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Louis " Lou" Barnett - Class of 1961
 @ Chas: 1958-1960

"In Memory Of"

[jpnote:  Lou and Pam had retirement plans to move to the Coast of Maine.  Lou had said he wanted to live in a quieter, less stressful community where he could be near the ocean.  Lou had been ill with heart disease and diabetes  since May 1999 and subsequently developed pulmonary fibrosis in November 2003.  He passed away on January 23, 2004.  His wife, Pam, daughter Katie, and sister Susan were with him.]

Lou was a modest man and never sought to publish his achievements in life.  I include his accomplishments as a tribute to this fine gentleman who was a wonderful family man and friend to us all. [jp]

1961-65 Florida State University - Gov't and Int'l Relations
1965-72 USAF (Commissioned 2nd Lt 1965, Captain in 1968)
1965-67 Keesler, AFB, Admin. Officer, Squadron Commander;
1967-69 Wash. D.C., Defense Intelligence School;
1968-69 Vietnam/Thailand, Sr. Intel. Analyist, Task Force Alpha;
1969-72, Elmendorf AFB, Alaskan Command, Intelligence Officer.
1972 Resigned commission
1972-75 New York City, CitiBank - Ran various operations.
1975-76 Houston, Citibank, Sr. Operating officer, matrix managed international bank
1976-1979, Los Angeles, Computer Sciences Corp. - Director Banking Industry Marketing, Director Business & Operations Planning for New Business Development.
1979-2003 President/Owner MetaLogic Corporation. Developed custom software applications for many industries

Lou married Pam in 1976.   Daughter Katie (Katherine Elizabeth) was born September 1985. [Katie began her studies to be a heart surgeon at NYU in the fall of 2003.]  Lou was so very proud of his lovely daughter.  She was the apple of his eye.

Lou, Pam and Katie lived in Thousand Oaks, California where they spent a lot of time in their beautiful backyard filled with flowers and assorted plants and fruit trees - lemons as big as oranges!  The agapanthas are breathtakingly blue and so beautiful. 

This is the comment Lou left when he signed the website guestbook.  7-22-03: "My life changed when, a few years ago, an e-mail from Trish Burley (Kinnaird) popped up asking if I was the Louis Barnett who.... A few minutes later Jenelle jumped back into my life. Although I ran into a few folks from Chad during college, I'd pretty much given up on ever connecting with anyone. Being in touch with so many of you has been wonderful and very uplifting. Now, thanks to dear Jenelle's tireless and loving efforts, I have a hometown - this site. I have images of most of my classmates and friends in my head and these memories are precious to me.
I am searching for:  True love and wealth. Oops, I found true love. Now, if I could just do something about the other.

In April 1999, a small group of Chateauroux folks met at a seafood restaurant in Santa Monica, CA to reunite and talk about old times.  This photo of Lou and his family was taken then.




[jp memory:  My friendship with Lou goes back to Miss Esneault's sophomore biology class; we were lab partners.  It was Lou who dissected that frog - not me!  I am happy I was able to visit with Lou, his wife, Pam, and their daughter, Katie in June 2003.  We had happy times at the beach and the flower/fruit market and hours of talking and reminiscing about our mutual friends at Chateauroux.  You were a good friend, Lou, and I miss you as I am sure your many friends do also.] 

[jpnote:  September 2004 - I had a nice phone conversation with Pammie.  She has decided not to sell their California home.  Katie has decided to return to California from NYU and is now attending UCLA.  They appreciate the sympathy and thoughts of them by old Chateauroux Friends.]

[jpnote:  I was so blessed to spend some days at Lou and Pam's beautiful home in June 2003, which is when the photos below were taken.]



Pam & Lou

Daughter, Katie, at the beach.

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