolate, gray, and as flat as I remember it....a great place to build an airfield. The buildings that were our high school were still there, abandoned and unpainted, in the process of being reclaimed by nature. The barbed wire protecting the base from all the indigent resurrections was still unscathed, having accomplished its job with merit over the years. The pictures of these trips into nostalgia made me think of those high school years and I realized that it wasn't the place--it was the people. Our base and our high school could have been a mile deep below the antarctic ice and today we would still have fond memories of that "wonderful place." So when I think of Chateauroux, I remember the teachers who made a difference, the girls I loved from a distance, the music that I can still hear on the oldies stations, the books that took me to distant places, and finally, that MAC flight that took me away to college.

DINNING, Steve - 1966
@ Chas: 1962 - 1965
Concord, CA
6/12/01 -   Notification of new email address.
[jpnote:  Steve & brother, Mike '68, attended the Lake Tahoe 2003 Reunion.  See photos]


DOCKERY, Penny - 1965  CHAD GRAD  1966    
@ Chas: 1964-65
Algonquin, IL

1-12-10 My years in Châteauroux were happy ones.

DOLFI, Joyce - 1964
@ Chas: 1959-62
Apex, NC
  2-10-10 -  What a wonderful website to take us back in time. I have always loved France as I spent a tour in Paris and a tour in Chateauroux. The years at Chad High were some of the best. They were uncomplicated, simple and we were young. Thank you, Jenelle for all your hard work.

DONALD, Margaret "Peggie"- 1959 (Mary Lee's sister)
@ Chad 1956-59
1-12-05  I do enjoy visiting the site from time to time. It certainly is a visit to the past.

[jpnote:  Peggie owns a home-cooking style restaurant between Dallas and Fort Worth.  Charles & I had brunch with Peggie in the fall of 2004.]


DONALD, Mary Lee - (Peggie's sister) 1959    46x46
@ Chad 1956-59
 Mary Lee's Page w/Photos

[9-17-04 jpnote: I found Mary Lee living in Colorado.  We had a great telephone conversation and she mentioned she was looking for her friends Bonnie Markell; Rita Rochford; and Eileen Small.  Rita and Eileen are listed on this friends list - Bonnie has not been located. [Bonnie finally showed up!]   Mary Lee has been a nurse in the geriatric field for 30 years.  Drop her a note - she would enjoy hearing from you.  I emailed the ladies mentioned above - hope they reunite.]

DONALDSON, Bonnie - (Sandi Roger's step-sister)

DONALDSON, Elijah - 1961 - Not located

See Photos of Elijah and Gloria Durham below at Gloria's entry.  (Steve Fletcher '68 contributed the photos.]








DORMER, Aileen Tye - 1963 

DORMER, Celeste Yowell  1967  46x46
@ Chas: 1960-63
Hillsborough, NC

3/13/01 -   It was great fun looking at all of the old pictures!
See Celeste's info on this website - Cut & paste into your browser -  Great Photos



DORMER, Richard 

Arlington, TX
2/17/00 -   Spent only one year in Chateauroux, graduating in the class of 1966. Just in the last couple of weeks I've made contact with several classmates and students who attended and/or graduated from Chas. Can't believe it's been almost 35 years. The memories will never die (maybe sputter a little...but never die). Would enjoy hearing from anyone who attended or graduated from this great school.

DOUGLAS, Barbara - 1957 - Somebody's searching for you!

DOUGLAS, Cindy   CHAD GRAD  1964
@ Chas: 1960-1963
Hiram, Georgia
02-02-02  I am so glad to see this website. I remember Karen Teets,  Kate Heschel and Candy Turnipseed, my buds. [All of these ladies are listed alphabetically in this Friends List.]  I have not heard from anyone in years. I did go back to Chateauroux 3 years ago, but did not have time to look for old sites. We did eat breakfast at McDonald's, go figure. I would love to hear from anyone that lived in Chateauroux back when. I am a divorced mother of 2 men, 24 & 26. I am an RN outside of Atlanta. I am back in school getting a degree in Management.  Let's share memories! 

