Art Crofutt '62
Updated 07/08/11

Chateauroux, France


Arthur M. Crofutt "Misfire Mel" - Class of 1963
May 25, 1945-June 26, 2007

From the 1963 Sabre Yearbook:
"His first name reveals his business."
Baseball 1,2; Soccer 1,2,3,4;
Lettermen's Club 2,3,4, President 4;
Football 3,4, (#21) Co-captain 4;Prom Committee 3
Awarded Senior Superlative - Best Dressed Male


Art was chosen as "Best Dressed" of his 1963 Chas Grad graduating class.

Art in the doorway at Diors with Tommy Williams

Art was known in the "Cowboy World" he lived in as

Misfire Mel

He appeared in many reenactments of cowboy shoot-outs from California to Arizona.  He also appeared in a couple of movies.  He lived the life he loved.  He had many friends in his young life and as he grew to be a man.  He married and had a daughter.

Following are some of his artwork and some photos of him and his enactment group.










From the cover of an "American Cowboy" magazine issue

The Calico Hotel - where Art lived

Photos from Virginia City


Virginia City Train

The Sugarlumps Art Show & Calico, California


This is a painting of Art (Mel) and Patti Doolittle - painted by Patti, a fellow artist.