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Châteauroux American High School

School Years 1952-1966

Châteauroux, France


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It is with sorrowful hearts that the family of Jenelle Peterson reports her untimely death of a massive heart attack, on September 3, 2011. Jenelle's husband, Charles Wolford says that she woke him with pains. Paramedics arrived immediately, and at the hospital, they learned that one of her stents had collapsed. That was repaired, but her kidneys failed, and she passed away shortly thereafter. Condolences may be sent directly to Charles at or Anyone who wishes to make financial contributions to the family or send notes or cards, can mail them to Charles Wolford, 2811 Gladiolus Ln, Dallas, TX 75233-3903.

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About Our School

 In the Beginning

From the 1957-58 Châteauroux High Yearbook  "Six years ago [1952-53] fifty students started school in a chateau.  That was the beginning of our school, Châteauroux High.  The present NCO Club served as the school building the second year.  Busses were used to transport the students to lunch and back.  The dorm students lived in the present dorm and ate at the Officers' Club.

          The school year '54-'55 brought many changes.  We were given permanent school buildings, the ones we now have.  In these three buildings were housed the entire high school and the elementary school.  When our enrollment mushroomed to one hundred the following spring [1955-56], conditions became quite crowded in our small space.  So the elementary school moved out and left its space to us.  The dorm had also grown from fifteen to thirty-five, with students coming from seven bases." 

           Châteauroux American High School graduated its last class in the Spring of 1966.     

Chad High 1955 - Photo from Jerry Busald

Courtesy G. Busald

Chad High 1958 from '58 Yearbook

1958 Chad High Yearbook

Chad High 2001 from Betty Adamek

Courtesy B. Adamek

Chad High 2007

Courtesy I. Batch

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