2000 Reno Meetup

Updated 08/12/11

Chateauroux, France


Silver Legacy Hotel & Casino

L-R: Barry '61 & Linda Codron ; Seated: Darrell '60 & Joyce Moody; Sandy Castor '66
Standing L-R:  Bea Peters; Linda Hammon Graff ('69);
Betty Adamek '68; Peggy Vatalero '66; Jenelle Peterson '61; Karen Dinning;
Sandi Land '60 & husband-Sal Fuentes;
Back Standing L-R:  Judy & Randy Coleman '60; Kurt Graff '68; Brenda Mann '67; Paula Pinjuv '66; Carl Peters '66; Steve Dinning '66

Steve Fletcher took the photo.

Same as above except Steve Fletcher next to Sandi while Sal took the photo.

Steve Fletcher; Brenda Mann; Kurt  & Linda Hammon Graff; Bea & Carl Peters; Steve & Karen Dinning; Peggy Vatalero; Paula Pinjuv; Betty Adamek

Peggy, Paula & Betty

"Paula,  didn't  we graduate in '66?  This is the wrong book!"

Peggy Vatalero  ** Carl Peters ** Steve Dinning ** Sandy Castor

Joyce Moody (Darrell's wife, Sandy & Sal Fuentes (Sandi's husband) 

"See...that's what you get for buying another losing Keno card."


Brenda  &  Steve  **  Brenda & Kurt  **  Brenda & Otis
("Kurt! I think you're on my foot!" )

Peggy, Kurt & Linda (in the dark) ** Betty & Peggy  ** Betty, Peggy, Otis

"I was delayed by a double-parked car!"  **"Can we just order breakfast now?"

Betty Adamek & Otis Nellis Webb '68
These two friends wereSchoolmates in the States before Chateauroux;
Classmates together in Chateauroux;
Graduated together back in the States

Good Friends Together Again!
Otis "The Showman" Nellis Webb
Kurt "The Banker" Graff
Betty "The Government Insider" Adamek
 Steve "The Lawyer" Fletcher
Class of 1968
What a group!

Joyce & Darrell Moody; Linda & Barry Codron;
Randy & Judy Coleman; Jenelle Peterson; Sal Fuentes

Judy & Randy Coleman - Judy showing off her Keno Winning Card!

Darrell '60 & Joyce Moody

Barry '61 & Linda Codron



This group spent a day at Virginia City, NV

Peggy, Brenda, Linda, Randy, Judy, Kurt

Linda, Peggy, Brenda & Desert Dan

Betty - Peggy - Linda


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