Darrell Moody '60
Updated 08/12/11

Chateauroux, France

MOODY, Darrell - 1960  Poitiers Grad 
Chad Memorium - 1941-2006
@Chad:  1955-57 - Dorm Kid
Huntsville, AR (Retired 1998 from MI)

2/6/00 - Comments: Just looking around and looking for old friends from Chad. Went to Chad from 55-57. Graduated from Poitiers in '60. Talked with a few friends on the list and still looking for more. Worked for 30 years for Chrysler and retired in Michigan and moved to Arkansas [in 1999]. Married for 36 years and have one son and two grandchildren

jpnote:  Darrell bequeathed several photocopies of  the 1956, 1957 & 1958 Chateauroux  Yearbooks which he made for his friends who attended his reunion in Las Vegas to those who would like a copy.  Joyce has sent these copies to me to distribute.  If you would like a copy of one of these, please send me an email.

Darrell & Joyce attended the 1999 Reno Reunion - Photos below



5-06 Nelda Patterson - Poitiers Grad of 1960 and Chad Student 56-58 left her comments:  I would like to send my deepest sympathies to Darrell Moody's wife Joyce, sister Babs, son and grandchildren.

5-06 Janice Mitchell Woodward ''59 - Chad Dorm Student (56-58)  Just heard about Darrell's sudden passing and send my deepest condolences to Joyce, Babs and his son and grandchild.

  7-7-06  Card of Thanks & Memorium Card from Joyce Moody


1-21-07  Joyce has a new email address and would enjoy hearing from Darrell's classmates: