Junior High Classes

Updated 08/21/11

Chateauroux, France

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Chad Junior High School Classes

1960-61 8th Grade
Photo courtesy Jim Hudson '66

Back Row:  Mr. Glass; Sara Parks; ?; ?;  John Gray; ?; ?; Bill Sinclair (Mike's brother)
Candis Turnipseed; ?; ?; Peggy Pounds; Nancy; Sharon Nichols; ?; ?; Cynthia Menche; ?
?; David; Bruce; Doug Cowan; Jerry Slaughter; Rod Santos; Herman Ertelschweiger; ?
?; ?; David; ?; ?; Jim Hudson; Bruce Miller.  This is Jim Hudson's class photo which is the only Chateauroux souvenir that survived a house fire.

Check out the kid in the striped shirt - bottom row.  "I may have to sit here, but I ain't likin' it!"  I love this kid, whoever he is!

Are you in this photo?  Are your siblings in this photo? Recognize a friend in this photo?  Please send me an email,  so I can "name these kids!"