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Chateauroux, France

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ARTAUD-HAWKINS, Janine - 1957
Graduation Year (Chas or Elsewhere): college Chad 1957
@ Chas: Birth to 1960
El Paso, Texas
Married Jim Hawkins working at refueling station in Deols. I was secretary to Majors Fahringer and Troy in Deols. Looking for people who knew me. Please, does anyone remember JUDY ALGER? She graduated 59 or 60. We were best friends!!

[Judy Alger (right)  & Janine were reunited in Florida Memorial Day 2003.]

Unfortunately for us, Janine has passed away.  Her son, Jammie, has made a page for her on Facebook.


ATAMAN, Ferhat  - Guest - Former student at Ankara, Turkey  
South Africa

[2-18-05 Ferhat was searching for Bernadette (Gidget) Westort. They were classmates at Ankara, Turkey.   jp emailed both and they are now connected.]


BADDELEY, Nicole - 1998
Graduation Year (Chas or Elsewhere): 1998
Canby, OR
10-10-01 Comments: Please thank everyone for sharing their thoughts.. and the beautiful pictures and photo's..

  BERGER, Celia



Heidelberg AHS Student 60-63
Highland Park, IL
7-29-06  Searching for: Debbie Walz - at Chad about 60-63


CROSBY, Glenda (Gee) Barker - Weisbaden Grad - 1961
Graduation Year (Weisbaden): 1961
Attended HH Arnold in Wiesbaden
Current City & State: Charlotte, NC
1/12/01 -  I'm trying to find Sharry (Sharon) Bergendahl, class of 1961. Does anyone remember ANYTHING about her to help us find her?  

[jpnote:  Sharry is signed on at and I have emailed her, but received no reply.]  I have also searched Facebook - no luck.

G.I. Stationed @ Chas 1954-56
Portland, OR

1-12-06  Not an alum of the high school, but I dated girls from the high school. My wife and I continue to spend some months in France each year (three months in 2004 and again in 2005. Used a Paris apartment as our base, but spent time with friends Nicole & Jean-Michel Lamy at their country home near Issoudun.


GALLAGHER, Patricia 
Graduation Year (Chas or Elsewhere):  1975 - Montana
@ Chas:  Fulbright Teacher in Chateauroux (01-02)
Sacramento, CA

12/25/2002 Comments:  I spent last year teaching English at the Lycee Jean Giraudoux in Chateauroux and heard so much about the American presence before me. I feel connected to your time there. There is a book about your time written by one of my French colleagues. (Valerie Prot, teacher and friend of JP).  hey have not forgotten the Americans.


HEATH, Les "Bud" - Brother of Jan Heath '61
Graduation Year (Chas or Elsewhere):   San Bernardo, Ca, 1958
Current City & State:  Weatherford, Texas
Specific Years @ Chas:  58-63
03/06/2003 Comments:  Great Memories, never lose them.  
Left Chateauroux in 63, went into U.S.Army, did some flying and have now been with Lockheed Martin as a System Analysis for almost 22 years. Live in Weatherford, TX and hope to retire in 21.5 months, but who's counting?  Would enjoy hearing from any that might remember me or who may know the where abouts of "Edward (Eddy) Teach". Owes me a Drink!

Oh, Just got back from a Vacation to South Africa, beautiful country and a place all of us 'old' Mil Brats should visit. 

3-05  Bud has been to South Africa again. 

 Bud is on Facebook


Grad Year:  1974
Born in Chateauroux - Lived there till 1968
Lives in Arcadia, CA
07/18/2002 - Looking for old friends, Pam Nickel?, who taught me English and American ways.

  JIMENEZ, Angel - 1962 Orleans
Dayton, OH
Searching for Ron Fletcher: [jp connected 12-04]

Kashynski, Anne M. 
Specific Years @ Chas:  1961-l965
Current City & State:  Ft. Walton Beach, FL
Comments:  My friend, Suzy Mesnard, from Chateauroux sent me your Internet address. I did not attend school there but met my husband there, married, and had our first son there. Loved every minute. We returned there also in 1998]  I will forward your address to my many friends in the states who were with us in France.   Best of luck. Anne (Manning) Kashynski


Graduation Year (Chas or Elsewhere): 1966
Current City & State: Hopkins (Columbia),SC
10-22-01 Comments: I went to Verdun High School in 1963 and I am looking for my dorm roommate Pat Hill. I last saw her in Miami Florida after she graduated. She was married and had twins in 1967. Does anyone know where she is? [jp note: Pat Hill was not a student at Chas. She attended Verdun & some of those students remember her, but do not know where she is today. But, Kathleen is a very interesting person with whom to correspond. She has nice memories of her years in France.)


