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Chateauroux, France


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BAGLEY, Carol J.  Chad Grad 1957
@ Chas: 1954-1957

BAKER, Bonnie Jeanine  Chad Grad 1965 
@ Chas: 1962-65 -  Lived at 21 Rue Galleini
Bonnie has had her pilot's license for many years.  She made this flight in March 2011 in Florida.  

BALDWIN, Ted L. -  Chad Grad 1957    
@ Chas:  1956-57
Hackettstown, NJ [Temp]

  1-15-10  A displaced Texan. [JP emailed Ted for 9 years before he signed the Guestbook. Hope for all that your friends will show up!) :) 

A displaced Texan.

BALL, Robert - 1969   
@ Chas:  1964-66 

(No Photo Located)

BANE, Sharon  - 1964 
@ Chas:  1955-61
Keizer, OR

  CC - 4-14-06   It's great to come onto the Chad website and revisit. Thank you for the time and effort it takes to keep it current. I'm sooooooooo glad that you're putting the yearbooks on the site. Since I don't have mine anymore, it'll be fun looking at them again.

9-2-06  In '58 I was in 7th grade. We left Chad in April of '61 at the end of my 9th grade.

  Excerpt from another website:  I am married and have three children and five grandchildren. I've lived in the Pacific Northwest (Salem, Oregon) since 1975 and wouldn't want to live any place else.  My husband and I are active in our Church.

BANKERT, Dave - 1958 
@ Chas:  1956-57 
3-12-03 Comments:  Proud father of two sons, Scott and Nicholas, both high school teachers and coaches. Retired mortgage banker, play golf, building hot rods, ocean boating, and an occasional game of BBall,   Looking forward to the Lake Tahoe reunion.  

[jpnote:  Dave was unable to attend the 2003 Tahoe Reunion as he mentioned above.]

Searching for:  Molly Box, Monty Wilson - Chateauroux American High School Students

BARRIX, Linda  1965    See Chad Marriages  
@ Chas: August-63 to February-65

10/21/2002:  My husband James Thompson and I both went to school [at Chad].   Jim graduated from there in  1964.  My dad was transferred to Colorado Springs, so I graduated from there in 1965. We would love to hear from former classmates.

Searching for:  Chateauroux American High School Students:  Steve DeCamp, John Melvin, [found & connected] Ken Mayberry, Anyone that remembers us.

 Jim and Linda Thompson, the last 35 years:

     After graduating, Jim joined the Air Force in 1965, and ended up in the Philippines, with a short stint in Vietnam.   My dad was transferred to Colorado Springs, so we left Chateauroux in Feb of 1965. I ended up graduating from Roy J. Wasson High School in Colorado Springs. Our old friend, Charlene Moore, got us back together after Jim was transferred to Georgia in 1968.
    Jim and I married in 1968. We were married for over 8 years in which time we lived in Macon, Georgia; Biloxi, Mississippi and Ipswich, England. Jim was in Libya and Turkey also. We left England in 1972 and went to Mather AFB, in Sacramento, CA. We divorced in 1976.
    In 1996, we remarried and have been living in California ever since. We have a daughter, Kathy (husband Ken, and two wonderful granddaughters, Mary 9, and Melanie 7). They also manage apartments and Ken works for an underground cable company. Our son, Jimmy, is still single and just got out of the Air Force. He is in Air Traffic Control.
    We manage an apartment building in Riverside, CA with 120 units. I run the office while Jim takes care of the rehabs. We have been doing this kind of work for nearly 7 years now. Jim has been in construction for over 25 years, and I have worked in every facet of management and some retail for over 25 years.
    We bowl twice a week, and sometimes 3 times a week on Vegas leagues (which means we go to Vegas for the sweepers events). We enjoy that a lot, and other than that we enjoy visiting with our kids, grandkids, playing cards; still play pinochle when we can find partners.