DOUGLAS, Steve - 1965 
Kennesaw, GA
In Chateauroux from 60-63, 7th-9th grade. Found your site by accident, it is outstanding. I often wonder about my old friends. What about Steve Foxx, Danny Perkins, Gary Williams, Herbie Bradley, Rod Santos (and his dads Maserati), and many others. What happened to all the members of our great Little League team we had in 1961. I still have my championship jacket. Always tried to keep up with the great football team. My parents and i were thrilled when Ronnie Fletcher came into the game against Texas and all but pulled it out. Great memories about Chad, you just had to be there, I can't explain it to my friends today. Cool red peugoets, I thought they were motorcycles then, only 50cc's. Best thing is no more fear of being de-panced on the bus coming home from the movie by four seniors. Amost forgot about the fair downtown, and being chased by a mob of French kids who did not like Americans. It did not matter, I wouldn't have changed anything, we had fun.

DOWLING, James "Jim" - 1961
@ Chas: 1954-1958
Carlsbad, NM
10-24-03   I would welcome communication from anyone who knew me "over there".

[jpnote: Reconnection:  Barry Codron & Jim - old friends]

DOWNING, Brian  Chad Grad 1965  
@ Chas: 1963-1965
Pinehurst, NC
4-15-04    My twin brother Bruce and I attended CHAS for our junior and senior years. Great memories of great people. My best to all Sabres everywhere

5-29-09  Hello

DOWNING, Bruce - Chad Grad 1965
DROTTS, Sandy - 1961 - See Chad Memoriam

DUHAN, Dale - 1966  
Grad 1966: Kecoughtan High - Hampton, VA
@ Chad:  1960-63
Lubbock, TX
[Freshman photo - 1963]

[jpnote:  Dale is Associate Director of International Business Programs Associate Professor of Marketing at Texas Tech University.) 

Thank you, Vicki Key (Dreux) for the connection.]

10-7-04 Thank you for creating this web page. It is really nice to see pictures and read history about Chateauroux. Seeing Don Hilley's name on the list brought memories of basketball and his family car. If I remember correctly, it was a very large, red, Chrysler 300 with great fins (probably 1960 or 61 model, the fins were diagonal). I remember seeing them try to park it near the farmer's market in town. I believe it required two parking spaces in downtown Chateauroux. It also tended to draw a crowd in town, "Le Belle American"... Anyway, lots of fun thinking about all of those days.


DUNNEBACKE, Kay  CHAD GRAD 1963  [updated email address 3-13-08]  46x46
@ Chas: 60-63
Santa Rosa, CA
Hello Old friends. I just met Luaine Lindsey Kirkpatrick in Springfield, Ohio. I was visiting my 2 sisters in Centerville and will add their email and addresses next. What a lovely surprise. Thank you so much Jenelle and I have some old pictures and C'est La Vie's to add. xxoo Kay   See Kay's Scrapbook  - Rainbow Girls

[jpnote:  Kay attended the Lake Tahoe 2003 Reunion - See more pics]
just returned from the reunion in Tahoe. It was so much fun and wow a renewal of friendship and the making of new ones. I had a blast.   We were pathetic on the bus. [singing old songs]   We could only remember the first verse.

2-22-04  I am an RN doing Med/surg and Ob at a Kaiser Hospital 3 miles from my home. I am off on disability now with a new surgery on my shoulder I am going to Ohio and hope to connect with Susie Sinclair Gibbs and my family. Hope this year brings everyone health and happiness and JP thanks again for making a home for us nomads. xxoo Kay

Searching for:  John Foley, Dennis Jouett, Bobby Thompson - are you out there?

DUNNEBACKE, Mary - 1968  
Dayton, OH
DUNNEBACKE, Sara de Diemar - 1967
Dayton, OH

DURHAM, Gloria - 1961 - Not located - originally from San Antonio, TX

Gloria & Elijah Donaldson at a Church party - [Steve Fletcher's photos]


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