KEY, Vicki (She's on FB)
Dreux American High School
Lubbock, TX
5/12/00 - Comments: I noticed that you list Selma Esnault as "found faculty". She was also faculty at Dreux when I was there. Would someone mind emailing me her mailing information, etc. (email address too if she has it) so we can add her to our database. Thanks!! Vicki Key Dreux '67 [jp emailed info to Vicki]


KING, Jack - OHS '68

1-18-06  Hello Jenelle, congrats on your web site. It certainly has a lot to offer especially if you like time tripping. Here is mine which is still under construction, My family was stationed in Toul from 57-62 and Orleans from 63-67.  There are two other web sites from Orleans alumni, and  Another web site from Toul Rosiere and the Toul Nancy area takes place mostly in late 50's early 60's is Have you seen those? I saw Mike Gagne's name. Same one that attended OHS in the mid 60's, spoke French?  Still exploring your web site. Jack King

[jpnote:  I don't know if Mike Gagne' attended school at Orleans.  He did attend at Chateauroux and graduated in Maine in 1968.]

  LAVERGNE Family of Chateauroux

3-13-06  Hello, my name is Nathalie, I'm 23 years old,I leave in france, in chateauroux, near to "Touvent" my grandmother often tell me about the american base because she used to work for americans people, she was doing housework for them and she keeps lots of good remerbers.  My father used to play with american children, he also keeps very good remembers. Americans offered him a teddy bear wich he gave me and I always keep it. I think my father and my grandparents would be so happy to find someone they have known during this period. So if someone recognize them, please write grandparents are named Marie Louise and Fernand Lavergne and my father, Patrick (moreover he was liked for his name because of the st patrick)


LUNEAU, Etienne
Association des Anciens élèves du Lycéee Jean Giraudoux
Chateauroux, France
7-25-04: C’est une expérience extraordinaire pour moi de découvrir tous ces témoignages d’un Châteauroux que je n’ai pas connu (je suis né en 1980) et dont mon grand père et mon père m’ont si souvent parlé.

"It is an extraordinary experience for me to discover all these testimonies [memories; recollections] of Chateauroux that I did not know [about] (I was born in 1980) and about which my grandfather and my father so often told me."

  MATTHEWS, Tex - Madrid Grad '62  
San Antonio, TX
10-4-03 Comments:  Surfing the net and came upon your site.  I am a grad of Madrid H.S. class of '62.  I remember going to Chat in '61 and getting our butts kicked and I also remember when you came to Madrid the next year and we returned the favor.  We had a great time both years.
We have a large directory of Madrid ex's and have reunions on a regular bases so I know how nice it is to have a web page like this.  Well, if any of you old football players remember a tall skinny right offensive end and left defensive end (also the kicker) give me a holler and we can swap lies about how great we did in the games. haha  Take care..Tex [jpnote:  I gave Tex Dennis Grimm's phone number [Dennis lives in San Antonio these days] - they played against each other in '61.  Neither one of them have contacted each other to date.]

MERME' - Chateauroux Guest

bien le bonjour
je me présente
j'ai vécu pendant quelques années à chateauroux , ou j'ai fréquenté " le joe " ,grand copain de kean et un peu accro à sa mère!  j'y ai même eu mon heure de gloire en effet durant les années 80 nous avions (blague) monté atomic la radio active !!!  je suis maintenant dans la région côte d'or à beaune je dis cela pour ceux que les vins de bourgogne intéressent!  voila si vous connaissez des anciens animateurs de cette radio ou toute autre personne désirant se rendre dans la région je me ferais un plaisir de vous accueillir en vous offrant le verre de l'amitié.  je pourrais vous proposer du vin de bourgogne des spécialitées de la région à déguster dans notre caveau et nous proposons même un appartement meublé en location à la semaine !!
Colombierement votre

je voudrais des nouvelles de tous ces gens de la periode des années 80 !!!!!!!!!!!!  a bientot et portez vous bien



j'habite brassioux

Je viens de trouver votre site et m'a permis de voir brassioux, j'ai un pavillon americain depuis 2000, nous avons fait des travaux, parce qu'il y avait pas mal de choses d'origines (chaudière, fenetre etc). Merci pour ce site

[jp loose translation:] I have just found your site which has allowed me to see Brassioux. I have one of the American houses since 2000 which we have been working on, because it had the original boiler, fenetre etc. which needed repair. Thank you for this site.