BATCH, Irene (The lovely & talented) (Susan's sister) - 1963  
@ Chas: 1960- 1962

10-07  Irene and her sister, Susan, returned to Chateauroux with our group in 2007.

Geez.. such a pest is Miss J making me sign the guest book. The reunion in Chateauroux was a 5 star production from start to finish. Valerie, Mike, Annette et tous les folks involved did a fantastic job. There was never a dull moment. We should plan a reunion someplace in the middle of the country - say St. Louis - for next fall. I went up to see Wendy Miller on 8/11 & we laughed for hours as we went through the yearbooks. We also may have had a glass or two to toast Chateauroux.....

6-20-03  What a great time we had at the reunion in Tahoe. Weather was great, events ran smoothly and all were very hospitable. Not a single person has aged a day. Amazing.

10-07  Irene and her sister, Susan, returned to Chateauroux with our group in 2007.

BATCH, Susan  Chad Grad 1962
@ Chas: 1960 to 1962
Newton, NH

 [Susan was searching for Wendy Miller.  They were reunited at the Lake Tahoe 2003 Reunion.]

 10-07  Susan and her sister, Irene, attended the Chas 2007 Return in September 2007.

[jpnote:  Susan's husband of thirty-eight years - Ted Hardman - passed away September 23, 2008.  Our condolences to Susan, her family and their friends.]

BAUER, Barbara "Babs" aka Dr. Barbara Bower Chad Grad 1962   
@ Chas:  1956-65 
 Louisville, KY - 4/7/02

[8-10-03]  jpnote:  Babs has moved into a new home (after living on a houseboat for several years and commuting back & forth to Ohio. Talked to Babs for a moment this month.  She's fine - busy with her practice.



BAUER, Dottie 1966 -   See  Chad Marriages 

BECH, Bonnie   Chad Grad 1961   
@ Chas:1957-1961
Scottsdale, AZ

7-22-03 [jpnote:  Bonnie and husband, Ken, are animal lovers and Bonnie is a volunteer for the Foothills Animal Rescue League.  They attended the 2003 Lake Tahoe Reunion.]

BEHRENS, Bill   Chad Grad 1959 (Brother of Linda '63)  
@ Chas:  7-55 through 7-59
San Jose, Ca

Just discovered the page. I'm thrilled. had to send for high school transcript from national archives in DC during the 70's and thought this was all dead.
I would like to correspond with anyone during my period, but especially anyone who remembers me. anyone from the class of 59 out there?

[jpnote:  Bill attended the Lake Tahoe 2003 Reunion] 

BELL, Terry   Chad Grad 1962    (Mike's brother) 
@ Chad:  58-63
Lake St Louis, MO

2-15-03 Am planning on attending [Lake Tahoe Chas Reunion] in June and looking forward to seeing everyone!  [jpnote:  Terry didn't make it to Tahoe Reunion.]

Visit Terry's Website -

1-21-06  It certainly was a great learning experience living in Europe for a few years. We missed 'cruising to the hamburger stand' but gained in many other ways.

 Terry is searching for:  Jim Parsons*, Ron and Jeff Taylor**, Dave Gossett*** and Bill Davis**** just to name a few. My only contact from Chad is Ron Nelson and we see each other frequently.

[jpnote: *Jim Parsons' email address is no longer active (he has moved to Florence, AZ); **Ron & Jeff Taylor not found last address for ***Dave was in Richmond, VA; ****Bill Davis '62 has not been located;  ]

BENNETT, DeDe  Chad Grad 1960   
Del City, OK

1998:  Ron Fletcher, Dennis Grimm & I visited DeDe.  She is a retired school teacher.  She and her husband owned a real estate agency at the time we visited with her.

BENTLEY, Joyce "Bernie"  1959  (Bill & Frank's Sister) 
@ Chas:  1955-1958
Graduated 1959 -  Davis High School, Layton, UT
Arlington, VA

2/12/2002   Searching for Jim Kuenkel, class of 1958 - [Jim is found.]

Joyce was Jackie Byrd's ('56) maid of honor See Chad Marriages



BERGER, Jackie  Chad Grad 1966  
@ Chas: 1962-1966
Spokane, WA

1-1-04 Comments:  Thanks for a great website!

See Chad Marriages   

BERGER, John P. - (brother of Jackie & Richard)Chad Grad 1963  
@ Chas: 1962-1963
Omaha, NE



BERGER, Richard D. Chad Grad 1966   (brother of Jackie & John) 
@ Chas: 1963-1966
Penn Valley, CA

11-27-04  I miss all the kids I knew at Chateauroux high school during those wonderful years. My best memory is being on the varsity wrestling team and taking trips to the different schools. The best memories are the dances at quontown recreation center on friday nights. God bless to all of you.

I am searching for Michelle and Roseann Revoir, Pat Thacker, Bruce Frazier, and Vicki and Dave Ramon, her brother and some of my other wonderful 1966 graduates. I miss them very much. God bless you all.

JP emld to Roger Vacca - he knows where Kenneth Revoir is located. Also reconnected Richard with Pat Thacker & posted Bruce Frazier and Ramons on Friends List.]

4-4-05 I have a brother John who graduated in 1963 from Chateauroux, and a sister Jackie who graduated with me in 1966. My sister was a cheerleader who later married Mike Tebbets and I was on the wrestling team from 1964-1966. I am now happily married and live in Penn Valley, Ca. to a wonderful lady for the last 30 years. I worked for the school system as an educator for 25 years and now am retired.

BERKANT, Nihal Lichtenberg - 1962 
@ Chas: 1961-1965
Istanbul, Turkey

4/2/01 - Comments: We lived in Chateauroux from 1961 to 1965. My father worked for NATO. I met my husband in Chateauroux. He is from Holland and we are married since 36 years. We have 2 children, a 35 year old son and a 28 year old daughter. We also have 2 grandchildren. Best regards to all the old friends. 


BIHLMEYER, Earl - 1959
@ Chas: 19

2-4-00  I attended Chad High in '56-'57 and '57-'58 as a Sophomore and Junior. I rotated back to the States the summer of '58 and graduated from high school in Kansas City in 1959. That would have made me Chad Class of '59.

Got a BS in business administration in 1965; an MS in Community Planning, Comprehensive Health Planning and Health Services Administration in 1971 and received my PhD in Public Administration(with collateral fields of State and Local Government and Research Theory and Methodology this past January after having completed everything but my dissertation in 1983 and having to go back to work or starve. All of this means I can occasionally carry on a brief conversation with some of my grandchildren - brief because they get bored.

I have spent a lot of years in administration of academic medicine. I work at Tulane University Medical Center where I am Senior Associate Vice Chancellor. I do whatever no one else wants to do, and am even teaching a course in Public Health via the internet this semester.

My wife, Ramona, of 36 years, is a retired surgical nurse and works 3 days a week at the child care center that we run at Tulane - taking care of the little babies - her true love in life. She and I have 7 children; 3 boys and 4 girls, and 10 assorted grandchildren.

I guess that is some of the current stuff. I will be glad to provide more if anyone is interested. Oh yes, I am an old 58, soon to be 59, but I still remember some great times back in my high school days in Chatereaux (the dorm, of course).

I have numerous hobbies and pursuits, the principal of which, currently, is to survive long enough to retire -possibly 5 years from now.

BULIS, Linda- 1961
@ Chas Unknown
Sandia, TX
1-31-2010 - 
 Married for 47 Years to John (red) two kids, 3 grand kids

BURSON, Suzanne Brooke - 1963 - Little Kid @ Touvent & 7th Grade Chad Jr. High
@ Chas 54-59
Washington, DC

3/21/00 -  Father stationed at Andrews AFB after France, '54-'59. Attended Elem and Jr High in France. The Jr High was located w/the High School, don't recall where. I have the yearbook w/everyone in it which I'll preview and add to the site.

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